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Starship One's destruction transformed Halsey – something that she herself could not possibly have planned. Her subsequent 'visions' made her politically toxic, at least as far as the Federation was concerned, allowing her to simply walk away from presidential life. In that escape pod, she escaped from more than an exploding ship – she escaped her previous self. Halsey made extraordinary claims of encountering super-intelligent beings and seeing paradise. Whether she is a visionary, a lunatic or a brilliant political manipulator remains to be seen.

— Chukwuma Grant, independent journalist[1]

Jasmina Halsey is a member of the Federal Diplomatic Corps and a Federal Ambassador to the Alliance. One of the Federation's most well-known contemporary politicians, Halsey was elected President of the Federation in 3300 and served until June 2, 3301, when she lost a vote of no-confidence that was called after she went missing in the Starship One disaster. Prior to her disappearance, Halsey had become the most unpopular president in Federation history due to banning the production and sale of the narcotic Onionhead, enacting multiple tax hikes, and conducting aggressive military campaigns against dissident Federal frontier systems. The Starship One disaster, an assassination plot orchestrated by Fleet Admiral Lucas Vincent and Core Dynamics CEO Jupiter Rochester, interrupted Halsey's plans to revamp her administration and address citizens' concerns by cutting the Federal Navy's budget and reducing taxes, among other changes.

Presumed dead for months, Halsey was found alive in her escape pod after her successor, Zachary Hudson, organized a public search in February 3302. The former president emerged from her ordeal seemingly affected by visions of the "caretakers of the galaxy" that she claimed to have experienced while in cryostasis. Amid a period of intense scrutiny and controversy over her mental well-being, Halsey announced plans to give up Federal politics and relocate to Alliance space in July 3302. By April 3304, she was working as a peace activist and advisor to Alliance Prime Minister Edmund Mahon. During the trial of Fleet Admiral Vincent in early 3307, which resulted from the discovery of his role in the Starship One disaster the previous year, Halsey returned to Federal territory to provide witness testimony, and subsequently decided to join the Federal Diplomatic Corps to strengthen relations between the Federation and the Alliance.



I know what they're saying. They're picking my story to pieces. Some of the criticism is rational - the lack of corroborative evidence, for example. I don't mind that. I'm telling the truth, after all, and a rational approach can't hurt the truth. But when they say that what I experienced is an archetypal conversion story, and that makes it suspect? If what I saw reminds people of historical accounts, doesn't that say something about those experiences?

— Jasmina Halsey, Federal Times interview, 3302[2]

Jasmina Halsey was a Federal politician and member of the Liberal Party who was elected President of the Federation in 3300. She appointed Nigel Smeaton as her Vice-President, and Felicia Winters as her Secretary of State. The Halsey administration did not take long to stumble, as multiple burdensome tax increases and military interventions that were perceived as heavy-handed by Federal citizens caused a steady drop in Halsey's popularity. Senior Federal military leaders were also disappointed with Halsey's missteps and the loss of several Federal systems, and realigned themselves with then-Shadow President Zachary Hudson of the Republican Party.[2] On January 12, 3301, Vice President Smeaton died under suspicious circumstances and was replaced the following month by Congressman Ethan Naylor of the frontier system of Siren, a controversial move which many saw as an clumsy attempt by Halsey to address criticism that her administration was too Sol-centric.

On April 12, 3301, results from GalPoll showed that President Halsey's approval rating had fallen to 16%, the lowest approval rating ever recorded for a sitting Federal president.[3] That same month, Halsey decided to change the direction of her administration and recapture the public's trust. Inspired by various peace activists to focus on the wellbeing of Federal citizens, Halsey held a confidential Cabinet meeting with a dozen officials and revealed preliminary plans to reduce taxes, invest in social infrastructure, and cut the budget of the Federal Navy. The plan was to be finalized for implementation later that year, but Halsey never had a chance to see it through.[4]


On April 28, Halsey announced a goodwill tour of Federal frontier systems in an effort to address their concerns and strengthen their ties to the Federation. The tour would prove to be Halsey's last act as Federal President. On May 26, 3301, shortly after Starship One began its journey with President Halsey and Vice-President Naylor on board, the vessel was reported missing and Felicia Winters was sworn-in as Acting Federal President. Despite a frantic search by Federal authorities, Halsey was not located, and in light of her absence preventing her from being able to fulfill her duties, a vote of no confidence in her administration was held on June 2. Federal Congress overwhelmingly voted to remove Halsey from office and approved Zachary Hudson's bid to assume the presidency.[2]

For months, Jasmina Halsey's disappearance remained a mystery, with few holding out any hope that Starship One would be found. Surprisingly, on January 28, 3302, President Hudson announced plans to resume the search for Starship One with the help of the galactic community and requested salvaged ship debris from along Halsey's tour route for analysis.[5] Some of the debris was confirmed to have come from Starship One, spurring Hudson to launch a second public campaign for salvaged escape pods. On February 26, Hudson revealed that Halsey's escape pod had been found mostly intact, and the former president was in an induced coma while she recovered from her injuries.

