Ship HUD Hologram

A Hologram is a visual projection of a person or object in 2D or 3D. These can used for communication or entertainment.

Holo-Me uses hologram technology for realistic 3D representations of people. This allows people to participate with activities in distant locations across the galaxy. Such as meetings on planets, ships and stations.[1]

Holographic Display Edit

Matthew Florianz said pertaining the development and acceptance of holographic displays during the 34th century: "Pilots are conservative in adapting new technology which is not too dissimilar to what you see on terrestrial aircraft today" (in the 21st century).[2] So it took a while for pilots to accept holographic displays.

During the mourning of an emperor at the Imperial Palace, holographic shrines are placed along the queue of the people waiting to see the emperor's body in the vestibule.[3]

Holo-sculpture Edit

A holo-sculpture inspired by the Federation insignia was stolen by the Winking Cat thief. It would have been unveiled above Olympus Village on Mars before millions of viewers to mark the start of 3305.[4]

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