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Interstellar Factor contact

An Interstellar Factor is a station service that allows pilots with zero Notoriety to pay off or clear any outstanding fines and bounties attached to their ship regardless of where the fine or bounty was acquired, or to redeem any Bounty Vouchers and Combat Bonds.[1] These services come at a cost, however: the Interstellar Factor requires an additional fee of 25% of the value of any transactions they perform. This will increase the cost of clearing fines and bounties by 25% of their normal value, and will subtract 25% of the value of any redeemed vouchers and combat bonds. The advantage of Interstellar Factors lies in their convenience as a hub to claim or pay off large quantities of fines, bounties, and combat bonds from multiple different systems at once.

Note that clearing bounties and fines will not clear them from all owned ships that have outstanding fines or bounties, only the ship that is currently in use. Bounties and fines force pilots to access station services through a restricted "Anonymous Mode", which blocks all station services excluding Interstellar Factors, security contacts, the Black Market, and in-progress missions.


Interstellar Factor contacts are generally found in systems with low security. To identify systems with an Interstellar Factor, open the Galaxy Map and set it to map mode. Then, select "Services" from the drop-down menu and check "Interstellar Factors". Systems with stations that have an Interstellar Factor contact will show up as a green dot.

External tools such as EDSM's station search feature can also be used to find stations with Interstellar Factors by selecting Interstellar Factors Contact under the "Facilities" filter.


  • Before Interstellar Factors were implemented, Frontier Developments originally referred to them "SIN Brokers".

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