A new path

In March 3302, Jasmina Halsey was brought out of her coma, but sparked concern from relatives and observers when she began explaining her experiences. On April 4, when asked by the media about what it was like to be adrift in space for so long, she stated, "It was wonderful. Amazing. I saw the universe, and our galaxy within it, as I'd never seen it before, and I felt the presence of the real caretakers of our galaxy. The paradox of their existence – tiny yet gargantuan, fleeting yet eternal. They spoke to me as I drifted in the void. It was amazing. I must share their message." She later issued a public request for exploration data from across the galaxy to substantiate her claims of meeting "the true architects of creation" and being shown "the infinities of the cosmos", data which later resulted in the discovery of the ruins of the lost Guardian civilization.[6]

Although Halsey's return brought speculation that she could be reinstated as Federal President, her unpopularity endured and the idea received little support. Halsey herself expressed no interest in returning to Federal politics, and became involved in peace activism and decided to relocate to the Alliance. Meanwhile, her account of her experiences was widely accepted by the galactic community, though some questions remained unanswered, such as how Starship One was destroyed, and some suspected that not all the details had been disclosed. Halsey's strongest critics accused her of treason and deliberately orchestrating her disappearance so that she could more easily defect to the Alliance with vital Federal intelligence, as she had become an advisor to Alliance Prime Minister Edmund Mahon by April 3304. Halsey has dismissed such claims as being too obviously out of character for her, citing her efforts on behalf of conflict refugees and her condemnation of the Federal-Imperial cold war in the Pleiades Nebula.[2]

Trial of Fleet Admiral Vincent

On January 27, 3307, Halsey testified in the Federal High Court trial of Fleet Admiral Lucas Vincent, whom an investigation by the Federal Attorney's Office had determined had ordered the sabotage of Starship One. She confirmed that Vincent personally ordered Starship One to make an unscheduled stop in the Azaleach system for maintenance, which was when the Federal Navy technician Rory Webster had a vital component of the ship's Frame Shift Drive swapped out; Webster had provided evidence to investigators that he had been coerced into carrying out the sabotage by Vincent. On cross-examination, when the defense counsel insinuated Halsey was not of sound mind due to her seemingly delusional post-revival statements about meeting the "caretakers of our galaxy", the former president revealed that she no longer had any memory of making those statements, and suggested she had been suffering from post-traumatic shock at the time. She presented medical documentation from reputable Alliance doctors confirming her sanity.[7] As the trial continued on January 29, Halsey revealed details about the April 3301 Cabinet meeting in which she proposed cutting the Federal Navy's budget, which Fleet Admiral Vincent attended. It was suggested that the budget cut is what motivated Vincent to try to kill her, since it would have weakened Vincent's influence and affected certain powerful associates of his.[4]

One of those associates was identified on February 5 as Jupiter Rochester, CEO of Core Dynamics. The prosecution alleged that, to prevent Halsey's budget cuts from reducing the number of contracts the Federal Navy signed with Core Dynamics, Rochester and Vincent arranged the Starship One disaster to kill Halsey and pave the way for Zachary Hudson to become the next president. Vincent's defence counsel tried once more to disparage Halsey's credibility before the trial moved to the jury deliberation phase.[8] On February 8, the jury returned with a verdict of guilty, and Vincent was sentenced to life imprisonment. The Federal Intelligence Agency immediately moved to arrest several other Federal military and government officials who were complicit in Vincent's crimes. Meanwhile, Jupiter Rochester temporarily eluded justice by fleeing to the HIP 54530 system, where his loyalists within Core Dynamics had begun organizing a new faction called Jupiter Division.[9] Jupiter Division was defeated by Federal forces, and Jupiter Rochester was arrested by the FIA and charged for his involvement in the Starship One disaster on February 18.[10]

Ambassador to the Alliance

Halsey remained on Mars through the end of Vincent's trial and the Jupiter Division affair. She was invited by Felicia Winters to travel with her to the Galactic Summit in Sirius as her guest. On February 26, the first full day of the conference, Halsey was present at the Shadow President's meeting with First Minister Jenna Fairfax of the Marlinist Colonies.[11] When the Nine Martyrs attack occurred on March 11, causing the cancellation of the conference, Halsey was evacuated back to Mars with the Federal delegation. On March 26, she announced that she had would resume serving the Federation by joining the Federal Diplomatic Corps and becoming an ambassador to the Alliance, through which position she hoped to strengthen peaceful ties between the two superpowers.[12]


03 AUG 3307

  • The Alliance, Empire and Federation have clarified their official positions regarding the emergence of onionhead gamma strain. All variants of the popular psychedelic drug remain illegal within Federal space. Ambassador Jasmina Halsey, who was president in 3300 when the ruling was made, announced: "I am pleased that my decision to outlaw onionhead stands. I still maintain that it leads to experimentation with more dangerous narcotics, and we must steer our youth away from that path." The Empire has also declared onionhead illegal, despite rumours that it is imported by the wealthiest citizens for private use. Princess Aisling Duval told the media: "It was insulting enough that Delaine was allowed into the Galactic Summit, but now he's peddling filthy drugs and pretending it's medicine! I only pray that nobody loses a loved one to such poison, as I have." The Alliance has not made a broad ruling regarding onionhead, which is illegal in the majority of member systems but available in those classified as having anarchy governments. However, Deputy Prime Minister Angela Corcoran addressed the issue: "As with most trade, we defer to the legislation of local authorities. But we are in contact with the IHO and are keeping a close eye on the situation." Onionhead gamma strain remains on sale in selected systems governed by industrial anarchy factions.[13]

12 JUL 3307

  • A new product being manufactured by the Kumo Crew could be a version of onionhead, the controversial recreational drug. Dr Himari Grey, an independent healthcare analyst, published this review on Vox Galactica: "Little is yet known about 'helix', but the persistent rumour that it is derived from onionhead has sparked keen interest from physicians, politicians and narcotics users alike. Onionhead's active ingredient is extracted from plant seeds found only on Panem in the Kappa Fornacis system. Its psychotropic and hallucinogenic qualities are well documented, but there is conflicting evidence regarding addictive strength and toxicology. This didn't stop it being banned in the Federation in 3300 by former President Jasmina Halsey, who was concerned about its popularity among youth culture. Political fireworks followed when Fleet Admiral Vincent bombed onionhead crops against her orders, which five years later led to the Scythe of Panem terrorists seeking revenge. Production soon shifted to the Tanmark system, where the Lucan onionhead strain boosted its popularity. Two further variants have appeared since, a result of enterprising genetic engineers modifying the seeds to flourish in different ecospheres. Could helix be another strain? The Interstellar Health Organisation (IHO) is currently acquiring samples for analysis, so we'll soon know if this marks a new chapter in onionhead's notorious story."[14]

