A barren system with rich asteroid mineral deposits and one hospitable world. An ice planet, Fafner, has the distinction of possessing a top soil free from crop pathogens when kept below 2C. However, the indigenous vegetation is slow-growing. Its most expensive export is the 'mookah', a small soft-furred quadruped that stains its multi-coloured fur sludge brown when it dies - something it does easily unless regularly stroked. The meat is extremely bitter, but they have found a niche as an expensive pet. Most trade is done with the Imperials, who use slaves to tend the animals individually during transit.

— In-Game Description

Jotun is a permit-locked system. The permit can be obtained by becoming Allied with the Dukes of Jotun minor faction in any system where it has a presence. The Rare Commodity Jotun Mookah can be purchased at Icelock when the Dukes of Jotun are in control of it.


Jotun was settled by agrarian colonists and asteroid miners who terraformed the planet Fafner. By 3255, it was still considered a frontier system on the outer fringe of the Core Systems. That year, Jotun suffered a large-scale Thargoid incursion that wiped out the local militia before landing on Fafner and systematically eradicating the colonists. The only known survivors of the attack were siblings Keagan and Moira Dolan. The attack itself did not attract any major media attention, and decades later few were aware it had even occurred. By 3275, the Core Systems' frontier had already expanded well beyond Jotun.[1]

As of the 3300s, Jotun has been resettled and is now a quiet backwater known only for producing the Jotun Mookah.

System Layout

  • Jotun
    • Fafner
    • Jotun 2
    • Jotun 3
      • Jotun 3 A
    • Jotun 4
    • Jotun 5
    • Jotun 6
    • Jotun 7
      • Jotun 7 A

Minor Factions

  • Cartel of Jotun (Anarchy, Independent)
  • Dukes of Jotun (Feudal, Independent)
  • Gold Legal Incorporated (Corporate, Independent)
  • Liberals of 31 Arietis (Democracy, Federation)
  • Partnership of Jotun (Confederacy, Federation)


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