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The Internal Compartments can fit a multitude of different equipment types, some mandatory and some optional. The amount and size of Internal Compartments varies per ship. Some compartments are restricted to only specific equipment, while others permit any equipment type.

Internal Compartments are accessed via the Outfitting menu of Starport Services. They are divided into 2 categories: Core Internal and Optional Internal.

Core Internal[]

These are the ship's main internal modules. All ships have the same types of Core Compartments. The sizes of these compartments vary from ship to ship. Each Core Compartment is restricted to a specific type of equipment. These modules are required on every ship and while they can be upgraded, they cannot be removed. No other module types can be fitted into these specific slots.

Compartment Module
Bulkheads Bulkheads
Reactor Bay Power Plant
Thruster Mounting Thrusters
Frame Shift Drive Housing Frame Shift Drive
Environment Control Life Support
Power Coupling Power Distributor
Sensor Suite Sensors
Fuel Store Fuel Tank

Optional Internal[]

The amount and size of Internal Compartments varies by ship and only certain modules (listed below) can be placed into a ship's Internal Compartments, or they may be left empty. With some module types, only one can be installed per ship.

Military Compartments[]

Military Compartments are found only on certain ships.[1] Only the following module types can be fitted into Military Compartments.

Only the following ship types have Military Compartments. The number and size of Military Compartments varies per ship.

Planetary Approach Suite[]

When Elite Dangerous: Horizons is installed, all ships gain a single reserved Internal Compartment that is automatically equipped with the Planetary Approach Suite, which is used to allow a ship to make planetary landings. The Planetary Approach Suite has no mass or power draw, and can be removed and stored or sold, but no other module can be equipped in its reserved slot.

Reserved Compartments[]

From Elite Dangerous version 1.0 to Elite Dangerous: Beyond Chapter Four (3.3), passenger ships featured Reserved Compartments. Only the following module types could be fitted into Reserved Compartments:

Only three ships had Reserved Compartments:

As of Beyond Chapter Four (3.3), Reserved Compartment restrictions were removed from the Beluga, Dolphin, and Orca.