26 MAR 3307

  • Former President Jasmina Halsey has joined the Federal Diplomatic Corps to become an ambassador to the Alliance. In recent years Halsey served as an advisor to Prime Minister Mahon, but returned to the Federation in January to stand as a witness in the Starship One trial. She was a guest of Shadow President Felicia Winters at the Galactic Summit, and both were evacuated back to Mars when it was cancelled. At a press conference, Ambassador Halsey said: "Being at the conference reminded me that the political arena is where I belong. My new responsibilities allow me to continue serving the Federation while making use of my experience within the Alliance, and hopefully build stronger bridges between the two." Elijah Beck, head of the Alliance Office of Diplomatic Relations, sent this message: "Jasmina's level-headed advice has calmed many tense political situations. This is the ideal role for a diplomat of her calibre, and I look forward to working with her again." In related news, the Federal Diplomatic Corps confirmed that Ambassador Jordan Rochester had been recalled from duty to be reassigned. Most of the Empire and Federation's embassies in each other's space have been closed since November 3306.[12]

26 FEB 3307

  • Alliance, Empire and Federation leaders have held their first ever face-to-face discussions at the diplomatic conference in the Sirius system. Political correspondent Conrad Sterling published this report for Vox Galactica: "The Galactic Summit has already made history by bringing together many political figureheads within one conference chamber. Optimistic opening statements from Chancellor Anders Blaine and Prime Minister Edmund Mahon gained applause. President Zachary Hudson was more curt, reminding everyone that billions of people would be affected by their efforts. Agendas and debate topics for the next three weeks were formalised. Much of the work will be done behind the scenes by ambassadorial staff, making big decisions in small rooms. The general tone so far has been courteous, although that may not last. Predictably, interactions between the Imperial and Marlinist delegations have been frosty, with Senator Denton Patreus refusing to even acknowledge their presence during discussions. However, First Minister Jenna Fairfax enjoyed a more cordial meeting with Shadow President Felicia Winters. They were joined by Jasmina Halsey, who has accompanied Winters from Mars in an unofficial capacity. One notable absentee was Federal Ambassador Jordan Rochester, whose family is under legal scrutiny following the crimes of his older brother Jupiter Rochester. This at least spared Jordan the awkwardness of having to formally greet his ex-fiancée, Princess Aisling Duval. But it's likely there will be no shortage of tension between other delegates in the coming weeks."[11]

15 FEB 3307

  • Federal citizens are in uproar after the former CEO of Core Dynamics was revealed to have destroyed Starship One to increase company profits. The trial of Fleet Admiral Vincent showed that Jupiter Rochester attempted to replace Jasmina Halsey with Zachary Hudson to secure military contracts with the Federal Navy. The Federal Intelligence Agency has arrested several co-conspirators, but its investigation is hampered by Jupiter Rochester loyalists splitting away from Core Dynamics. His new independent faction, Jupiter Division, has engaged in conflict against Federal forces in the HIP 54530 system. President Hudson has claimed ignorance of the assassination plot, but public opinion polls show a decrease of trust in the Republican Party. Many have voiced anger at such corruption at the heart of the Federation, calling for further investigations into the corporate sector's influence on government. Political embarrassment has also affected the Liberal Party, with Shadow Vice President Isolde Rochester attempting to distance herself from her eldest son: "Jupiter's horrendous actions were his alone, made completely without our knowledge. My whole family is appalled at his illegal activity. We have offered to aid the authorities in bringing him to justice."[15]

08 FEB 3307

  • A Federal High Court jury has found Fleet Admiral Lucas Vincent guilty of conspiracy to commit murder and treason. The court heard how Vincent worked with Core Dynamics CEO Jupiter Rochester to sabotage Starship One and assassinate then-President Jasmina Halsey, in order to increase military contracts. The Federal Times's crime correspondent Ethan Takahashi observed: "Within minutes of Vincent receiving a life sentence, Federal Intelligence Agency teams arrested several co-conspirators in the Federal Navy along with some government officials. Jupiter Rochester himself has evaded arrest by fleeing to the HIP 54530 system, where loyalists within Core Dynamics are establishing a breakaway faction named Jupiter Division. Industry analysts believe that this corporate split has long been planned, but is being accelerated because of the trial. Rochester's responsibility for the Starship One tragedy raises many questions, especially for his powerful family. It will certainly fuel the conspiracy theory that he is a member of a covert group of powerful figures, who manipulate events to benefit the military/industrial complex. However, a more plausible theory – that Zachary Hudson was responsible – now seems to have been debunked. Nothing presented in court suggested that the president had any involvement in, or knowledge of, the plan to eliminate his predecessor."[9]

