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We Imperials often do get accused of being arrogant and overbearing, but at least we're good at it.

— Kahina Tijani Loren

Kahina Tijani Loren, also known as CMDR Salomé, was a controversial Imperial noble who briefly served as senator of the Prism system before seemingly abandoning her duties to embark on a quest to expose a far-reaching conspiracy and the shadowy cabal behind it.

The youngest daughter of Senator Algreb Loren of the Loren family, a distant branch of the Duvals, Kahina was the sole survivor of a bloody anti-Imperial rebellion in Prism in 3300. After the system was reclaimed by Imperial forces, she inherited her father's title of senator and soon became a rival of Princess Aisling Duval for the adoration of the public. She disappeared abruptly in mid-3301, and later resurfaced as CMDR Salomé, leader of the Children of Raxxla. In August of 3302, Kahina was abducted by Imperial forces and later forced to stand trial for an assassination attempt on Admiral Denton Patreus, a crime for which she had been framed. She was stripped of her rank and title for dereliction of duty, found guilty of the attack on Patreus, and sentenced to life imprisonment in Daibo, but the convoy transporting her was attacked and destroyed by unidentified forces before it reached its destination.

Kahina was presumed dead until March 24, 3303, when she was identified as the perpetrator of a theft of Meta-Alloys from Darnielle's Progress in Maia, an incident that instigated a massive search for her by both supporters and bounty hunters. She was killed on April 29, 3303 by CMDR Besieger[1] in the Anumclaw system, while she was traveling from 46 Eridani to Teorge to deliver a vital message.[2] Her allies Raan Corsen, Tsu Annabelle Singh, and Yuri Nakamura survived, however, and while Kahina's message had been lost, they succeeded in bringing evidence of the conspiracy to light.


Early Life

Lady Kahina Tijani Loren was born in 3275, the third daughter of Senator Algreb Loren of the Haoria system. Kahina's early life was little different from other children within the privileged upper echelons of the Empire. She was indoctrinated into Imperial style, intonation, dress and decorum as befitted her father's rank. Little expense was spared in her upbringing.[3]

She was attended by palace slaves from a young age and like many Imperial families, had little direct interaction with her parents other than at ceremonial events where she was strictly required to perform her role as a dutifully respectful daughter of an esteemed Senator. All three daughters were planned to be used as marriage "material" to further Algreb's political allegiances.[3]

She was described as cold and aloof, and reputed to have a sharp and cutting wit. Her only weakness seemed to be a fondness for trumbles.[3]

Trained in sword play and a measure of hand to hand combat as was traditional within the Loren lineage, she proved the most adept of her sisters despite her relative lower standing. This standing was further reinforced by a curious family tradition within the Loren’s that dark hair was a sign of weakness. The middle sister, Tala, was likewise affected, but had her genes modified to alter her hair colour. Kahina refused this treatment much to her father’s anger. Relationships between them, never strong, broke down leaving Kahina isolated within the family. Her older sister was jealous of her physical and mental abilities and never ceased to use an opportunity to belittle her.[3]

Kahina Tijani Loren

Duelling tradition is very strong in the Loren Lineage. Lady Kahina spent many hours in practice, becoming expert with her Holva duelling blade. This image was taken on Haoria in 3292, prior to the Lorens taking over the Prism system.[3]

Invasion of the Prism System

In 3297 Senator Algreb Loren forcefully annexed the Prism system, which had been a peaceful agrarian culture up until this point, due to discovery of sizeable deposits of Tantalum, the demand for which had risen dramatically due to the change in hyperdrive technology.[3]

This new hyperdrive technology had significantly altered the balance of power across the galaxy, allowing ships to move between systems in minutes, rather than the hours and days required before.[3]

Senator Algreb sanctioned the obliteration of the original colonists of the only habitable location in the Prism system, the water moon of Chione. This was carried out by Admiral Brice, commander of the Senator's warfleet. Whilst noted by the Federation, the move was not challenged at the time.[3]

