Guardian Gauss Cannon Class 2

Guardian Gauss Cannon (Class 2)

Fixed-mount high-energy weapon, based on researched Guardian technology. There is a limit of 4 experimental modules per vessel.

— In-Game Description

The Guardian Gauss Cannon is a weapon that utilizes Guardian technology. It can be unlocked through a Technology Broker.

Compared to a conventional Railgun, the Gauss Cannon draws more power, generates more heat, penetrates armour more effectively, deals somewhat more damage, and has a longer range before damage falloff begins. Unlike AX weaponry it's still highly effective against human ships, though its armour penetration is excessively high for most man-made ships, and a well-Engineered Railgun of the same class will likely outperform a Gauss Cannon against human vessels.

When powered and deployed, Gauss Cannons will emit a cyan glow from their core. This effect is altered by the use of custom Weapon Colours.

The Gauss Cannon is currently available in Class 1 and Class 2 Fixed versions, and can be unlocked at a Guardian Technology Broker.


Class Rating Mass
Integrity Power
Distributor Draw Weapon
Damage Armour
ROF DPS Thermal
Clip Size
1 D 2.00 40 1.91 3.80 Fixed Thermal 22.0 140 1.2 26.5 25 1 80
2 B 4.00 42 2.61 7.20 Fixed Thermal 38.5 140 1.2 46.4 25 1 80

Engineer Modifications

There are currently no Engineer modification options for the Guardian Gauss Cannon.

Purchase Locations

The Guardian Gauss Cannon is available for purchase at all stations where a Guardian Technology Broker is present after the module has been unlocked.

Class Rating System Station Weapon Mode Value
2 B Shinrarta Dezhra Jameson Memorial Fixed
2 B LHS 20 Ohm City Fixed
2 B Mehuenomici Bohr Gateway Fixed



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