05 FEB 3307

  • Core Dynamics CEO Jupiter Rochester has been accused of collaborating with Fleet Admiral Vincent to orchestrate Starship One's destruction in 3301. As reported by Ethan Takahashi for The Federal Times: "Financial data was presented to the court showing that Vincent, along with others in government and the Federal Navy, received colossal payments via shell companies created by Jupiter Rochester's loyalists. The prosecution claimed that Rochester and Vincent were reacting to then-President Jasmina Halsey's intention to scale back military spending, which would impact Core Dynamics's profits. They arranged to assassinate her and lay groundwork for Zachary Hudson to be voted into power, knowing that his policies would result in further naval contracts. The defence argued that Halsey's testimony was unreliable, and that the financial data was obtained via improper methods so should have been inadmissible. It was also pointed out that the Rochester family had many enemies determined to besmirch their reputation. The jury has now been sequestered to determine a verdict. This means they are unaware of media reports that several Core Dynamics departments, known collectively as 'Jupiter Division', are transporting ships and personnel to the HIP 54530 system." Other sources confirmed that the HIP 54530 Gold Universal Group has officially assumed the name Jupiter Division, suggesting that it was heavily infiltrated by Rochester's loyalists. The faction has retained control of the permit-locked HIP 54530 system.[8]

29 JAN 3307

  • At the trial of Fleet Admiral Vincent, former President Jasmina Halsey has revealed possible reasons behind the sabotage of Starship One in 3301. Crime correspondent Ethan Takahashi reported from the Federal High Court: "Jasmina Halsey provided details of a top-level Federal Cabinet meeting in late April 3301, an event which was never declassified. Its aim was to address the high levels of public dissatisfaction with her administration. At the meeting, Halsey explained that she had been inspired by various peace activists to refocus on the wellbeing of citizens. She planned to reduce taxes, invest in social infrastructure and slash Federal Navy spending. As yet this was only a preliminary plan, to be implemented later that year. Halsey told the court that only a dozen officials were present at this meeting, including Fleet Admiral Vincent. All were told that this forthcoming sea change in policy was confidential, but to expect major budget changes in the coming months. The prosecution counsel stated that Vincent was therefore aware that naval defunding was imminent, something which would reduce his personal influence. It would also impact powerful individuals who Vincent was illegally connected to, evidence of which would be presented in due course."[4]

27 JAN 3307

  • Former President Jasmina Halsey has taken the witness stand during the trial of Fleet Admiral Lucas Vincent at the Federal High Court. Crime correspondent Ethan Takahashi reported the details for The Federal Times: "Jasmina Halsey confirmed that the orders for Starship One's unscheduled stopover in the Azaleach system came directly from Fleet Admiral Vincent. She added that the presidential itinerary was often altered for various mundane reasons, and at the time this seemed routine. Halsey also provided an account of the vessel's destruction, describing the chaos and panic onboard as the hyperspace misjump caused rapid structural disintegration. She praised her security detail for getting her into a cryogenic stasis pod and launching it moments before Starship One exploded. During cross-examination, the defence counsel quoted her reported visions after being rescued, when Halsey described meeting the 'caretakers of our galaxy' and experiencing the 'infinities of the cosmos'. It was suggested that the testimony of someone suffering from such obvious delusions should be discounted. Halsey admitted that she no longer has any memory of making those statements, and may have been suffering from post-traumatic shock. She then provided the court with psychological reports and neural scans from the Alliance's finest doctors, medically confirming that she is of sound state of mind."[7]

25 JAN 3307

  • The Federal High Court on Mars has opened the trial of Fleet Admiral Lucas Vincent, who is charged with conspiracy to commit murder and treason. Vincent stands accused of organising the sabotage of Starship One in 3301, resulting in hundreds of deaths. The Federal Times's crime correspondent Ethan Takahashi reported: "The trial began with the prosecution counsel outlining the case. Material evidence obtained from Chief Technician Rory Webster, whose testimony led to Vincent's arrest, was presented before the jury. Vincent was questioned about a secure transmission from his office to the presidential vessel on the 24th of May 3301, ordering an unscheduled diversion to the Azaleach system for routine maintenance. This is where Webster's engineering team followed Vincent's orders to install the sabotaged hyperdrive component that caused the misjump. Evading the questions, Vincent claimed that the entire trial was a 'Liberal Party cover-up' and that Starship One was destroyed 'to put Winters in charge'. With the loss of President Halsey and Vice President Naylor, Felicia Winters did indeed assume the role of acting president and became leader of the Liberal Party. However, the defence counsel played down these accusations, instead declaring that Webster's recordings of Vincent's orders could have been falsified."[16]

20 JAN 3307

  • Former President Jasmina Halsey has arrived on Mars to stand as a witness in the upcoming trial of Fleet Admiral Lucas Vincent. Halsey was subpoenaed by the Federal High Court to testify before the jury. Although this was not legally enforceable, since she now lives beyond the Federation's jurisdiction, she has acceded to the court's request. Jasmina Halsey served as Federal president prior to the destruction of Starship One in 3301, which Vincent is accused of arranging. She was recovered alive, but abandoned her political career and emigrated to the Alliance. She has since campaigned as a peace activist and acted as an adviser to Prime Minister Edmund Mahon. After greeting a large crowd of supporters at Olympus Village Spaceport, Halsey gave a statement to The Federal Times: "This is a bittersweet moment for me. Coming back to the Federation feels like revisiting a past life. But perhaps we can finally lay some ghosts to rest." She was welcomed in person by Shadow President Felicia Winters, who was secretary of state in Halsey's administration. However, President Zachary Hudson has made no comment regarding his predecessor's return or the forthcoming trial of Fleet Admiral Vincent.[17]

11 JAN 3307

  • Fleet Admiral Lucas Vincent of the Federal Navy will stand trial on the 25th of January, charged with conspiracy to commit murder and treason. The Federal Attorney's Office has successfully obtained a grand jury indictment against Fleet Admiral Vincent. He is accused of arranging the sabotage of presidential vessel Starship One in 3301, to assassinate then-President Jasmina Halsey. Although she was later recovered alive, hundreds died when the ship was destroyed in flight. These charges were brought following the trial of Rory Webster, a naval technician who was implicated in the failure of Starship One's hyperdrive system. Mr Webster confessed his involvement, but offered a plea bargain by providing evidence that he was following clandestine orders from Vincent. The subsequent arrest caused repercussions in military and political circles. President Zachary Hudson's long-term association with Vincent resulted in Republican congressmen losing confidence in his leadership, and increased the Liberal Party's popularity. As a naval chief of staff, Fleet Admiral Vincent is the highest ranking Federal military officer to ever stand trial. Media interest remains intense, with much public speculation about corruption among the Federation's highest echelons. The trial will take place at the Federal High Court in Olympus Village on Mars, and is expected to last several weeks.[18]

