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Type-9 Pilot in Hangar

Type-9 pilot in a hangar

A Hangar stores and displays ships and vehicles. Some services are only available inside a hangar.


The hangar can be entered after a ship successfully docked. The commander connects with a service-link element of the station or settlement which shows the option "Enter Hangar". By selecting this option, the docking platform lowers to transfer the ship inside the hangar. To exit the hangar simply select "Launch". The station grants permission to exit and undock. The docking clamps are disabled and the ship is released. Large settlements have hangars for SRVs.

Hangar types[]

The hangar type is determined by the location. For station hangars it depends on the star system's type, economy and population. The Fighter Hangar and Planetary Vehicle Hangar have only 1 type and are inaccessible on foot.

Type Location Example Images
Agriculture Coriolis, Ocellus, Orbis Kingsbury Dock, Thrutis
Asteroid Asteroid Base Any Asteroid Base
Detention centre Detention Centre Megaship
Fleet Carrier hangar Drake-Class Carrier Any Drake-Class Carrier
High Tech Coriolis, Ocellus, Orbis Thornycroft Terminal, Kuwair
Refinery/Extraction Coriolis, Ocellus, Orbis Phillips Dock, Peacock
SLF hangar Fighter Hangar Any Fighter Hangar
SRV hangar Planetary Vehicle Hangar Any Planetary Vehicle Hangar
Standard/Industrial Coriolis, Ocellus, Orbis Azeban City, Eranin
Planetary Port hangar Planetary Port Jada's Pride, Balchder 4 a (239 ls)
Tourism Coriolis, Ocellus, Orbis Galouye Terminal, Obambivas
Wealthy/Service Coriolis, Ocellus, Orbis Leonard Nimoy Station, LHS 3006


Some services are only available while your ship is inside a hangar. You can disembark inside the hangar to walk around to inspect the ship or towards to Express Lift which lead to the Concourse. The station, carrier or settlement will have specific services such as Universal Cartographics, Shipyard, Commodities Market, Mission Board, Contacts, Crew Lounge, local news and ship services.

Hangar modules[]

Ships can be outfitted with a Planetary Vehicle Hangar for a Surface Recon Vehicle. There are multiple hangar sizes. Larger ones increase the number of vehicle bays. A Fighter Hangar is purchasable via Outfitting. It can construct and maintain Ship-Launched Fighters. These fighters can be launched via the role switch panel in the cockpit interface.