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Powered module that increases the ship's hull integrity and resistance to Thargoid, caustic and thermic damage.

— In-Game Description

The Guardian Hull Reinforcement Package (sometimes abbreviated to GHRP) is a module derived from Guardian technology. When powered, it increases a ship's hull integrity by a flat value, and also boosts resistance to Thermal and Caustic damage. In order to purchase the Guardian Hull Reinforcement Package, it must first be unlocked through a Technology Broker.


The Guardian Hull Reinforcement Package can be permanently unlocked for purchase by providing the following Materials to a Guardian Technology Broker:


The Guardian Hull Reinforcement Package's chief advantage over standard Hull Reinforcement Packages is that it is one of the few available sources of Caustic Resistance. Caustic is the damage type of most weapons used by Thargoid Interceptors, Scouts, and Thargon Swarms, protecting from not only their powerful damage over time effects, but also from the majority of their direct cannonfire, which also falls under the caustic damage type. Caustic Resistance does not, however, reduce damage from Thargon suicide missiles, which inflict a unique type of damage that cannot be resisted, or Interceptor lightning attacks, which don't cause any damage to a ship's hull integrity and deal absolute module damage.

While they cannot be engineered, accounting for their default strength and resistances, they can be compared to engineered Grade 5 Heavy Duty Hull Reinforcements when fighting Thargoids. Which of the two provides more effective hull integrity is dependent on two factors: the size of the hull reinforcements and the total hull integrity HP of the ship. Guardian hull reinforcements are comparatively better at smaller module sizes, since the amount of base HP "lost" by not using an engineered HRP is less and the caustic resistance provided remains the same. Additionally, that resistance will have more overall effect when the ship it's applied to has more base HP.

When considering most medium-sized Anti-Xeno combat ships (which typically have between 4000 and 5000 hull HP), it is better to use Guardian hull reinforcements for class 1, 2 and 3 HRPs and engineered versions for class 5. Class 4 Guardian HRPs and engineered HRPs have very little difference in effective HP in this case, and the best option will likely depend on the pilot's personal preference and which of the other factors (see below) are most useful.

Whilst ordinary engineered hull reinforcements have the significant advantage of not requiring any power, a factor in favour of using Guardian hull reinforcements is that damage inflicted on modules (not just hull integrity) is also modified by resistances. This means that a ship with Caustic Resistance will not only have a stronger hull, but stronger modules as well. In fact, this is even stronger than it may at first appear - since external modules(such as weapons, utilities and the vital Ship Canopy) only gain half protection from Module Reinforcements, resistances are a proportionately more potent tool to protect them.

Guardian Hull Reinforcement Packages have a variety of uses; they can be a great introduction to Thargoid combat, as their lack of engineering means they can be purchased or sold at any station with a Guardian Technology Broker, allowing for on-the-fly modification of new builds and no penalty to HP for not having the materials to fully complete an engineering modification. On the other end of the spectrum, experienced pilots can also gain another benefit from them in the appropriate circumstances. Due to the fact repair limpets repair base HP and the incoming damage will be decreased by the caustic resistance, any circumstance where a pilot will use repair limpets in a fight will result in said player having more overall hull integrity even when a GHRP would normally be weaker than its engineered counterpart.


Class Rating Mass (T) Power Draw (MW) Kinetic
Value (CR)
1 E 2.00 0.45 0 2.0% 0 5.0% 100 10,000
1 D 1.00 0.56 0 2.0% 0 5.0% 138 30,000
2 E 4.00 0.68 0 2.0% 0 5.0% 188 24,000
2 D 2.00 0.79 0 2.0% 0 5.0% 238 72,000
3 E 8.00 0.90 0 2.0% 0 5.0% 288 57,600
3 D 4.00 1.01 0 2.0% 0 5.0% 325 172,800
4 E 16.00 1.13 0 2.0% 0 5.0% 375 138,240
4 D 8.00 1.24 0 2.0% 0 5.0% 413 414,720
5 E 32.00 1.35 0 2.0% 0 5.0% 450 331,776
5 D 16.00 1.46 0 2.0% 0 5.0% 488 995,328

Purchase Locations[]

The Guardian Hull Reinforcement Package is available for purchase at all stations where a Guardian Technology Broker is present after the module has been unlocked.

Class Rating System Station Value
All D Shinrarta Dezhra Jameson Memorial Various


  • While Guardian Hull Reinforcement Packages require power to operate, they remain functional even if the ship's Power Plant is damaged. They also cannot be disabled.
  • Guardian Hull Reinforcements provide a pseudo-boost to Repair Limpets and Auto Field-Maintenance Units. Repair Limpets repair a ship's hull without accounting for resistances, while enemy damage must first penetrate resistances. An equivalent build using Guardian Hull Reinforcement Packages will be able to repair a larger percentage of hull or module integrity in a shorter period of time, and with less resources, than a standard hull build. For example, a Class 5 Repair Limpet will repair 310 hull; with 5% caustic resistance, an enemy will then need to deal 327 damage to counteract that repair.