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The Imperial Navy is the naval warfare service branch of the Empire. Its headquarters is the Facece system. Ships under the command of the Imperial Navy are identified by the prefix "INV" for Imperial Navy Vessel. In the 34th century, the Imperial Navy is headed by Fleet Admiral Denton Patreus.


The Imperial Navy was established alongside the Empire in 2296. Initially a small local defence force for Achenar, it entered its first major conflict in 2324, when the Federation sent a fleet from Beta Hydri to forcibly annex Achenar in response to the Empire's perceived genocide of the Mudlark species native to Achenar 6d. When the Federal fleet under Admiral Richard Morgan arrived, the Empire was prepared and ambushed it, then severed its lengthy supply lines. Morgan became entangled in a losing battle of attrition rather than the single, decisive confrontation he had planned, and the Federal fleet was repeatedly stymied in its attempts to establish a foothold in the system. In 2325, Emperor Henson Duval pressed all of the Empire's civilian ships into service alongside the Imperial Navy, creating the Imperial "People's Fleet", which launched a massive, coordinated counterattack against every element of the Federal invasion force that became known as the "Great Battle of Liberation" or "Battle of Achenar". The Imperial Navy drove the invaders all the way back to Beta Hydri, where the two military forces skirmished with each other for over fifty years in the first Federal-Imperial cold war.[1]

Since then, the Imperial Navy has grown into a vast military organisation. Unlike the more centralised Federal Navy and the loosely-organised Alliance Defence Force, the Imperial Navy consists of multiple semi-private fleets funded and maintained by various Senators for the defence of their territories. Although the Emperor is the de facto head of the entire Imperial military, in practice the only force under the Emperor's direct command is the Imperial Guard, and the Imperial Navy falls under the command of an Admiral of the Fleet whom the Emperor holds the power to appoint. The Admiral of the Fleet can assume control of any and all of the Imperial Navy's fleets when necessary. The current Imperial Admiral of the Fleet is Senator Denton Patreus, who was awarded the title by Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval on February 22, 3302.[2]

Spongiform Victuals have been a staple food of the Imperial military for years. Many have tried to create copies of the nutritious formula, but it seems only to thrive in the vast damp caves of Coquim. The ingredients are a tightly held secret, and some suggest that it contains addictive substances.[3]


Gutamaya is the primary supplier of the Imperial Navy. Ships manufactured by Gutamaya for use by the Imperial Navy include:

Imperial Navy Auxiliary

For the ranks of the Imperial Navy Auxiliary, see Empire/Ranks.

Commanders of the Pilots Federation can serve in the Imperial Navy Auxiliary.[4][5] This auxiliary force is an organized group that supplements the Imperial Navy, but is not directly incorporated.[6] Honorary ranks are rewarded to individuals for their service. These ranks sound similar to titles of nobility and royalty, but are not granted with any associated privileges.

List of members



  • Kaeso Mordanticus - Former naval admiral from a long line of decorated veterans[9]
  • Endincite - A marquis who was commended for the reclamation of the Facece system[10]
  • Maximillian Wrekcht - Retired Commander of the Imperial Navy[11]
  • Mira Tiverion - Deceased, admiral and founding member of Didiomanja Emperor's Grace Academy.[12]