19 OCT 3306

  • Political support for Federal President Zachary Hudson has plummeted after the results of a trial concerning Starship One's destruction. Fleet Admiral Lucas Vincent was charged with sabotaging the presidential vessel, leading to hundreds of deaths. His close relationship with Hudson has triggered a public outcry and accusations of a conspiracy to assassinate then-President Jasmina Halsey. Political analyst Vihaan Niven reported on the situation: "The Republican Party is officially in a state of crisis. President Hudson has refused to make any statement regarding Fleet Admiral Vincent, despite pressure piling up from all corners of the Federation. Over a dozen congressmen have resigned in protest, refusing to be associated with what some newsfeeds are calling 'the crime of the century'. Shadow President Felicia Winters has stopped short of making direct allegations against Hudson but, in several powerful speeches, she stressed that no elected ruler can ever be above the law. Opinion polls suggest that the Liberal Party now has majority support for the first time in years, and that many people view Hudson as a symbol of corruption. In 3305, halfway through his term of office, the President won the scheduled congressional vote of no confidence by a slim margin. It is doubtful that his administration would survive if it were to be held today."[19]

12 SEP 3306

  • An independent inquiry by the Federal Attorney's Office into the destruction of presidential vessel Starship One has produced a final report. Senior Attorney Milandu Okoro made this statement: "The loss of presidential vessel Starship One in May 3301, along with hundreds of lives, was a great tragedy. Despite suspicion that this was an attempt to eliminate then-President Jasmina Halsey, initial investigations concluded that a catastrophic malfunction of its drive systems was the likely cause. A new inquiry was opened when fresh evidence came to light, including testimonies from several members of the Federal Navy. Our final report states that there is sufficient reason to believe Starship One was destroyed by deliberate sabotage. A grand jury has determined that criminal charges should be made. We have shared our findings with the Federal Intelligence Agency, and understand that an arrest will take place shortly." The inquiry report is not yet in the public domain, but is thought to allege that illegal modifications were made to the Frame Shift Drive system of Starship One in advance of its destruction during flight through hyperspace.[20]

25 MAY 3305

  • There has been much speculation about starship technician Gan Romero, whose dreams are believed to have directed him to steal a ship from a starport hangar. On the Rewired network, independent journalist Flint "Firemaker" Lafosse offered this analysis: "Romero's dream journal entries were very similar to Jasmina Halsey's visions after the Starship One incident three years ago. Was this lowly grease monkey in touch with the same 'caretakers of our galaxy' that Halsey claims spoke to her? Sure, it could be coincidence. Maybe even a shared psychological disorder. But it seems possible that Halsey and Romero were telepathically contacted by the same incorporeal intelligence. You can see why they might want to talk to a Federal president. But a starport technician? What's so special about Romero? If he's telling the truth then who knows how many more ordinary people have heard these summons from 'bodiless voices' over the years?"[21]

29 AUG 3304

  • As the date of Princess Aisling Duval's cancelled wedding to Federal Ambassador Jordan Rochester passed without comment from either party, Jasmina Halsey remarked that the collapse of their engagement was a "lost opportunity for long-term peace".[22]

13 JUL 3304

  • Following the announcement of the date of the wedding of Princess Aisling Duval and Federal Ambassador Jordan Rochester, Jasmina Halsey stated: "I am very enthusiastic about the opportunities for peace that this marriage will bring. This relationship symbolises a new era of amity that will benefit all of humanity."[23]

19 APR 3304

  • Independent journalist Chukwuma Grant profiles Jasmina Halsey, who has become an advisor to Alliance Prime Minister Edmund Mahon.[1]

27 OCT 3303

  • Halsey commented on the withdrawal of Federal and Imperial forces from the Pleiades:[24]

I would like to believe that the Federation and Empire have learned from this experience, but I suspect they have not. But I promise you that I will continue to help those affected by such conflicts, for as long as I am able.

— Source

20 SEP 3302

  • Breaking her silence, Halsey described a vision she experienced:

I saw a place of extraordinary beauty. A paradise. It was truly wonderful. This was no dream – it was a glimpse of something very real. We must find this place. It could be our future.

— Source

  • The peculiar nature of her "vision" caused some to question if she had fully recovered.[25]

29 JUL 3302

  • Halsey made her first public appearance since her discharge from the Clearwater Clinic psychiatric facility. When asked what her plans were for the future, she stated:

I know that many of you have been perplexed by my recent statements, but having reflected on my experiences, I have accepted that what I saw might not have been literally real. I do believe, however, that the message contained in those experiences is valid, and that I have a duty to share that message. As a species we have learned nothing from our history. We plundered the Earth for its treasures, treating it with callous indifference, and now we stumble blindly into space in pursuit of wealth and glory. And all the while we are heedless of the damage we cause. We remain a violent species, unable to cooperate, and we are therefore deprived of the prosperity that true peace would bring.

— Source

  • Halsey further surprised reporters by stating that she had recently met with Alliance Prime Minster Edmund Mahon, and that she would soon be relocating to a system within Alliance space.[26]

15 JUL 3302

  • Halsey was discharged from the Clearwater psychiatric centre, giving the following quote:

I would like to thank the staff of this fine institution for helping me during this troubled time. It's fair to say I haven't quite been myself recently, and I apologise wholeheartedly for any distress I might have caused.

