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A semi-automatic pistol with low recoil and a high fire rate, offset by comparatively low damage output.

— In-Game Description

The Karma P-15 is a kinetic pistol manufactured by Kinematic Armaments.


The Karma P-15 is the first weapon owned by all commanders. As a kinetic weapon, it is fairly weak against shielded targets, but still useful against unshielded targets. It is recommended to equip one of Takada's laser weapons to take down an opponent's shields, then finish them off with the P-15.


Grade Modification Cost DPS Engineer
Mod Slots
1 N/A 13.8 0
2 1x Weapon Schematic
1x Compression-Liquefied Gas
1x Manufacturing Instructions
5x Tungsten Carbide
5x Weapon Component
? CR
17.8 1
3 5x Weapon Schematic
5x Compression-Liquefied Gas
5x Manufacturing Instructions
15x Tungsten Carbide
15x Weapon Component
? CR
24 2
4 10x Weapon Schematic
10x Compression-Liquefied Gas
10x Manufacturing Instructions
25x Tungsten Carbide
25x Weapon Component
? CR
5 15x Weapon Schematic
15x Compression-Liquefied Gas
15x Manufacturing Instructions
35x Tungsten Carbide
35x Weapon Component
? CR


This weapon can be modified by Engineers to enhance its abilities. Pioneer Supplies may also occasionally offer this weapon with a modification pre-installed. Modifications include: