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A Thargoid Interceptor attacking an Alliance Chieftain in an Incursion system

An Incursion is a Background Simulation state that occurs when a star system is first "Infested" and then attacked by Thargoids. Incursions can be prevented or repulsed by destroying Thargoid Interceptors and Thargoid Scouts in a targeted system.[1]


An imminent Thargoid Incursion is signalled by the arrival of Thargoid Interceptors and Thargoid Scouts in a system and the presence of Non-Human Signal Sources. At this time, the system is classified as experiencing the "Infested" state, and a full Incursion can be prevented by destroying a large quantity of those vessels to defend the system; the number of kills required varies from system to system. If an insufficient number of Thargoid ships are destroyed in a certain period, the system will eventually enter the Thargoid Incursion state. Eagle Eye, an array of surveillance satellites in the Pleiades Nebula operated by Aegis, usually identifies any systems that become Infested in a given week.

Unlike full Incursions, GalNet does not track Infested systems, and there is no way to keep track of progress made towards clearing Infested status from a system.

Incursion onset and effects

Once active, Thargoid Incursions become a system-wide negative background state, and are signified by a system's allegiance changing from Federation, Empire, Alliance, or Independent to "Thargoids", and its government type changing to Dictatorship. As when attempting to prevent the Incursion, an active Incursion can be ended by destroying a quantity of Thargoid ships. Incursions can persist indefinitely until they are defeated.

As an Incursion persists, it has various cumulative negative effects on the system:

  • One undamaged Starport, including any Starports that may have been previously damaged and then repaired, will be damaged per week, until all Starports have become damaged. All damaged starports will remain ablaze and not enter the repairing state until the Incursion has been cleared.
  • All Bulk Cruiser Megaships present in the system at the time the Incursion begins will become damaged, and their flight plans will be interrupted.
  • Stronger types of Thargoid Interceptors will appear alongside the types of Interceptors and Scouts already encountered in the system.
  • AX Conflict Zone signal sources will appear in the system. Pilots who travel to them will face multiple waves of Thargoids in combat.

In addition, ships jumping to a system that is experiencing an Incursion may be hyperdicted.

Thargoid activity levels

The latest Thargoid activity levels of systems that are experiencing an Incursion can be tracked on the Thargoid Activity Report, an automatically-updated GalNet report which also tracks the statuses of repairs on damaged Starports. Systems that have recently entered the Incursion state have a "Massive Thargoid Presence", while systems that have been cleared of the Incursion state will report "Thargoid Presence Eliminated". As more Thargoids are destroyed in a system, the Thargoid activity level will decrease, signifying a lower concentration of Thargoid vessels is present. Thargoid activity levels are as follows:

  • Massive Thargoid Presence
  • Significant Thargoid Presence
  • Moderate Thargoid Presence
  • Marginal Thargoid Presence
  • Thargoid Presence Eliminated