— Source


27 MAY 3302

  • Cynthia Sideris, chair of Universal Cartographics, made a brief comment outside UC headquarters this morning on Jasmina Halsey's ostensibly unsuccessful search for the "architects of creation": "Whether or not President Halsey's 'architects' exist is open to question, but chances are that some form of non-human sentience exists in our galaxy. We've received data from as far as Beagle Point, but even that represents only an infinitesimal fraction of known stars in the galaxy. We can only keep looking." President Halsey's psychological review continues.[28]

28 APR 3302

  • Halsey issued appeals for exploration data to substantiate claims of super-intelligent beings that she encountered while drifting through space:

They are out there. I have seen them. We must put aside our petty differences and work together to establish contact. There is so much we could learn from them.

— Source


23 MAR 3302

  • Halsey was revived from an induced coma.[30]

26 FEB 3302

  • Following a search effort for wreckage and escape pods from Starship One, Halsey's pod was among those recovered.

When we started searching for the remains of Starship One it was with the aim of discovering what happened to the ship. I never imagined we would find survivors, and certainly not that one of them would be Jasmina Halsey... The medical team at Leoniceno has described Halsey's condition as critical but stable. It appears her escape pod was damaged and she sustained some injuries, so she's being kept in an induced coma until her wounds have healed. This is likely to take weeks. If her condition changes I will be immediately notified.

— Zachary Hudson, President of the Federation[31]

12 JUN 3301

  • In a move that many will see as being directly at odds with her predecessor's hard-line stance against the spread of sim addiction in the Federation, emissaries of Shadow President Felicia Winters have been spotted meeting with representatives of Utopia aboard Tanner Settlement in Polevnic. GalNet reached out to the Shadow President to ask why her support staff were seen visiting the Utopian headquarters, but a spokesman brushed it off as routine. Political pundits have been quick to point out that visiting Utopia could be seen as a move to support sim fans – given Utopia's strong connection to the sim gaming industry, though there are other rumours, fuelled by the call for a large order of assorted Metals to be delivered to Antal, has led economists to speculate that the Utopians may be looking to broaden their efforts into other markets.[32]

02 JUN 3301

  • Following a vote of no confidence, the missing Jasmina Halsey lost the presidential title. Zachary Hudson became the new President of the Federation.[33]

26 MAY 3301

  • Spaceflight One, which President Halsey and Vice President Naylor were on board, went missing after entering hyperspace. Secretary of State Felicia Winters became Acting President.[34]

25 MAY 3301

  • After what many residents have called 'years of neglect from Sol', President Halsey made a brief appearance aboard Seddon Gateway yesterday. Thousands gathered to welcome the President as she was ferried over from Spaceflight One. Sadly, upon arrival the President was whisked off to the bridge to meet with local dignitaries, leaving most residents to return home disappointed. GalNet sources aboard Seddon Gateway report that the President spent much of the day receiving visitors in the Captain's Cabin. Most, but not all, of the President's visitors were members of Federal organisations which still operate in and around 78 Ursae Majoris. Those questioned indicated that during their meeting, the President mostly spoke about ways in which the Federation could help better support small and medium sized business interests in the area. In the evening, Seddon Gateway played host to a diplomatic dinner between President Halsey and Prime Minister Edmund Mahon. The Prime Minister arrived at Seddon Gateway without fanfare at some point in the early evening. After Mahon's arrival, the two faction leaders are reported to have spent several quiet hours enjoying dinner away from the vast majority of their entourages. What the two leaders discussed during their time together remains a mystery. Spaceflight One safely departed 78 Ursae Majoris this morning, and will now be travelling to Saga in order to continue the President's tour of Federal frontier systems."[35]

28 APR 3301

  • In an attempt to 'build stronger links' with Federal frontier systems, Halsey announced that she would be undertaking a Presidential tour where she would meet with their leaders and discuss what Sol can do to better support them. Oddly, 78 Ursae Majoris was included in the tour plan, despite it having voted to leave the Federation over a month ago.[36]

12 APR 3301

  • Recent GalPoll results show that the President's popularity continues to fall, with her approval rating now down to an abysmal 16%, the lowest approval rating of any President to have ever remained in office in the history of the Federation. Some (anonymous) comments from the survey are included below:
    "This woman, who bombs innocent planets, who happily slaughters people, and, you know, pumps the food chain full of garbage and just everything evil she does, she probably thinks it's funny. Well it's not funny. It's sick. She should be ashamed of herself."
    "Does President Halsey even stand for anything? Seems to me all she does is chase around desperately trying to get people to like her. Well, newsflash, Mrs President, no one likes you."
    "I think the President is a good woman. She did a lot of good back home and I'm sure she could do a lot of good as a member of Congress. A good President though? No. I'm afraid she's just not a good fit."
    "I didn't vote for her then, and I wouldn't vote for her now!"[3]

25 MAR 3301

  • Congress decided to withdraw the Federal Navy from Lugh.[37]

24 MAR 3301

  • The Crimson State Group took control of Hartsfield Market in Lugh, the station with the master controls of Lugh’s military defence network. In a debate in Federal Congress, Halsey faced difficult questions from members of both parties over her mishandling of the Federation’s interests such as the ban on onionhead, the loss of frontier systems, and the Lugh war.[38]

23 MAR 3301

  • The Federation received false intelligence that Éamonn Uí Laoghire, leader of the Crimson State Group, was aboard an unarmed refugee convoy near Lugh 6. Halsey ordered Federal pilots to attack the convoy. An estimated 9,322 innocent Federal civilians died in the attack. Halsey's approval rating fell to 26% and Shadow President Hudson swore there would be an investigation into the attack.[39]

