Imperial Navy fleet

The Imperial Navy is the naval warfare force of the Empire. Its headquarters is the Facece system.

It is active in e.g. Conflict Zones. As evidenced in Empire vs Empire Minor Faction conflicts, each Empire minor faction has control of part of the Imperial Navy - even rebel groups such as Emperor's Dawn.

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Imperial Navy Auxiliary Edit

Commanders of the Pilots Federation can serve in the Imperial Navy Auxiliary.[7][8] This auxiliary force is an organized group that supplements the Imperial Navy, but is not directly incorporated.[9] Honorary ranks are rewarded to individuals for their service. These ranks sound similar to titles of nobility and royalty, but are not granted with any associated privileges.

Ranks Edit

# Rank Ship System
0 None
1 Outsider
2 Serf
3 Master Imperial Courier
4 Squire Achenar
5 Knight
6 Lord
7 Baron Imperial Clipper Summerland
8 Viscount
9 Count
10 Earl Facece
11 Marquis
12 Duke Imperial Cutter
13 Prince
14 King

There are fourteen ranks in the Imperial Navy. Highly ranked players are allowed access to special Empire missions and ships, and are granted permits to access restricted systems.

Progressing Edit

For players to be promoted through the Empire's ranks they must complete missions or other favourable activities with minor factions of the Empire. How much progress one has made toward the next rank can be seen in the right HUD panel, in the Reputation section of the Status tab.

Mission Tips Edit

There are several types of missions that improve ranks. Common tactics for fast rank progress are:

  • Charity missions, which require donating large quantities of Credits but no effort to do.
  • Data courier missions, which are low-paying but can be completed with little risk.
  • Trade of Imperial Slaves, which earns more profit on the side.
  • Running passenger missions at a damaged station for Empire allied factions. The sheer number of missions and quick trip to the rescue vessel can fill the progress bar quickly.

Finding a System that best offers these opportunities can be hard due to faction states changing constantly and a need for the minor factions to be aligned to the relevant superpower.

Promotions Edit

Completing a promotion mission for the Imperial Navy will increase rank by one Level. Any rank Progress gained while waiting for the rank up mission, at 100% towards next rank, already counts towards the next rank. The missions are generally titled "[mission type] for Imperial Navy".

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Food Edit

Spongiform Victuals have been a staple food of the Imperial military for years. Many have tried to create copies of the nutritious formula, but it seems only to thrive in the vast damp caves of Coquim. The ingredients are a tightly held secret, and some suggest that it contains addictive substances.[10]

Imperial Navy Vessel Edit

Imperial Navy Vessel (abbreviated as INV) is a ship prefix used to identify a commissioned ship of the Imperial Navy. For example INV Hengist Duval is a battlecruiser named after the former Emperor.

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