The Jameson family is a family with historical ties to the Pilots Federation. At least two members succeeded in joining the ranks of not just Elite pilots, but the most renowned and legendary pilots in the history of human space travel. Jameson Memorial in Shinrarta Dezhra is named for one of the Jamesons.

List of members

Name Occupation Notes
Peter Jameson Pilot Ancestor of John Jameson (possibly his father, unconfirmed). The first pilot to be awarded an Elite rank by the Pilots Federation circa 3100.[1]
John Jameson Pilot Father of an unidentified son, and great-grandfather of Lori Jameson. John was hired by the Intergalactic Naval Reserve Arm to deploy the Mycoid bio-weapon against the Thargoids near the end of the First Thargoid War (3125-3151), but upon carrying out his mission, his ship was sabotaged to prevent his return. In 3303, the crash site of his old model Cobra MkIII was located on the surface of HIP 12099 1 B.[2]
Unidentified son of John Jameson Unknown Son of John Jameson, and grandfather of Lori Jameson. John Jameson addressed his final voice logs to his son.[2]
Lori Jameson Engineer Great-granddaughter of John Jameson, and the only known living member of the Jameson family. Currently working as an Engineer out of Jameson Base in Shinrarta Dezhra.


  • The terrorist Riri McAllister, former leader of the dismantled League of Reparation, believed that she was a direct descendant of John Jameson. Her claims were never verified, as she was registered as an orphan of unknown lineage and disappeared while being transported to a medical facility for treatment.[3][4]


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