20 MAR 3301

  • Halsey Honours Heroes. Despite the actions of undercover operatives acting on behalf of the Crimson State Group aboard Hartsfield Market, the Federation continues to dominate the skies of Lugh. Today President Halsey honours those heroes who have made the greatest contribution to the war effort. Among them: Lugh’s top gun, Commander Nightwulf, who has managed to singlehandedly remove almost 14,000 enemy combatants from the field of battle. Khaka’s top logistics officer, Commander Darius Torkalar, who has personally shipped in 3000 tonnes of weapons into the area.[40]

19 MAR 3301

  • A major blow to Halsey's plan to suppress the rebellion in Lugh came when Core Dynamics further postponed the maiden flight of the FNS Nevermore following an embarrassing systems failure. During a weapons test, its systems opened fire on Hudson Dock instead of the target drone ship. This caused the station to automatically fire back. The result was dozens of deaths and hundreds of millions of credits worth of damage to both structures.[41]

13 MAR 3301

04 FEB 3301

  • The Federation withdrew all forces from Kappa Fornacis, after an aid operation. Georgio Algeria was defiant, saying their aid efforts were "just window dressing. They bully us, they burn us, now they try to buy us. Well we ain’t scared and we ain’t for sale. We say what happens on Panem, and we say Onionhead will live on!"[43]

11 JAN 3301

  • To quell calls for her resignation, Halsey gave a carefully worded speech designed to soften the rift between her and Admiral Vincent of the Federal Navy, a friend of Shadow President Hudson.[44]

10 JAN 3301

  • Bombing of Panem in the Kappa Fornacis system resumed. Unlike the firebombs of the first Fedaral Navy attack, which caused controversial collateral damage, this attack utilised genetically engineered biocides targeted specifically to destroy the onionhead crop.[45]

06 JAN 3301

  • Sales and prices of onionhead reached an all time high. Congressmen were angry at the publicity the drug had received from Halsey's announcements. 'Oniongate' protests continued.[46]

04 JAN 3301

  • It seems the steps of Congress have become a venue for interviews with politicians amid the repetitive protest holos and the tenacious but now quite dishevelled protesters. Today was Shadow President Hudson's turn. "Halsey is lurching from crisis to crisis seemingly without a plan. Look at this. 'Oniongate' it is being called. Madness. She is rudderless. Indecisive. Do any of us have any faith in her anymore? We cannot wait until her vote of confidence in 3304 to get rid of her. We need to act now. I will raise this in Congress as we need to put some backbone back into the Federation. We need to lower taxes. Get our youth in work or in the military. Raise the voting age to 21. Stop the haemorrhage of great systems like Dulos and Sanna. That woman is driving them into the arms of that Imperial weasel Patreus." Reports are marking this as the beginning of an election campaign for Hudson.[47]

02 JAN 3301

  • The Emperor's denouncement of his son Harold as mad, and announcement of his intention to marry childhood sweetheart Florence Lavigny, have served to confer legitimacy (in more ways than one) to Florence's daughter Arissa. She duly announced her intention to change her surname to Duval and appears to be positioning herself and Chancellor Anders Blaine as the continuity 'ticket'. Aisling Duval, Harold's daughter, is meanwhile using her celebrity to court public sympathy and pick a fight with Senator Torval over the latter's slaving activities. Imperial Senators Zemina Torval and Denton Patreus are both at large in the galaxy, Torval freeing unregulated Federal slaves over the holiday period and Patreus fighting a series of covert and overt wars in different systems (with varying degrees of success). The Federation has had its share of problems too. President Halsey's denial of responsibility for the Onionhead farm bombings in Kappa Fornacis seems to have exposed divisions in the hierarchy that Shadow President Hudson has lost no time in exploiting. Tensions between both Empire and Federation appear to be coming to a head over the Sanna system. Sanna wants to leave the Federation in protest over the recent tax increases, and Senator Patreus is only too willing to offer his particular brand of help.[48]

29 DEC 3300

  • In a move causing shockwaves throughout Federal space, President Halsey has announced Federal tax increases. "I am sorry and I appreciate people are frustrated about this, but I have to announce further Federal tax rises. This is to cover our ever increasing welfare burden, and high military spending." Federal taxation is already a problem throughout Federal space, and this squeeze where the frontier worlds are effectively supporting the rich core systems is causing unrest amongst the frontier states. Commentators have suggested the Shadow President's speech yesterday was triggered by some inside knowledge or leak from the President's staff. Confidence ratings of the President are now at an all-time low.[49]

28 DEC 3300

  • In the traditional speeches that mark the re-opening of Congress after the holiday, Congressman and Shadow President Zachary Hudson has outlined his views for the coming year. In a long speech highly critical of his opponent President Halsey, the only new element was his criticism of Federal youth. "We need to get the unemployed lazy youth of our core systems off their backsides. They need to get off their sims, and in to the real world to do something useful. We need to counter the Imperial threat. Let's get them into the Marines and the Navy. Let's spend our tax credits on protection, not sloth. The Navy never did me any harm."[50]

27 DEC 3300

  • In what is usually a quiet time for politics the Shadow President has given an interview to support Admiral Vincent. "Our military forces have always operated independently of government. In fact some of the worst events in our long history were caused by political meddling in military matters. President Halsey is out of order to distance herself as she has. Our forces need to be able to enforce the law in far flung systems, and we should be pleased that they do so very well. It is clear that sometimes the law they are enforcing is the problem, and it is up to Halsey to change that." If it is indeed the case that these actions took place without direct orders from the President it suggests a rift between the beleaguered President and her top Admiral. [51]