The entire Loren family was later moved to Chione after the construction of a heavily fortified Imperial Palace on the island of New Ithaca in Chione's southern hemisphere. A large refinery, built by Mastopolis Mining, was placed in orbit, known as Hiram’s Anchorage.[3]

Slaves on Chione were poorly treated, resulting in an uprising that was severely put down by Senator Algreb.[3]

Most of the original settlers perished in the attack, later known as the "appropriation". Some survived however, and formed an underground resistance movement.[3]

The Reclamation

Kahina Tijani Loren

A coup in 3300, led by these self-styled "Reclamists", led to the assassination of Senator Algreb, his wife, two daughters (Corine and Tala) and most of the household servants. It was assumed that Kahina had been killed too. She went missing for many weeks. A number of people were recorded as seeing her dead body within the remains of the Imperial Palace on Chione.[3]

Specifics on her experiences during the intervening time can be researched in the official Elite: Dangerous novel – Elite: Reclamation.

What does seem likely is that she was embroiled in a complex political cobweb, promoted by shadowy powers around the Prism system.[3]

She came to public attention when a wide-band message was received by the Imperial Herald purporting to be from Kahina, demanding that Admiral Brice reclaim the Prism system. A significant naval conflict between Federation and Imperial forces took place as a result.[3]


Some have deemed her a warmongering fool with delusions of grandeur. Thousands of lives were lost in the reclamation of the Prism system. Others have pointed out that she did not order the conflict itself (though she certainly precipitated it); with the hostilities being a result of posturing by Federation and Imperial forces.[3]

Politically she supported slavery, as most traditional Imperials do, and appeared to have little hesitation in resorting to violence. It is reported that she personally executed the leader of the Reclamists after she regained the Chione moon.[3]

At 26, she became one of the youngest Senators in the Empire.[3]

Tours of the Federation and the Empire

Imperial Navy

On February 9, 3301, Senator Loren was interdicted by unidentified ships while attempting to travel to the Sol system on a diplomatic mission at the behest of Chancellor Anders Blaine. A month later, on March 6, the senator's ship was also denied docking clearance at Mars High. She nevertheless completed her tour of the Sol system, garnering unexpected popularity from the Federation population and the ire of officials.[3]

She was then summoned to the core of the Empire, the home system of Achenar in her new Imperial Clipper starship. After making a handful of public appearances during her stay on the Imperial homeworld, Senator Kahina withdrew from public sight whilst various other Senators made bids for power.[3]

Disappearance and the Dark Wheel

On July 21, 3301, a security alert was received from the Imperial suite where Senator Kahina Tijani Loren was thought to be residing. The entry to the residence was found to be locked, and no response was received from inside. Security personal were authorised to break in.[3]

The interior of the suite was found to be pristine, with no evidence of habitation. In room holofac consoles were found not to have been used throughout the duration of the Senator’s apparent occupation. Various subsequent searches have revealed no sign of the Senator’s whereabouts.[3]

Ambassador Cuthrick Delaney made a brief statement to the press at the time. “Senator Kahina has previously empowered me to represent the Prism system on her behalf, I will do my best to discharge that duty according to her instructions. Senator Kahina is a very private individual, and has not sought mine, or any other counsel, in the last month. We do not know where she has gone. Naturally we are concerned about her safety and would urge anyone who knows of her whereabouts to contact the authorities immediately. Her disappearance is very disturbing indeed.”[3]

Reaction across the Empire was muted, but many speculated that something underhanded happened to the visiting Senator.[3]

“Doesn’t matter what Delaney says,” said a commentator from the Imperial Citizen. “Prism belongs to Patreus now, Kahina’s just abandoned it and all the citizens she professed to care about. She’s a coward and an irrelevance.”[3]

“Did she get too close to the fires burning in the Empire?” asked the chief editor of the Imperial Herald. “Or is she pursuing some other objective? She was always determined and bold. Wherever you’ve gone, Lady Kahina, farewell.”[3]

The Dark Wheel emblem

Lady Kahina’s Imperial Clipper, the Seven Veils, still at the Capitol spaceport, was impounded and examined. It was found to be completely stripped of all valuable equipment, with the modifications made at Avalon shipyards discovered to be carefully crafted fakes.[3]

