Insignia of the Empire

The Imperial Family, also referred to as the House of Duval, comprises the members of the extended family of the reigning Emperor of the Empire.[1] The House of Duval was founded in 2320 by Henson Duval, the first Emperor, and the Duval bloodline has reigned over the Empire in an unbroken succession to the present day and the current Emperor, Arissa Lavigny-Duval.

While the Emperor is the head of state and head of government of the Empire, only a few members of the Imperial Family get involved in politics, mostly by influencing and supporting friendly Senators from behind the scenes. Some members undertake public and official duties, others ceremonial and social duties, but are not involved in the government. These duties are passed down to their children.[2]

Succession Edit

By law, the Imperial Senate holds the power to debate and approve a new Emperor by a majority vote, and a candidate for the Imperial throne "must be of royal blood or of royal marriage" in order to be considered.[3][4] This theoretically means that an individual outside the Duval bloodline could become Emperor, and Senator Denton Patreus is thought to have made a subtle bid for the throne himself in 3301 when he commented that acclamation by the people was sufficient grounds for the Senate to approve a candidate. In practice, however, the role of Emperor has been so closely linked with the Duvals for so long that considering anyone other than a Duval would be highly unorthodox.

Historically, the succession to the Imperial Throne passed in the male line of the imperial lineage. The eldest son of the emperor would ascend to the throne when the emperor passed away. Hengist Duval changed the laws of succession so that daughters of the Imperial line could also become Emperor. When Hesketh Duval was declared not sound of mind, this allowed Arissa Lavigny-Duval to become the 16th Emperor.

Branches Edit

The Loren "Lineage", which included the late Senator Algreb Loren and his daughter, Kahina Tijani Loren, was an Imperial noble family that was distantly related to the Duvals.[5] The Lorens ruled from the Haoria system until 3297, when Algreb forcefully annexed the Prism system and relocated his family there. All of the Lorens with the exception of Kahina were murdered in a rebellion in Prism in 3300. Kahina inherited her father's position of Senator, but was convicted of an assassination attempt against Senator Denton Patreus in 3302 and stripped of rank and title. She avoided imprisonment by faking her death, but was killed in the Anumclaw system by a bounty hunter the following year. No other Lorens are known to survive, and the branch is presumed extinct.

List of Duval Emperors Edit

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Name Title Notes
Henson Duval 1st Emperor[6] Founding Father of the Empire, 1st Emperor, and the brother of Marlin Duval.[6]
Saik Duval 2nd Emperor[6]
Trasken Duval 3rd Emperor[6]
Hennick Duval 4th Emperor[6]
Lucius Duval 5th Emperor[6]
Anders Duval 6th Emperor[6]
Hender Duval 7th Emperor[6]
Trasken Duval II 8th Emperor[6]
Trasken Duval III 9th Emperor[6]
Olban Hensard Duval 10th Emperor[6]
Gaylen Trasken Duval 11th Emperor[6]
Atticus Obellan Duval 12th Emperor[6]
Hender Saik Duval 13th Emperor[6]
Hesketh Duval 14th Emperor[6]
Hengist Duval 15th Emperor[6] Son of Hesketh Duval. Assassinated by Brendan Paul Darius.[6]
Arissa Lavigny-Duval 16th Emperor[6] Illegitimate daughter of Hengist Duval and Florence Lavigny. Has no officially confirmed successor.

Other members Edit

Name Title Notes
Marlin Duval None Founder of the Republic of Achenar and sister of Henson Duval. Died in a speeder crash in 2296.[7]
Joreb Duval Prince Self-proclaimed dictator of the Hoenin system in the late 28th century.[8]
Harold Duval Prince Son of Hengist Duval and his wife Anthea Viola Lampeter. Father of Aisling Duval.[9]
Aisling Duval Princess Eldest child of Prince Harold Duval and entertainer Imogen "Eccentrica" Gabrielini. Born out of wedlock, which has weakened her position within the line of succession.
Hadrian Augustus Duval Imperator Born Hadrian Jansen. Son of an unidentified illegitimate son of Emperor Hengist Duval. A pretender to the Imperial throne, and the self-proclaimed Imperator of the hardliner isolationist group Nova Imperium.[10][11][12] Currently in exile in Paresa.[13]

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