Marine agriculture and industrial economy (Federal Democracy).
I Bootis is an interesting and unusual quaternary system with a mixed industrial marine economy ,and also a member of the Federation. Chango is an outdoor water world and orbits I Bootis A - a G0V white-yellow star similar to Earth's Sol. Chango is essentially a giant fish farm. People live on giant floating cities that slowly move with the seasonal migration of the fish - mostly species imported from ancient Earth.

— In-Game Description

There is some industry (and fish processing) on Chango itself, but there are also dirtier industrial installations elsewhere in the system, for example on Dustball – a cold airless rocky world orbiting the gas giant Maher, which itself orbits the brown dwarf Maher Prime, which in turn orbits the rare W Ursae Majoris contact binary pair i Boötis B,C of type G2V stars, which co-orbits i Boötis A.[1]

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