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Hesketh Duval was the 14th Emperor of the Empire from 3182 to 3233.[1]

In 3184, Hesketh sent the Imperial XV fleet to Alioth, a response to Federal President Loric Trander's decision to authorise a force of privateers following the murder of an official named Riley Dain who had been investigating the abuse of permitted quotas in Alioth's gas mining sector. The resulting conflict lasted until 3198, with neither the Empire nor the Federation achieving anything of note.[2]

Late in Hesketh's reign, his son Hengist Duval had a brief affair with a slave of the Imperial household. When Hesketh discovered this, he covered up the incident and dismissed the slave, who went on to give birth to Hengist's illegitimate son, Hector Jansen.[3]

After a long illness, Hesketh died in 3233 and was succeeded by Hengist Duval. The Imperial Senate had been growing in power during Hesketh's long illness, and there were significant tensions around the succession.[4]


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