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Hotspots are persistent mining locations found within Planetary Ring Systems that contain a high concentration of crackable "motherlode" asteroids containing a specific mineral resource. The number and quality of motherlode asteroids found at a Hotspot can fluctuate as more and more pilots mine it. Heavily-mined Hotspots will become temporarily depleted, making motherlode asteroids less common and less profitable, but eventually those Hotspots will replenish themselves.[1][2]


Locating a Hotspot first requires locating a Planetary Ring System using the Discovery Scanner and Full Spectrum System Scanner, then traveling to it in Supercruise. When close enough to the rings, the Detailed Surface Scanner can be activated to probe the rings. If the rings contain any Hotspots, the probe will highlight them and identify the mineral they contain.

After arriving at the Hotspot, the Pulse Wave Analyser and Prospector Limpet can be used to identify specific resource-rich asteroids for mining.