Elite Dangerous Atmospheric Escape

Atmospheric Escape

There is no ‘magical’ anti-gravity or gravity generators in the Elite universe. Ships have no anti-gravity, nor do outposts or stations. Thus to move around the ship you would either float and push/pull yourself around, use microthrusters of your Remlok suit or use electromagnetic boots on ferromagnetic floors.

David Braben said "the only artificial gravity will be that created by centripetal force from rotation of (for example) a large space station."[1] That's why stations must rotate and the Majestic Class Interdictor has a rotating torus to create artificial gravity. This means ships with zero gravity don't have cliché spaceship interiors which are designed and feel like airplanes in low-gravity.

Stations Edit

Orbis Starport Outer Torus Detail

Close up view of the habitat ring of an Orbis station

Stations are entire cities floating in space. They rotate slowly to create internal artificial gravity for traders, pilots, tourists and citizens aboard. The rotation maintains the gravity. The free rotation of a station is a lot cheaper than other gravitational options.

The Ocellus and Orbis stations have different habitat rings. The rate of spin produces different levels of artificial gravity. Lower gravity levels are very comfortable for physical work. In the 0.1g of the docking bay a fit human could lift a one ton mass. Gravity would differ between each tower’s floors. The force of gravity would increase as residents traveled to the station’s furthest reaches. This allows starport staff to handle heavy cargo at the station’s center with ease. For many residents real daylight would be considered a rare privilege.[2]

Ships Edit


Majestic Class Interdictor

Most ships have no artificial gravity. So the ship interiors will be designed for zero gravity environments. There won't be generic, cliché science fiction ship interiors with beds and sheets as if you're in an airplane with reduced gravity.

Some Megaships have rotating rings with inhabitable areas. The Majestic Class Interdictor has an internal rotating ring which provides comfortable artificial gravity.

David Braben said "The Imperial ships are very much built for luxury. The whole circular section inside the outer toroid is rotating (Interdictor). Because we think a lot of ships will spend a lot of time stocked. There will be no gravity, you'll just float around. Things like magnetic boots will make getting around very easy. These would look like normal shoes with fancy technology that make them stick to the surface. Where luxury comes is where you actually got gravity. That's why this thing is spinning using the centripetal force to actually give you the sensation of gravity as you move around. This ship is huge and that round section is also huge. The point is even a low level of gravity is very comfortable, you know water settles. The contrast with the Empire is for the senior people at least on this ship they get gravity for their sleeping quarters, for where they eat and all that sort of thing. Whereas the Federal ship (Farragut) is a lot more Spartan, a lot more just practical warship essentially."[3]

Walkways and floors designed to be stood upon are ferromagnetic. Tiny electromagnets built into the soles of light-weight shoes of pilots. Ships have many convenient handholds for easy maneuvering. The less basic suits include micro thrusters, to aid zero-G movement – and provide a useful edge in zero-G combat.[4]

Celestial Bodies Edit

Celestial Bodies (Planets and such) have many different strengths of gravity on the surface. For example a discovered planet with the weakest gravity is rocky planet Wodimui 1 A. It has a surface gravity of just 0.000983 g. The high metal content planet S171 37 8 has the strongest gravity of 228.244751 g.[5] The gravity of a body varies, largely depending on its density.

History Edit

Gravity is one of the fundamental forces of the universe. The English mathematician Sir Isaac Newton first formulated the laws of gravitation in 1687 when he realized that every object in the universe attracts every other object the closer they are together and vice versa. He wrote a book called Principia which explains the inverse-square law of gravitation. His theory was used to understand why planets orbit and to predict the existence of the planet Neptune based on orbital changes around Uranus.

The German-born American theoretical physicist Albert Einstein published his theory of general relativity in 1915. It explains how space and time are two aspects of spacetime and gravity is actually a distortion in the very fabric of space and time.

References Edit

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