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Consumes fuel to power all ship modules. Enhanced with Guardian technology to produce greater power output at the cost of heat generated and mass. This version is based on Guardian research and has resistances to Thargoid-specific disruption technology.

— In-Game Description

The Guardian Hybrid Power Plant is a Power Plant that has been modified with Guardian technology. Compared to a power plant of the same rating and class, a Guardian Hybrid Power Plant generates 32% more power, generates 25% more heat, and has 17% more mass. Guardian Hybrid Power Plants cannot be engineered. In order to purchase the Guardian Hybrid Power Plant, it must first be unlocked through a Technology Broker.


The Guardian Hybrid Power Plant can be permanently unlocked for purchase by providing the following Materials to a Guardian Technology Broker:


Class Rating Mass (T) Integrity Power Capacity (MW) Heat Efficiency Value (CR)
2 A 1.50 56 12.70 0.5 192,164
3 A 2.90 70 15.80 0.5 576,493
4 A 5.90 88 20.60 0.5 1,729,480
5 A 11.70 106 26.90 0.5 5,188,439
6 A 23.40 124 33.30 0.5 15,565,316
7 A 46.80 144 39.60 0.5 46,695,949
8 A 93.60 165 47.50 0.5 140,087,848

Purchase Locations[]

The Guardian Hybrid Power Plant is available for purchase at all stations where a Guardian Technology Broker is present after the module has been unlocked.

Class Rating System Station Value
All A Shinrarta Dezhra Jameson Memorial Various