GenderCyborg male
OccupationJaques Station owner

Jaques is a cyborg bartender and the owner of Jaques Station.


The earliest accounts of Jaques identify him as a member of the Quinentis Fourteens, a Federation black ops team.[1] Jaques had been conscripted rather than voluntarily enlisted, and upon failing his physical exam the Federation altered him into a cyborg so he could fight effectively. Jaques and his unit were captured by Imperial forces during the Battle of Hell's Gate. As a prisoner of war, Jaques was forced to endure being disassembled and reassembled by Imperial scientists.[2]

Following the war, Jaques' cyberization became subject to a legal tangle between the Federation and the Empire over who owned his cybernetic components. Jaques not only had to pay off the modifications done to him, but after seeking Imperial medical assistance to remove a latent genetic disease that they had planted on him as a POW, he was forced to work hazardous jobs for a century to pay off the bills. He then lost the use of his legs in a mining accident that damaged his brain.[2]

With his debts paid and wanting to settle down somewhere with decent technicians to keep him maintained, Jaques obtained a position as bartender in the newly-built Peters Base station orbiting Topaz in Facece. By 3200, after two centuries of serving up drinks, he had secured ownership over half of the station. Jaques' dream was to buy out the rest of the station, attach engines to it, and use it to explore the galaxy.[2]

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Jaques changed into a cyborg - Stories of Life on the Frontier

By 3300, Jaques had made his dream a reality, despite some delays; he had to exchange Peters Base, a Coriolis, for a more resilient Orbis.[3][1] After venturing to several systems near the human bubble, Jaques attempted to jump his station to Beagle Point, but was unsuccessful due to Unknown Artefact interference with the station's drives.[4][5][6][7] This resulted in Jaques and his station becoming stranded in Colonia, where they are presently located.[8][9][10][11]

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