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Irregular Markers sites are a type of Point of Interest that can be detected from orbit and accessed while On Foot or in a SRV.


Irregular Markers have at least two variants. In one variant, a cluster of Commodities in canister form is being guarded by several Skimmers that will become hostile if they detect trespassers.

In the second variant, a cluster of large, locked cargo crates is being guarded by four criminals. After killing the criminals, a ship will arrive and drop off another four criminals. The two largest crates can be opened with E-Breaches or by using the Arc Cutter to cut open access panels and the Energylink to overload the door controls. Both crates contain three containers of illegal Goods such as Push and Hush, and occasionally some Medkits. There is also a Suit Recharge Socket nearby.

They may also be the target of illegal recovery missions, in which case the site takes the form of three large cargo containers arranged in a triangular formation, with up to three smaller electronically locked crates outside. The large containers hold between two and three crates, full of various goods, and may be accessed via E-Breach or Arc Cutter & Energylink as noted above. These sites are also an excellent source of Weapon Schematics. There are generally no guards present at these mission-related sites, unlike the two above, and the site also contains a small portable charging station with Suit Recharge Sockets in the center of the formation. The large containers may also have energy cell racks, medkits, and grenade cases, whilst ammo crates may be found outside as well.

Spawn Locations[]