Pilots Insurance

All pilots are granted insurance for their ships by the Galactic Insurance Company. When a ship receives catastrophic hull damage or becomes inhospitable under any circumstances, including the activation of the Self Destruct function or Life Support depletion, the pilot automatically escapes via an ever-present, indestructible escape pod that transports them to safety at the nearest station.[1] The pilot is then presented with a chance to rebuy an exact copy of their destroyed ship for a percentage fee, usually 5%, based on the ship's total value.

Paying insurance costs

The pilot can choose to rebuy their lost ship in its entirety, deselect certain modules to reduce the cost, or forego recovering that specific ship loadout and instead choose a free Sidewinder MkI loaned by the Pilots Federation. Criminal pilots may be forced to repay the costs of their accumulated fines and bounties. If a pilot has insufficient credits, they can take out a limited loan, but if they still cannot afford the rebuy, they will be forced to choose the Sidewinder and lose their previous loadout. Choosing to rebuy will respawn the pilot in their custom ship at the last station they docked at, or a Detention Centre if they were destroyed by System Authority Vessels. Choosing the loaned Sidewinder will respawn the pilot at LHS 3447.

Insurance cost is affected by the notoriety of the victim and the attacker; the victim having a high notoriety will increase the cost of the rebuy, but the attacker having a high notoriety will reduce it. Note that refusing or being unable to rebuy a lost ship will not award any credits in compensation for its value as with traditional insurance.


The following table shows the approximate purchase and insurance cost for ships with default loadouts.

Insurance prices based upon 5% of their purchase price.
Ship Purchase Cost (CR) Insurance Cost (CR) Beta Backer1

(-25% CR)

Alpha Backer2

(-50% CR)

Sidewinder MkI 32,000* 1,600* 1,200* 800*
Eagle MkII 44,800 2,240 1,680 1,120
Hauler 52,720 2,636 1,977 1,318
Adder 87,808 4,390 3,293 2,195
Viper MkIII 142,931 7,146 5,360 3,573
Cobra MkIII 379,718 18,985 14,239 9,493
Type-6 Transporter 1,045,945 52,297 39,223 26,149
Asp Explorer 6,661,153 333,057 249,793 166,529
Type-7 Transporter 17,472,252 873,613 436,807 218,404
Imperial Clipper 22,295,860 1,114,793 836,095 557,397
Federal Dropship 37,814,205 1,890,710 1,418,033 945,355
Orca 48,539,887 2,426,994 1,820,246 1,213,497
Python 56,978,179 2,848,908 2,136,681 1,424,454
Type-9 Heavy 96,555,842 4,827,792 3,620,844 2,413,896
Anaconda 146,969,451 7,348,472 5,511,354 3,674,236

* The player's first Sidewinder MkI is provided for free, and the rebuy screen always offers the option to accept another free Sidewinder if the player cannot pay the insurance fee for their previous ship.

[1] Beta backers receive an additional 25% discount on the insurance cost of their ships, which includes the hull and its modules.

[2] Alpha backers receive an additional 50% discount on the insurance cost of their ships, which includes the hull and its modules.

NPC Crew

As of the January Update, any NPC Crew that have been hired can also be recovered by paying a flat fee that is determined by the crew member's Combat rank.[2]

NPC Combat Rank Hiring Cost (CR) Insurance Cost (CR)
Harmless 15,000 20,000
Mostly Harmless 30,000 40,000
Novice 55,000 70,000
Competent 90,000 120,000
Expert 150,000 200,000
Master N/A 325,000
Dangerous N/A 650,000
Deadly N/A 1,250,000
Elite N/A 2,250,000



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