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The son of a freedom fighter killed defending his home system, Jude entered military service as soon as he was able to continue his family's struggle. Years of resistance in an under-equipped militia wore on him until injuries sustained in combat forced him to retire. Jude now puts his engineering talents to use for private clients, but is rumoured to send much of it to family and former comrades.

— In-Game Description

Jude Navarro is an Engineer who specialises in "Force" Suit and Handheld Weapon modifications. His workshop is Marshall's Drift in the Aurai system.

Access Requirements

Jude Navarro's whereabouts are public knowledge.
Meeting Requirements
Complete 10 Restore or Reactivation On Foot missions.
Referral Requirements
Provide 5 units of Genetic Repair Meds to learn about Terra Velasquez.

Modifications Offered

Suit Modifications

Weapon Modifications