Interstellar Initiatives are a community activity comparable to an enhanced form of Community Goals. They feature a series of events that play out over the course of a month with multiple phases and an evolving narrative. Some Interstellar Initiatives will have a lasting effect on the galaxy, and can add a new module or Synthesis recipe, affect the infrastructure of a system, or even alter the balance of power between the superpowers.[1]


Interstellar Initiatives consist of multiple week-long phases, with each phase presenting an activity, such as a poll or Community Goal, that advances the overall narrative and can offer various rewards. The outcome of each phase can change the direction of the narrative and affect which rewards are given. Completed and announced Interstellar Initiatives are listed below.

Initiative Dates Rewards
Bridging the Gap April 29, 3305 - May 30, 3305
The Enclave July 4, 3305 - August 8, 3305
The Scourge October 10, 3305 - October 30, 3305
The Golconda November 8, 3305 - December 16, 3305


  • Interstellar Initiatives were added as part of the April Update, which released on April 23, 2019.



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