Imperial Hammer Rail Gun

A burst variant of the rail gun [sic] that sacrifices per shot damage to achieve a three round burst that overall is more effective.

— In-Game Description

The Imperial Hammer is a multi-shot Railgun that benefits from a higher DPS compared to its normal counterpart. This weapon type is power-specific for Arissa Lavigny-Duval supporters. It is available only for a class 2 (medium) hardpoint.

Unlike the standard railgun, the Imperial Hammer is less of an all-or-nothing weapon and fires a burst of three shots rather than one before it reloads. This may allow it a possible advantage where hitting the target every time is not assured. Each shot does considerably less damage than a class 2 railgun, but landing all three can be extremely effective.

Similarly to a standard railgun, the damage type is both thermal (66.6%) and kinetic (33.3%), and it too ignores Armour Hardness with an armour piercing value of 100. It has an ammo clip size of 3 and maximum ammo of 240. The standard B2 railgun has a clip size of 1 and max. ammo of 80. Therefore since the Imperial Hammer fires 3 rounds at a time, it is effectively exactly the same amount of ammo.

Compared directly to the class 2 railgun, the Imperial Hammer does 36% damage per shot. However if all three shots connect, then its DPS is 123% of the railgun. The considerable downside is that a three shot burst generates 165% of the thermal waste of a single class 2 railgun shot. Given that heat generation is already a known drawback to railguns and often will force a pilot to limit their firing rate, this extra heat dump can be a huge problem. More than one pilot has badly overheated his or her ship mounting multiple Imperial Hammers.


This weapon can be purchased once the player has pledged their allegiance to Arissa Lavigny-Duval for 4 or more weeks and has achieved a rating of rank 3 or higher.


Class 2
Rating C
Mass (T) 4.00
Integrity 51
Power Draw (MW) 1.63
Damage 15
ROF/s 4.09
DPS 61.36
Thermal Load/shot 11.00
Distributor Draw (MW) 2.00
Armour Pierce Rating 100
Damage Falloff Range (m) 1000
Maximum Range (m) 3000
Value(CR) 619,200
  • Thermal load and distributor draw are for each shot. Therefore for the three shot burst, thermal load and distributor draw are 33.0 and 6 MW respectively.

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