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When disembarking from a ship for On Foot activities in Elite Dangerous: Odyssey, pilots will transition from their ship's HUD to the HUD of their suit.

Weapon and Target

Odyssey HUD 1.png

1. Target Character Information: This HUD element displays a target's name, health and shield status, rank, criminality, authority level at the current settlement, whether the target is an ally or enemy.

2. Weapon Reticule: Displays where a weapon or tool is being aimed when the player is not using the weapon or tool's sight.

3. Held Weapon Ammunition: Shows the remaining ammunition for the player's held weapon.

4. Grenade: Shows the player's equipped grenade and number of grenades remaining.

Navigation and Environment

Odyssey HUD 2.png

5. Radar: This HUD element displays the player's position relative to other players, NPCs, and points of interaction. The direction that other players and NPCs are facing, as well as their status (friendly, neutral, or hostile) are also displayed.

6. Environment Info: Displays the local environment's temperature and gravity. Temperature can change as the player enters or exits a settlement's structures.

7. Compass: Displays the direction that the player is facing and the direction of mission objectives or important features.

8. Player Coordinates: Displays the player's precise location on a planet's surface.

Player Statuses

Odyssey HUD 3.png

9. Health: The player's current health value.

10. Authority Level: The level of access to settlement facilities that the player current has. This is represented by a number ranging from 1 to at least 3.

11. Active Player Bounty: When this icon is displayed, it indicates that the player has an active bounty on them at their current location.

Suit Statuses

Odyssey HUD 4.png

12. Suit Power: Displays the suit's current power capacity and level of power charge. Additional icons will appear when the suit's power is being drained by certain functions.

13. Suit Emergency Air: Displays the suit's current air capacity and level of air remaining. Air will constantly be consumed while the player is outside their ship or an enclosed settlement structure.

14. Suit Shields: Displays the suit's current shield power and status (active, turned off, or recharging). Active shields will constantly consume suit power.

InSight Hub

The InSight Hub is a holographic interface that offers several functions seen in the ship-specific HUD panels, as well as others unique to On Foot activities. The Hub is divided into four sections.

  • Up: Comms
    • Chat - The chat feature.
    • Inbox - The player's received messages.
    • Social - Queue for CQC, view game invites, and view friends.
    • Recent Activity - A log of recently encountered players.
    • Squadron Feed - Social section for the player's Squadron.
    • Settings
  • Left: Mission Functions
    • Compass -
    • Navigation - Shows details about the player's current location, and provides access to the Galaxy Map and System Map.
    • Transactions - A list of the player's active missions.
    • Contacts -
    • Apex Shuttle - Book a flight with Apex Interstellar Transport. A shuttle will arrive at the settlement the player is currently visiting, or remote locations, within two minutes. Cannot be used while inside a port.
  • Right: Player Status
    • Squadrons - View the player's Squadron.
    • Powerplay - View the Powerplay interface.
    • Codex - View the Codex.
    • CMDR - View the player's status and reputation.
    • GalNet News - View the GalNet interface.
    • Materials - View collected Materials.
    • Engineer - View the player's list of unlocked Engineers.

Default Controls

This is the default on-foot key bindings for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey:[1]

Move Forward - W

Move Backward - S

Strafe Left - A

Strafe Right - D

Sprint - L Shift

Crouch - L CTRL

Jump - Space

Interact - E

Secondary Interact - F

Open Item Wheel - L ALT (HOLD)

Item Wheel Left - A

Item Wheel Right - D

Item Wheel Up - W

Item Wheel Down - S

Fire Weapon - Mouse 1

Aim Down Sights - Mouse 2

Throw Grenade - G

Melee Attack - V

Reload - R

Select Primary Weapon - 1

Select Secondary Weapon - 2

Hide Weapon - U

Toggle Flashlight - T

Toggle Night Vision - N

Toggle Shields - C

Select Recharge Tool - 3

Select Comp Analyser - 4

Select Suit Specific Tool - 5

Switch Tool Mode - R