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Handheld Weapons are used by commanders in On Foot gameplay in Elite Dangerous: Odyssey. There are two main types of weapons, Primary and Secondary, and a commander's current suit determines how many of each type can be carried at once. These types can be further broken down into the kind of damage they inflict, including Kinetic, Laser, Plasma, or Explosive, each of which is most effective in specific circumstances, as well as classic archetypes such as assault rifles and pistols which determine the weapon's range and behaviour. All handheld weapons are produced by three manufacturers: Kinematic Armaments, Manticore, and Takada.


Kinetic weapons

Kinetic weapons produce kinetic damage and are highly effective against unshielded targets.

Name Type Model Image
Karma AR-50 Primary Assault Rifle ED-Kinematic-Kinetic-Assault-Rifle-1.png
Karma C-44 Primary Carbine/SMG Kinematic C-44.png
Karma P-15 Secondary Pistol Kinematic P-15.png

Thermal weapons

Thermal weapons fire lasers that produce thermal damage and are highly effective against shielded targets.

Name Type Model Image
TK Aphelion Primary Assault Rifle Takada Aphelion.png
TK Eclipse Primary Carbine/SMG Takada Eclipse.png
TK Zenith Secondary Pistol Takada Zenith.png

Plasma weapons

Plasma weapons produce plasma damage and are moderately effective against all targets, but plasma rounds move more slowly.

Name Type Model Image
Manticore Executioner Primary Marksman Rifle Manticore Executioner.png
Manticore Intimidator Primary Shotgun Manticore Shotgun.png
Manticore Oppressor Primary Assault Rifle Manticore Oppressor.png
Manticore Tormentor Secondary Pistol Manticore Tormentor.png

Explosive weapons

Explosive weapons produce explosive damage and are highly effective against all targets, including SRVs.

Name Type Model Image
Karma L-6 Primary Rocket Launcher Kinematic L-6.png

Upgrading and Engineering

Handheld Weapons can be upgraded from Grade 1 to Grade 5 with Components, Goods, and Data. Each grade increases a weapon's DPS and adds one slot for Engineering modifications. Pioneer Supplies locations occasionally stock weapons at higher grades that may also come with at least one Engineer modification pre-installed; these high-grade weapons are one-of-a-kind and cost substantially more than normal stock.

Modifications can be installed on suits by unlocking and visiting Engineers who specialise in pilot equipment. Each modification requires a one-time payment of items and credits to install. Note that once a modification is added, it cannot be removed from the weapon or replaced. If other modifications are desired, another weapon of the same model must be purchased and upgraded to hold those mods. Since multiple weapons of the same model can be owned at once, multiple Loadouts can be created that each have weapons specialised for specific situations, such as long-range skirmishes and indoors firefights.