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Holo-Me profiles

Holo-Me is the character customisation suite of Elite Dangerous. It allows players to customise their commander's physical appearance and cosmetics such as tattoos, makeup, Remlok Suit style, and accessories.


Holo-Me can be accessed via the status tab on the right HUD panel in the cockpit or via the Station Services menu. Up to 9 unique customisation profiles can be saved at once, and you can instantly switch between them.

The Holo-Me profile is visible in the start menu, the Station Services menu, and the HUD's Comms panel. By using the camera suite you can view your commander in the pilot's seat of the ship and on a planet surface.



Holo-Me hologram

Holo-Me profiles are a holographic representation of an independent pilot's appearance that is overlaid onto the actual pilot. The pilot is physically present aboard their ship,[1] along with any crewmembers, but both the pilot and crew use telepresence to remotely control external vehicles such as Ship-Launched Fighters. Their Holo-Me profiles are projected into the cockpits of these vehicles.[2]