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Itorilleta tentacles in the jungle of Biggs Colony, Altair

Itorilleta are the most cunning and fiercest creatures of Biggs Colony in the Altair system.


The Itorilleta looks like a cross between a dinosaur, spider and a scorpion of old Earth. It's crowned with a waving mass of sensitive tentacles. The twenty-meter tall beast lives in the jungle of Biggs Colony, Altair. There it patiently waits for prey. It has eight legs the size of small trees with a giant misshapen belly that's ten meters off the ground. It is supported on limbs which appear spindly compared to the bulk above. The head peers myopically down at the jungle floor while the ring of sensory tentacles above its head and neck probes for situational awareness.[1]

A thin tentacle, barely a decimeter in diameter, can shoot out from under the eye ring, spearing towards prey. The creature can lift prey from the jungle floor high into the air and sweep it to the creature's twin mouthed jaws. It carries two additional limbs which jut from the body just behind the neck.[1]

The Itorilleta can make a deafening roar which temporarily overwhelms the forest as a line of brilliantly green pin-points flow along the length of the creature. It can rear up with surprising agility to run away in the jungle.[1]


Itorilleta are mentioned in Stories Of Life On The Frontier, a collection of short stories included with Frontier: Elite II.


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