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HIP 22550 is an independent system in the Core Systems within the Inner Orion Spur. It is the de facto capital of the Marlinist Colonies, an association of eight systems inhabited by former Marlinist refugees from the Empire.


HIP 22550 was one of eight systems selected by Sirius Corporation as sites for a series of new colonies for Marlinist refugees who had fled the Empire for the Federation in late 3306 to escape political persecution. Construction of the Marlinist Colonies began on December 17, 3306, and was completed by January 14, 3307.[1][2][3] Over 800 million Marlinists were relocated to the new settlements by humanitarian aid organisation Safeguard Interstellar.[4] Of the eight systems, since HIP 22550 gained the largest population of the refugees, 400 million, and was also only one of two systems with a starport, it became the de facto capital of the new government of the Marlinist Colonies.

As the Marlinist factions began democratic elections to determine their leaders on January 14, the Marlinists' transitional parliament declared a state of emergency due to a shortage of food stocks in their new homes. Community leader Dr. Jenna Fairfax issued a request for deliveries of food commodities to Stillman Hub in HIP 22550 to build a stockpile that would feed the Marlinists until they could become self-sufficient. The size of the stockpile would determine the scale of the discounts that the Marlinist Colonies could offer on locally-produced commodities, with larger discounts translating to faster development of trade routes with neighboring systems. Furthermore, as the Marlinist Colonies had yet to form system defence forces, the Free Marlinists of Carinae faction, then the controlling faction of HIP 22550, issued bounties on all criminal and anti-Marlinist ships in the area.[3] On January 21, Fairfax was elected to the office of First Minister of the new Marlinist Parliament. In light of the aid campaign's success, she promptly distributed rewards to participants and enacted a 20% discount on commodities for a two-week period ending on February 5, 3307.[5]

Stillman Hub in HIP 22550 and Tilman Point in Hyades Sector RO-P b6-6 were bombed by the NMLA on July 29, 3307. The attacks were retaliation for the citizens of the Marlinist Colonies recently voting to elect Kayode Tau, who opposed the NMLA, to the post of prime consul of the Marlinist Consulate over Verity Dexter, who had pledged to provide a voice for the Neo-Marlinist fringe and was endorsed by Senator Lorcan Scordato. According to senior NMLA member Theta Seven, Dexter's rejection by Marlinist voters amounted to a betrayal. Over 35,000 civilians were killed in the bombings, including First Minister Jenna Fairfax.[6][7]

System Layout

  • HIP 22550 (Class F star)
    • HIP 22550 1 (Class III Gas Giant)
      • HIP 22550 1 a (Rocky body)
      • HIP 22550 1 b (Rocky body)
      • HIP 22550 1 c (Rocky body)
      • HIP 22550 1 d (Rocky body)
      • HIP 22550 1 e (Rocky body)
    • HIP 22550 2 (Class Y star)
      • HIP 22550 2 a (Rocky body)
      • HIP 22550 2 b (Rocky body)
      • HIP 22550 2 c (Rocky body)
      • HIP 22550 2 d (Rocky body)
    • HIP 22550 3 (Water World)
    • HIP 22550 4 (Class III Gas Giant)
      • HIP 22550 4 a (Rocky body)
      • HIP 22550 4 b (Rocky body)
      • HIP 22550 4 c (Rocky body)
        • HIP 22550 4 c a (Rocky body)
      • HIP 22550 4 d (Rocky body)
      • HIP 22550 4 e (Rocky body)
      • HIP 22550 4 f (Rocky ice world)
    • HIP 22550 5 (Class III Gas Giant)
      • HIP 22550 5 a (Rocky body)
      • HIP 22550 5 b (Rocky body)
      • HIP 22550 5 c (Rocky body)
      • HIP 22550 5 d (Rocky body)
      • HIP 22550 5 e (Rocky body)
    • HIP 22550 6 (Gas Giant with water-based life)
      • HIP 22550 6 a (Rocky body)
      • HIP 22550 6 b (Rocky body)

Minor Factions

  • Candy Crew Guild (Corporate, Independent)
  • Elite Outlaws (Democracy, Independent)
  • Free Marlinists of Carinae (Patronage, Independent)
  • HIP 22616 Future (Democracy, Independent)
  • HIP 23155 Ltd (Corporate, Independent
  • Lords of HR 1507 (Feudal, Independent)
  • Workers of HIP 22221 Confederation (Confederacy, Federation)