Lady Kahina’s Imperial tiara was found in the cockpit, along with a small emblem bearing an ancient symbol on one side and the word "Salomé" on the other.[3]

The symbol is believed to belong to an organisation some refer to as "The Dark Wheel".[3]

Association with the Children of Raxxla

Three months passed with no news of Lady Kahina, until a group calling itself the Children of Raxxla claimed to have a woman called Salomé as their leader.[3]

A holofac was leaked by one Alessia Verdi (who claims to be one of the official spokepersons for the group) – the holofac appears to show a woman matching Lady Kahina’s description in conversation with two Commanders. Lady Kahina, or Salomé, no longer appeared to be working for the Empire.[3]

Kahina Tijani Loren

A transcript of the alleged events was provided by the group, which appears to indicate that Kahina has definitely abdicated her Senatorial duties in favour of furthering the aims of the group. Precisely what these aims are remains unclear at present, though the scant information available indicates they are an independent group, not aligned any existing factions of powers.[3]

Salomé has issued a proclamation to the citizens of the galaxy encouraging them to join the Children of Raxxla to “Fight for freedom, fight for peace and fight for a stable and prosperous future for your children and your children’s children.”[3]

Abduction and Trial

On August 23, 3302, three days after an assassination attempt on Admiral Denton Patreus at Mackenzie Relay in Cemiess by former members of the dismantled Emperor's Dawn terrorist group,[4] CMDR Lyrae Cursorius of the Chapterhouse of Inquisition intercepted an apparent transmission from CMDR Salomé. According to the transmission, Salomé's ship had come under attack by unknown ships bearing Imperial markings in the Cemiess system. Her final request as her ship was boarded was that the Children of Raxxla be informed of her capture, as well as that the Formidine Rift, Hawkin's Gap, and the Conflux were somehow connected with recent events in the Pleiades. No sign of Salomé or her ship was found in Cemiess, despite the Children of Raxxla attempting to destabilize the system's economy in order to force authorities to reveal her whereabouts.[5][6]

Salomé was not heard from again until September 19, 3302, when sources close to the Imperial Senate announced that she, as Senator Kahina Tijani Loren, had been formally charged in connection with the Patreus assassination attempt and moved to Capitol in Achenar while awaiting trial. She was publicly denounced by Admiral Patreus, Princess Aisling Duval, and the Imperial media.[6]

Kahina was stripped of her rank of senator on October 14, punishment for delegating her responsibilities over the Prism system to Ambassador Cuthrick Delaney when she disappeared the previous year. This move meant that under Imperial law, Kahina would have to be tried under the laws of her home system, Prism.[7] The ex-senator was moved to Prism for her trial, which took place on October 26.[8]

Two days later, she was found guilty of attempting to assassinate Admiral Patreus and sentenced to life imprisonment at the infamous Koontz Asylum in Daibo. The key evidence used to convict Kahina was revealed in a leak to be a recording that showed her asking for "Patreus's head on a platter" in return for an unspecified favor from two unidentified individuals. Kahina's status as a Lady of the Empire was revoked, and she was transferred to a secure holding facility. While Princess Aisling and Admiral Patreus voiced their approval of the trial's outcome, Ambassador Delaney and other Prism citizens staunchly protested her innocence.[9]

In apparent retaliation for Kahina's conviction, the Children of Raxxla attacked and routed Admiral Patreus's flagship, the INV Imperial Freedom, in Eotienses on November 4. Imperial security forces condemned the attack and accused the Children of Raxxla of terrorism. The attack itself represented a significant setback for Patreus's plans to enlarge the Imperial fleet, as it exposed the vulnerability of Majestic-Class Interdictors to coordinated attacks from independent forces.[10]

Apparent Death

Kahina Tijani Loren in-game

Kahina Tijani Loren's controversial life apparently came to a close on November 25, 3302, when the convoy transporting her and other prisoners to Koontz Asylum was destroyed by unknown forces in Daibo. Wreckage belonging to the convoy, consisting of the Imperial Cutter Diadem and the Imperial Clippers Cypripedium, Velum, Monile, and Vestimenta, was located and positively identified. Pilots who responded to the convoy's distress signal found no survivors, as even the escape pods had been destroyed. Loren was believed to have been among those lost in the attack.[11]

