Swarm is the codename of the weaponised form of the tiny but lethally poisonous biting insects native to HIP 118311. Manipulated by a control fluid, the weapons can be targeted onto enemy positions using a remote electromagnetic beam, then unleashed to wreak chaos and death on enemy ranks. The weapon’s trademark buzzing quickly made it a favourite with crime syndicates, favoured for intimidation and enforcement purposes. Banned in most jurusdictions.

— In-Game Description

HIP 118311 Swarm is a type of rare weapon in the world of Elite Dangerous. They are a rare commodity, so increase in value the further you take them from their point of purchase.

HIP 118311 Swarm is available for the first time in the HIP 118311 system, after a civil war overthrew the Gold Bridge Holdings  who had banned them. HIP 118311 Swarm arrived on the market when the HIP 118311 Posse took control of the station Lubbock Market.

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