26 DEC 3300

  • Commanders' assistance helped Imperial Senator Zemina Torval gain a crushing victory and 76% influence in the Sorbago system. Torval used the Mastopolus Mining Corporation as a front to acquire slaves and bolster her power base in the manoeuvring to succeed the ailing Emperor Hengist Duval. Senator Denton Patreus was dealt a bloody nose in the Jera system, with Commanders weighing in to ensure that the incumbent Jera Social Democrats remained in power despite Patreus's best efforts. The Emperor himself has been making quite an impact for such an allegedly frail man. Days after appearing in the Senate to pronounce his son and heir Harold 'not of sound mind', Hengist Duval announced his intention to marry his sweetheart from their younger years, Florence Lavigny. Even in his condition, the Emperor will be fully aware of the focus this throws on his and Florence's illegitimate daughter Arissa. The soon-to-be Princess Arissa immediately announced her intent to change her surname to Duval, seemingly putting her in pole position in the succession race. Undeterred by his defeat in Jera, Senator Patreus has declared all out war on the tiny feudal system of Durius for defaulting on massive loan payments to him. Commanders are taking this fresh opportunity to earn credits whilst influencing the wider battle for Imperial succession. Although support for the Durius government has risen slightly since Patreus's intervention, the outcome is still very much in the balance. The Federation are also active. After blockading Kappa Fornacis and then apparently sending Federal dropships in to bomb its Onionhead farms, President Halsey yesterday surprisingly sought to deny responsibility for the outrage - she suggested Admiral Vincent was acting without her authority.[52]

25 DEC 3300

  • After the traditional Presidential Christmas Eve banquet in New York on Earth in Sol last night, the President was confronted by a crowd protesting against 'Oniongate' - and the bombing of fields and farms on Panem in Kappa Fornacis. Struggling to speak above the noise of the crowd chanting "Babykiller", President Halsey answered questions from the press. "I have heard about the terrible events on Panem. I did not issue any orders to crack down on the narcotic onionhead, and certainly did not authorise bombings of the surface. Admiral Vincent has operated without my authority and I have asked for an enquiry to see how this happened." This is a surprising development, as it seems unlikely Admiral Vincent would have acted without support from the top. Some are saying this is Halsey washing her hands of the problem.[53]

19 DEC 3300

  • 16 December 3300 was the day President Halsey declared the onionhead narcotic illegal in Federal systems. The outrage amongst the Farmer's Cooperative may be tempered by the fact that her edict doesn't seem to have had much effect on Commanders' activity, quite the oppostite in fact, with Kappa Fornacis' finest produce being eagerly distributed to the black market throughout the galaxy, and especially within Federal systems. We've heard a whisper that Madame President's dismay at this may lead her to start flexing her metaphorical muscles. Meanwhile Senator Torval is looking to shore up her powerbase in the deadly game of Imperial succession that is being played out. Her wealth is built on slavery, and from the 26 million credits claimed by Commanders willing to offer Sorbago's slaves the 'opportunity' of a better class of slavery in the Empire via Mastopolos Mining Inc's links with the Senator it looks like she is gaining traction. Senator Denton Patreus, meanwhile, is engaged in a more even fight. Ever the one to manipulate strife to his own ends whilst disguising his intentions with grandiose sentiments, Patreus has thrown his considerable resources behind the Jera Nationalists. The incumbent Jera Social Democrats are currently managing to hold their own in the battle for control in the system, with Commanders' support evenly split.[54]

16 DEC 3300

  • The Federal President Jasmina Halsey has declared the newly discovered rare narcotic 'Onionhead' illegal throughout Federal space. Onionhead is the fruit of an alien plant, only grown on Panem in the independent Kappa Fornacis system. Halsey has said she is concerned by the effect it is having on Federal youth in that part of the galaxy. "We must be strong and protect our youth from vile substances that are rotting their minds. This is why I have taken this difficult step."[55]

13 DEC 3300

  • The Imperial Palace has issued a statement saying that while the Emperor is unwell, it is not as serious as many commentators are suggesting. Nevertheless speculation is rife. The Chancellor, Senator Anders Blaine, has tried to quell the speculation. "The great Emperor Hengist has not involved himself in the detail of politics for a long time. It is a terrible loss for us all that he is unwell, but even if the worst does come and our beloved Emperor passes away, we will have a coronation, we will have a spectacular ceremony and some great parties, but nothing will really change. The Senate and I will continue to run the Empire." It is said that actions speak louder than words, and it has been noted that many shipyards throughout Imperial space appear to be concentrating on bringing numerous Imperial Interdictors run by key Senators to battle readiness with full squadrons of fighters. This is highlighted by the reduced number of new ships they are completing on the open market. All five of the slaver Senator Torval's 'enforcers' – giant battle-hardened Interdictors – have left port, and her luxuriously equipped Majestic Class yacht "Xanadu", which still packs a punch, is ready to travel at a moment's notice. Senator Patreus's fleet is also mobilised, though this is not so unusual, but we expect some fireworks in the next few weeks. Meanwhile in the Federation, another vote in Congress has gone against besieged President Halsey. She has been forced to remove her block on the Navy's latest budget. Shadow President Hudson declared this a major victory. "Finally our once great Navy can operate again. Belatedly our heroes can return to full pay, and we can start to bring our fleet out of mothballs. Our Frontier States can once again see the justification for their taxes, and the powerful support we can bring to them." We couldn't get a comment from the Alliance leadership, but we did manage to speak to a junior aide who wanted to remain unnamed. "It's depressing they're at it again. I thought Halsey was better than that. Doubtless millions will die, and there's not much the Alliance can do except broker the odd meaningless set of peace talks after they've had at each other."[56]


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