A Heist and Deep Space Signals

On March 24, 3303, Loren, again using her Commander Salomé pseudonym, was identified as one of the three perpetrators who stole quantities of meta-alloys from Darnielle's Progress in Maia one month earlier, revealing that she had survived the attack on the convoy. Her accomplices in the theft were former MetaDrive employee Raan Corsen, also previously believed deceased, and Tsu Annabelle Singh, a former Junior Alliance operative. The Empire promptly issued a galaxy-wide bounty on all three individuals, with Salomé's totaling 500,000 credits, and warned pilots to shoot on sight.[12][13]

Not long after this development, on April 8, a weak signal originating from Col 70 Sector was picked up by Federal and Imperial listening posts. This signal, which contained an incomplete message about a rally point, was the latest of thousands that had recently been transmitted in the Col 70 Sector area. Imperial intelligence believed the messages were related to CMDR Salomé. Salomé's bounty was increased to 5 million credits, and Singh and Corsen's bounties were raised to 2 million each. Another 2 million credit bounty was placed on CMDR Yuri Nakamura, aka "Conformist Oboe XX", who was apparently associated with Salomé.[14]

True Death

Salomé Community Event

On April 29, 3303, CMDRs Salomé, Raan Corsen, Tsu Annabelle Singh, and Yuri Nakamura began a journey from 46 Eridani in the Col 70 Sector region to Tionisla in the human bubble to deliver a message of vital importance.[15] Salomé did not reach her destination; she only made it as far as the Anumclaw system in her ship, the Imperial Clipper Seven Veils, before she was killed by the bounty hunter CMDR Besieger.[1][2][16][17][18] Salomé had already been interdicted and damaged by multiple hostile ships over the 600 lightyears she traveled: her weapons had been disabled, her FSD was malfunctioning, and she had completely expended her AFMU and FSD Injection materials. When CMDR Besieger attacked, he was able to quickly finish her off.[19] With Salomé gone, her unknown message was lost with her.[20]

However, Salomé's three compatriots survived and arrived safely at Tionisla, where they were in turn directed to the Teorge system. In Teorge, they discovered the existence of multiple listening posts in the system.[21] The listening posts contained logs that described a vast conspiracy by a group known as The Club to manipulate the Federation, Empire, and Alliance for the purpose of ensuring humanity's survival in the face of an impending cataclysmic threat, tying into the Formidine Rift Mystery and the recent discovery of the The Zurara in the Formidine Rift. Salomé's goal all along had apparently been to expose this conspiracy and warn the public of the threat.[22] Although the conspiracy was indeed revealed to the galaxy by Salomé's actions, its masterminds remained unmasked and active.[23]

Unknown to most, CMDR Besieger had been personally tasked to eliminate Salomé by none other than Fleet Admiral Denton Patreus (who concealed his identity when contacting Besieger and Elvira Martuuk and is referred to only as "the glove-handed man" or "the glove-handed figure"). The reason for this was apparently not any enduring animosity toward Salomé on Patreus' part, but because Patreus and Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval had become aware of the existence and activities of The Club and desired to expose it. By killing Salomé, she would become a martyr, inspiring her followers and others to rise up in anger and take up her mission to break The Club's control.[23]

Salomé's Requiem

On June 30, 3303, an encrypted transmission was released that decrypted to the message "ASCLEPIUS HIP 17519 EPIONE". This led to Panacea Medical Center, an Installation orbiting planet A 1 in HIP 17519. Audio logs retrieved from the location contained "Salomé's Requiem", a postmortem message to her supporters explaining her actions:[24][25][26]

