Independent insignia

An insignia used to denote independent minor factions

The independent systems still constitute the bulk of the human inhabited systems. They bring a rich tapestry of cultures and beliefs to the dark of space. From these worlds individuals and governments seek new opportunities deep in unexplored space.

Elite: Dangerous Handbook[1]

Independent is a term for individuals, organisations, corporations, minor factions, governments, and star systems that have no allegiance to any of the three superpowers: the Alliance, the Empire, and the Federation.[1]

Independent systems

The majority of the Core Systems and other human-inhabited territories such as the Pleiades Nebula and Colonia Region consists of unaligned, independent systems. Independent systems have rich and diverse cultures, politics, and beliefs, and generally rely on locally-funded and trained security forces for protection. The main appeal for remaining independent is the freedom of self-governance and the new opportunities in uncharted, deep space. These systems are generally less populated and secure, but not necessarily anarchic.[1]


As of April 3305, the total population of all independent systems in the galaxy is 2,202,400,461,815.[2] As of January 3306, there are 9,945 populated independent systems, and the ten most populous systems are:[3]

Rank System Allegiance Population
1 Lave Independent 25,000,000,000
2 Khepri Independent 23,470,889,329
3 Procyon Independent 18,561,351,895
4 17 Cygni Independent 16,978,539,228
5 Alpha Caeli Independent 16,796,538,233
6 Gato Independent 16,543,619,036
7 Nemehi Independent 16,244,038,343
8 Ra Independent 15,739,714,503
9 Buricasses Independent 15,529,586,076
10 Lugh Independent 15,281,111,598

Key independent people

Many prominent people in the galaxy are independent.


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