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Template:Corporationinfobox Gutamaya Corporation is a manufacturer of ships and various equipment in the galaxy. They specialize in producing combat and multipurpose ships, but also recently created the Ocellus Starport.[1] Currently, Gutamaya Corporation is the primary supplier of ships for the Imperial Navy. Their ships are known for their stylish design and predominately white colouration.



Name Status Type Image
Gu-97 Flyable Ship-Launched Fighter GU-97 Fighter
Imperial Clipper Flyable Multipurpose Imperial-Clipper-ship-flying-space
Imperial Courier Flyable Multipurpose Imperial-Courier zpschq7esel
Imperial Cutter Flyable Multipurpose Cutter view
Imperial Eagle Flyable Combat Imperial-Eagle-Ship-Space
Majestic Class Interdictor Non-Flyable Battlecruiser Majestic-Class-Interdictor-INV-Achenar's-Might


Name Type Image
Ocellus Starports Station OcellusStation 001


  1. Elite Encounters RPG
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