Holo-Me character and interface

Holo-Me is the the character customisation suite in Elite Dangerous. It allows players to customise the physical appearance of their commander and alter cosmetics such as tattoos, makeup, Remlok Suit style, and accessories. Holo-Me can be accessed by the player at any time, either through the Status tab of the right HUD panel or the Station Services menu at any Station. Players can save up to nine unique customisation profiles at once, and switch between them instantly. Accessing Holo-Me requires owning the Elite Dangerous: Horizons expansion.

The player's chosen Holo-Me profile can be seen in the start menu of the game, the Station Services menu, and the HUD's Comms panel. The player can also view their character in the pilot's seat of the ship by using the camera suite.



Holo-Me hologram

Holo-Me profiles are a holographic representation of an independent pilot's appearance that is overlaid onto the actual pilot. The pilot is physically present aboard their ship,[1] along with any crew members they hire, but both the pilot and crew control external vehicles such as Ship-Launched Fighters remotely via telepresence, which projects their Holo-Me profiles into the cockpits of those vehicles.[2]





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