Salomé's Requiem

If you're scanning this, it's because I am dead. Frankly, after all of my tribulations, I welcome the oblivion of the void. My closest friends are dead, and I have nothing to live for. Perhaps I will find peace as I return to the stardust that made me. Know that this was my choice.
Some of you knew me as Salomé, others as Kahina Tijani Loren, a Lady of the Empire and former senator of the Prism system. I was branded a murderer and a terrorist, and there is truth in these accusations. I have made poor decisions. I killed, or caused the death, of thousands. To these crimes I freely admit my guilt. I am content to let history judge me.
I bring you this message in a time of turmoil. You have little reason to believe me, and less to trust me, but nevertheless I ask you to listen. Because you have been misled.
I was sent on a quest into darkness. I did not know what I was looking for. Many people assisted me, sometimes altruistically and sometimes to further their own agendas. I am grateful to all of them. Some, to my shame, I manipulated to my own ends.
My contact guarded her secrets well - even from herself - to ensure they would be revealed only at the proper time. It seems that time is now.
There are patterns of events. A tapestry, if you will.
Treaties were abolished, bringing us closer to the brink of war. Those flashpoints in Mu Koji? Engineered to fan the flames of conflict. Wreaken Construction was a beneficiary, with its naval shipyards. It was no accident that the share prices of Gutamaya and Core Dynamics rose dramatically.
The Empire turned against me, concocting a ridiculous crime and sentencing me for it. It was just a ruse so they could hold me hostage and access the exploration data I had. Ultimately, it was Imperial forces that saved me. At least some honour remains in the Empire.
The Alliance and the Federation were collaborating behind the scenes. Tsu exposed it, and they ostracized her and left her at the mercy of bounty hunters. The Alliance is no innocent bystander. They know what happened.
Scientists were bribed, discoveries were leaked and people were abducted, some never to return.
The Sirius Corporation attempted a hostile takeover of MetaDrive. They murdered the chairman. MetaDrive was developing secret hyperdrive technology and Sirius wanted it. Raan kept it out of their hands they tried to kill him for it. Meanwhile, the organisers of the arena catalogued the best pilots in the galaxy. Ask why you would want a list of combat experts...
Explorers are rewarded with cold, hard cash for their discoveries. The Federation tried to buy our service. We showed them what true loyalty was. That exploration data cost many souls.
Well, so what? That's what you're thinking.
You need to understand that these events were carefully orchestrated. Nothing happened without a reason.
I don't know the identities of those involved. If I did, I would expose them. I do know they control corporations, the military and some of the galaxy's most powerful individuals. Their reach is wide. You cannot trust anyone in a position of authority. Some are active collaborators, some are mere figureheads. Some don't even know they're being used.
And they are manipulating you. Those of you who trade, who fight in their proxy wars, who sell them exploration data from the depths of the void. They are using you to further their agenda. You, me - all of us have been their tools. They believe themselves the ultimate arbiters of humanity's destiny, above reproach and accountability. They consider themselves the true elites.
Factions and powers, economies and systems, even the arena - they're just tools they use to make us enact their will.
They have murdered countless thousands, pitilessly weighing their plans against human lives - the lives of innocents, of friends and family. They claim to act in humanity's interest. They consider us sheep to their shepherds.
They hatched a secret contingency plan - a comprehensive list of earth-like worlds and terraformable planets. We have all contributed to this plan. Only recently did we discover it had been underway for decades. The evidence has been found: a planned subterfuge out on the void.
They can no longer hide from the facts. We have found them.
Why all this duplicity?
Because they know everything. They have the history - not the sanitised version from the public records, but the truth. Those reports of strange ships in the void, discounted in the news? Believe them. This is the catalyst. The wheels turn and darkness will fall.
So what can you do?
Challenge the authorities. Force their hand. Refuse to be manipulated. Do not rise to their provocations. Make your own powerplays, organise embargoes and blockade the ports. Break their hold and force them out into the open. Blaze a trail. Visibility is the one thing they cannot abide.
Or do nothing. Be content to be a pawn in their game.
For those who killed me, I bear you no ill will. For those who wanted me dead, you have your wish.
For those who loved me and swore allegiance to me, your service and dedication were the brightest light in the darkness of my life. Do not let my death be the end of what you would see done.
My last request is that you always... remember.

— CMDR Salomé




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