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Effortless elegance.

— Gutamaya's slogan[1]

Gutamaya, also known as Imperial Gutamaya,[1] Gutamaya Corporation,[2] and Gutamaya Shipyards,[3] is an Imperial manufacturer of ships and various equipment. It specialises in producing combat and multipurpose ships known for their sleek, elegant designs, and is the primary supplier of ships for the Imperial Navy.[4]


By royal charter

Emperor Gaylen Trasken Duval chartered "Imperial Gutamaya" in 3000, part of a formal celebration of the new milliennium and Gaylen's personal vision of an Imperial renaissance in art, design, and architecture. Gutamaya combined the talents of shipwright corporation Jordan-Blakestow and renowned sculptor Amita Gutamaya to create a line of ships blending form and function. Initially, Gutamaya ships were intended to be a limited run for select members of the Imperial nobility to denote the Emperor's favour, but public demand for the ships was so high that owners were forced to hire squadrons of escorts to prevent hijacking attempts. Emperor Gaylen soon ordered Gutamaya to enter full-time production and make its products available to the public.[1]

Amita Gutamaya died in unexplained circumstances in 3006, and was interred in her family's crypt on New World in Achenar. To ensure that Gutamaya's ships continued to reflect Amita's aesthetic principles, the corporation has continued to hire accomplished Imperial artisans.[1]

The Imperial Courier was unveiled by Gutamaya in 3145. It was the first Imperial ship design in centuries to be entirely funded by the Empire, as well as the culmination of Emperor Hender Saik Duval's efforts to reorganise and expand the Imperial military.[5]

In 3199, Gutamaya introduced the first iteration of the Imperial Eagle, a redesigned variant of the Core Dynamics Eagle MkII released earlier that year. The obvious similarities between the two ships caused some to believe that Federal engineering staff had contributed to the Empire's project.[4]

Gutamaya branched out from ships to stations in 3260 with the Ocellus starport. The Ocellus utilised the latest in exploration technology, and was both mobile, thanks to its ability to be fitted with a hyperdrive, and self-sufficient.[4]

34th century

On April 11, 3301, following an assassination attempt on the comatose Emperor Hengist Duval that entailed tampering with his medications, his daughter Senator Arissa Lavigny-Duval commissioned Gutamaya shipyards at Syromyatnikov Horizons in the Nu system to build a fleet of Imperial Clippers, which she intended to use to root out the perpetrators.[6][2]

Emperor Hengist awoke from his coma on July 14, 3301, prompting celebrations across the Empire. As part of these celebrations, Gutamaya temporarily lifted Imperial Navy rank restrictions from the Imperial Courier and Imperial Clipper, allowing pilots with any active rank in the Imperial Navy to purchase them.[7] The restrictions were reinstated on August 6 in the wake of Hengist's assassination by Emperor's Dawn member Brendan Paul Darius.[3]

New upgrades to the Imperial Eagle's design were unveiled on September 10, 3301, bringing the model into the 34th century.[8] The improved Imperial Eagle was released on October 13 to rave reviews. Gutamaya lead engineer Ines Allende stated that the Imperial Eagle's success stemmed from preserving the core design of the Eagle MkII and making small adjustments to key elements.[9]

From October 22 to November 9, 3301, Gutamaya rewarded pilots who participated in delivering gifts for the coronation of Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval with discounts on its ships and lowered rank restrictions.[10][11][12]

Another new Gutamaya product, the Gu-97 fighter, was showcased on December 6, 3301. Designer Pascal Roux stated that the Gu-97 was a tribute to the late Emperor Hengist, and was intended to reflect his balance of elegance and strength.[13]

During the state funeral of Prince Harold Duval in September 3306, Gutamaya applied a 20% discount on all of its ships to reward pilots who delivered rare goods for the memorial ceremony.[14][15]

On February 25, 3307, Gutamaya placed a 10% discount on all of its ships for three weeks to celebrate the first Galactic Summit. Core Dynamics and Lakon Spaceways likewise applied identical discounts to their own inventories.[16]



Name Type Image
Gu-97 Ship-Launched Fighter GU-97 Fighter.png
Imperial Clipper Multipurpose Imperial-Clipper-ship-flying-space.png
Imperial Courier Multipurpose Imperial-Courier zpschq7esel.jpg
Imperial Cutter Multipurpose Cutter view.png
Imperial Eagle Combat Imperial-Eagle-Ship-Space.png
Majestic-Class Interdictor Battlecruiser Majestic Class Interdictor INV Emperor's Faith.png


Name Type Image
Ocellus Starport Station OcellusStation 001.jpg