government is a system or group of people with the authority to govern a country, state, planet, star system, organized community or other population group.[1] Societies without a government are described as anarchy. A government usually consists of a legislature, administration and judiciary. A government can determine and enforce state policies.

The governments category has a list of historic and contemporary governments in the galaxy.

Faction Government

Faction Government Type

Faction Government Type

Each minor faction has its own Government type - stations and systems inherit from the minor faction that controls them. There is not much known about the effects of government type on the game's mechanics.

There are fifteen government types:

  1. Anarchy
  2. Colony
  3. Communism
  4. Confederacy
  5. Cooperative
  6. Corporate
  7. Democracy
  8. Dictatorship
  9. Feudal
  10. Imperial
  11. None
  12. Patronage
  13. Prison Colony
  14. Theocracy
  15. Engineer

None and Anarchy both allow crimes to be committed without recompense and ships here will not show up as WANTED thus it is recommended to keep an eye out for pirates.

Government Types

The different government types each have a subtype or subtypes, visible on the Status screen in the ship under System Status when clicking to see the details of a minor faction. An incomplete list is given below. For a more complete list, see:


A star system with a leading Anarchy minor faction allows crimes to be committed without consequence and no ships will show as "wanted" unless scanned with a Kill Warrant Scanner.

Unfettered - Independent

This group is known to have a disdain for any laws outside of its own attempts to govern its members behaviour.

— In-game description




Communist - Independent

A faction that believes all assets should be communally owned and that resources should be fairly divided amongst all members by judging each individual's true needs.

— In-game description


Venturist - Federation

A faction that, in conjunction with a number of similarly aligned organisations, promotes their agenda by manipulating the application of capital being channelled to local business and social ventures.

— In-game description

SystemDescription_Empire_Confederacy - Empire

Currently broken. Results in an anarchy system with system security ships, SystemDescription_Empire_Confederacy as the system description and swapping NPC portraits for that faction.


Broker - Independent

An organisation that specialises in promoting synergy between disparate groups in order to incubate social and commercial growth.

— In-game description

Broker - Alliance

A faction that actively engages in alliances with a wide variety of other organisations in order to incubate and influence local enterprise.

— In-game description


Corporation - Independent

An independent business organisation that has incorporated with its respective home government.

— In-game description

Corporation - Federation

A business orientated organisation that has been incorporated as per the Federation Charter of Free Commerce. Members of this faction are representatives of a Corporate Entity and are seen as such in the eyes of the law.

— In-game description

Corporation - Empire

An organisation that has been granted the rights of an Imperial Corporation. They are likely to have business interests that extend beyond a single station or planet.

— In-game description

Corporation - Alliance

An interstellar business organisation that has incorporated in accordance with the terms laid out by the Alliance of Independent Systems.

— In-game description


Democrat - Independent

A faction that actively follows the ideal that all members should be able to influence how their organisation operates.

— In-game description

Democrat - Alliance

A faction that is known for actively following the ideal that all members should be able to influence how their organisation operates.

— In-game description

Political - Federation

Members of this group are actively engaged in the promotion of a democratically approved political agenda.

— In-game description


Dictator - Independent

An organisation that engages in authoritarian activities in order to establish and maintain absolute control over its chosen field of interest.

— In-game description

Dictator - Empire

A faction that has been granted absolute power over a specific area of influence by decree of the Imperial Senate.

— In-game description


Feudalist - Empire

Neo-Feudalist - A faction that actively engages in activity to ensure that Imperial Corporations are ceded more control over the day to day running of Imperial Worlds.

Feudalist - Independent

A faction which has built up a significant sphere of influence in the sector through a series of investments and acquisitions. As such they are able to use their portfolio of assets as leverage against local leaders.

— In-game description



Patronage - Empire

A group that is actively engaged in the governance of the local Imperial cliens. Representatives of this group should be treated with the respect that befits the rank of the organisation's master.

— In-game description

Patronage - Empire Alternative

This faction has benefited greatly from its association with Senator <Torval/Patreus>, whose contacts have supplied the faction with a steady supply of skilled slaves to aid them in their endeavours.

— In-game description (Torval: Cegreeth Citizen's Forum located in Cegreeth, Patreus: Priva Empire Group located in Priva)

Lobbyist - Alliance

A group that is known for leveraging its economic resources in order to influence the actions of others.

— In-game description

Prison Colony

Watchmen - Independent

An organisation that has been formed to maintain control over a specific independent penal colony. Often such groups have sponsors that are decidedly not independent in nature.

— In-game description


A form of government in which God (or a deity) is recognized as the king or immediate ruler, and his laws are taken as the statute-book of the kingdom, these laws being usually administered by a priestly order as his ministers and agents; hence (loosely) a system of government by a sacerdotal order, claiming a divine commission; also, a state so governed.


  • A system's government type can be seen via the Info tab in the Galaxy Map, by colour coding stars in the Galaxy Map, or by viewing the overall information in the System Map.
  • Minor Faction government types can be viewed in the overall information in the System Map.
  • Station government types can be viewed by selecting a station on the System Map.
  • When in some Anarchy systems, ships will not show up as WANTED, but they can be Scanned with a Kill Warrant Scanner which will reveal any bounties currently active on their heads.


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