A mysterious crystal found inside an ancient obelisk. It appears to pulse with an ethereal type of energy. It is beautiful to behold, but beyond that - what secrets does it contain?

— In-game description

A Guardian Relic is a Guardian artifact of unknown purpose that can be salvaged from Ancient Ruins and Guardian Structures.


The blue crystals are part power source, part computer, part key — and apparently played a central role in Guardian technology. Remarkably, it seems the crystals were grown rather than mined. The log is light on details, but from what Ram Tah has been able to piece together, each crystal was designed to fulfill a specific purpose within the Guardian’s technological network. And, like the panels found at many Guardian sites, the relics incorporate nanobot technology.[1]

Pillars are tall structures that emerge from the ground when an SRV approaches. At the top of each is a glowing moving Ancient Relic surrounded by 3 pillars. The relic can be collected by shooting the pillars. Relics can be scanned, but this appears to have no effect. Relics can be sold at a market and the price can be seen on the cargo screen of the right-side panel.


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