ManufacturerZorgon Peterson
Years Produced3300-Present
Cost52,720 CR
Insurance2,636 CR
Default Specifications
Landing Pad SizeSmall
Dimensions28.6m x 26.2m x 10.4m
Pilot Seats1
Fighter HangarNo
Hull Mass14 t
Mass Lock Factor6
Armour Hardness20
Shields65 MJ
Top Speed203 m/s
Boost Speed305 m/s
Unladen Jump Range9.87 ly
Cargo Capacity8 t
Fuel Capacity4 t
Hardpoints2x Utility Mounts
1x Small Hardpoint
Internals3x Size 1 Compartments
1x Size 2 Compartment
2x Size 3 Compartments
Maximum Non-Engineered Specs
Top Speed232 m/s
Boost Speed348 m/s
Unladen Jump Range37.29 ly
Cargo Capacity26 t

The galaxy is full of successful traders who started their career with a Hauler. The ship's comparatively low cost and significant carrying capacity have made it the most popular small cargo ship in human space. The Hauler is highly specialised, however, and consumers are advised that it is unsuited to activities other than trade.

— In-Game Description

The Hauler is a light freighter ship manufactured by Zorgon Peterson. Although it is not designed for combat, as it is slow for its size, poorly protected, and can only wield a single small hardpoint, its large cargo hold and relatively low price make it an excellent option for traders just starting their careers and seeking to upgrade from the Sidewinder MkI. Despite having more cargo space than the Sidewinder, however, the Hauler is still better suited for trading rare commodities rather than general goods.


The pilots seat is situated at the front of the ship with a standard view. A single class 1 hardpoint is located at the bottom of the nose while 2 utility slots are situated atop the rear of the ship

The Hauler; as its name suggests, was designed to haul cargo for a cheap price and is the trader's equivalent to the Eagle with a capacity of 26T. While this is much better than the Sidewinder and Eagle, it is still a very low amount and won't allow for much profit with regular goods.

The Hauler is, rather surprisingly, an amazing exploration ship. With Jump ranges around 40LY with engineering it can easily become an explorer's best friend. The issue is that its low compartment space means the max Fuel Scoop available is only class 3 and its fuel tank is very small meaning constant waits at fuel stars as well as being unable to explore areas with few fuel stars in range. Because the ship is so light, adding even a single ton will drastically reduce this range; engineering all internals to be low weight is a must and the Hauler can struggle with long-range deliveries when compared to the Adder.

The Hauler can be a decent Mining ship, as it can carry more materials than a Sidewinder or Eagle; but it will mine very slowly due to the single hardpoint. It is generally advised to wait until the Adder becomes an option before mining is attempted, as the Hauler will be forced to make constant runs back to stations and is a very easy target for pirates.

In combat the Hauler is debatably the single worst ship in the game in the role; even including Ship Launched Fighters. With only a single hardpoint, just 2 utility mounts, terrible shielding and low armor the Hauler is incapable of defending against even a stock Sidewinder. Combined with its low Mass Lock dodging Interdictions becomes a matter of life and death. Despite this occasional Pirates will fly the Hauler (and it even comes with pirate Paint options), which are very unlikely to do very much and are generally easy pickings for even beginner pilots.

The Hauler's most notable failing is that it is only slightly less expensive than the Adder, which can carry more cargo than the Hauler while also being capable of defending itself and maintaining more varied capability. While the Adder has less jump-range, it has a better Class Fuel Scoop and Fuel Tank as well as not losing as much range with extra weight. It is generally more profitable and viable for traders to simply take a few extra jobs in their Sidewinder and buy an Adder instead; whereas explorers should pick up the Hauler as soon as possible, and Combat pilots should steer clear and pick up the Eagle.

Purchase Locations

The Hauler is a very common ship and can be found at nearly any shipyard. If you are struggling to find it, the following (incomplete) list contains confirmed purchase locations.

System Station Date Seen Notes
HIP 6978 Plucker Dock July 27, 2016 15% discount
Zephyrus Ey06 Mar 18, 2016
42 Aquilae Baker Hub Feb 20, 2015
44 B Ophiuchi Feustel Gateway December 17, 2016
AC +26 37030 Culbertson Port 2015-12-27
Aiabiko Gooch Terminal
Aphra Beckman Terminal May 25, 2015
Aulin Aulin Enterprise Beta 3.9
Beta Trianguli Australis Hutchinson City Jan 3, 2015
Biliri Fan City Aug 23, 2015
Bolg Moxon's Mojo
Bolos Vizcaino Horizons May 16, 2015
Brani Akiyama Market Dec 22, 2014
Cauani Hardy City Jan 1, 2015
Chankun Melnick Market June 22, 2015
Chemaku Crampton Port
Chona Smoot Terminal Aug 17, 2015
Cubeo Medupe City Aug 17, 2015
Dahan Dahan Gateway Aug 31, 2016
Dangtei Harrington Station Aug 17, 2015
Eravate Ackerman Market Dec-13-2015
FK5 2550 Samokutyayev Dock Gamma ?
FK5 2550 Vela Ring Gamma ?
Folna Lorentz Dock Oct 20, 2015
Gliese 563.1 Matteucci Ring Jul 23, 2015
HIP 97384 Eilenberg Gateway June 21, 2015
I Bootis System Chango Dock Jan 01, 2016
Kats Truman Hub Aug 20, 2015
Keliuona Wenzel City Aug 19, 2015
Ki Laufey Fiennes Orbital July 20, 2015
Kremainn Wohler Terminal Jan 3, 2015
Kurmodiae Virchow Dock Jul 23, 2015
Lambda-1 Tucanea Riess Hub Aug 17, 2015
LFT 926 Meredith City Dec 31, 2014
LP 102-320 Shepard Hub
LP 445-22 Trevithick Horizons Jul 23, 2015
LTT 15449 Reilly Dock Gamma ?
Lulus Riazuddin Station Aug 19, 2015
Lwen Oliver Enterprise Jan 1, 2015
Korovii Casper Ring Dec 21, 2014
Rakapila Stone Enterprise Gamma ?
Regira (A) Clayton Orbital Apr 11, 2015
Ross 780 Aristotle Gateway August 20, 2017
Sol Moon May 12, 2016
Una Hoard Orbital Feb 19, 2015
Zhao Jin Wilson Ring Aug 18, 2015
Gateway Dublin Citadel July 29, 2015
Eravate Russel Ring Aug 18, 2015
Freng Bear City April 03, 2016
Shinrarta Dezhra Jameson Memorial January 26, 2018 10% Discount, Founders Permit Needed


Main article: Outfitting

All ships are highly customisable through the Outfitting menu of Station Services. Listed below is the default load-out for the Hauler.

Category Default System Default Rating Default Class Max Class
Small Hardpoint Pulse Laser (L) F 1 1
Utility Mount Empty -- -- 0
Empty -- -- 0
Bulkheads Lightweight Alloys I 1 8
Reactor Bay Power Plant E 2 2
Thrusters Mounting Thrusters E 2 2
Frame Shift Drive Housing Frame Shift Drive E 2 2
Environment Control Life Support E 1 1
Power Coupling Power Distributor E 1 1
Sensor Suite Sensors E 1 1
Fuel Store Fuel Tank [x4] C 2 2
Internal Compartments Cargo Rack [x4] E 2 3
Cargo Rack [x4] E 2 3
Shield Generator E 2 2
Empty -- -- 1
Advanced Docking Computer E 1 1
Supercruise Assist E 1 1
Planetary Approach Suite (H) I 1 1



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