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Kill Warrant Scanner

Kill Warrant Scanners are used to maximise the gains for a bounty hunter by revealing the bounties a ship may have in addition to any in the current jurisdiction. Likewise perfectly clean ships in the current jurisdiction could have bounties elsewhere that can be capitalised on but beware that attacking a ship that is clean in the current system will have criminal ramifications. Kill Warrant Scanners are also extremely useful when trying to bounty hunt in an anarchy system as no ship will be wanted by default but they often have bounties elsewhere.

— In-Game Description

A Kill Warrant Scanner is a utility module that is used to scan ships for any active bounties acquired in other jurisdictions. It is a staple tool for Bounty Hunters. For targets that already have a bounty, being scanned by a Kill Warrant Scanner may increase that bounty, while targets with a Clean status may gain a bounty if they committed a crime but were previously undetected. Only ships that have committed no crimes will remain unaffected. The target is immediately alerted upon being scanned, and may attempt to jump away or deploy hardpoints.


The Kill Warrant Scanner must be assigned to a fire group and activated manually. It only works on targeted ships within its range. Holding down the fire button will initiate a scan, and the button must remain depressed until the scan completes, a process that takes approximately 10 seconds. The target must be kept within the Kill Warrant Scanner's range for the entire scan, otherwise the process will be interrupted, but scan data will only gradually degrade rather than instantly reset if button remains depressed until the scan is not resumed. A ship that is being scanned can deploy chaff to temporarily prevent a scan from initiating or completing.

A targeted ship's criminal status and total bounty are visible in the Contact tab of the left panel of the HUD. Be aware that attacking any ship that is not Wanted in the current system is illegal in all inhabited systems except those controlled by Anarchy minor factions, regardless of the presence of other bounties. Bounty hunting in Anarchy system requires the use of a Kill Warrant Scanner, as all targets will come up Clean in the current system.

Kill Warrant Scanners can also be operated by Telepresence and Multicrew; pilots in the Gunner role may use a Kill Warrant Scanner to scan targets at any angle relative to the mothership, not just directly forwards, although its scanning cone is very narrow without Engineering and it will still be difficult to scan small or fast-moving targets.


Class Rating Mass (T) Integrity Power
Range (KM)
Time (S)
Value (CR)
0 E 1.30 32 0.200 2 10 13,544
0 D 1.30 24 0.400 2.5 10 40,633
0 C 1.30 40 0.800 3 10 121,899
0 B 1.30 56 1.600 3.5 10 365,698
0 A 1.30 48 3.200 4 10 1,097,095

Engineer Modifications[]

The following modifications can be applied to this module by Engineers to enhance its abilities:

Purchase Locations[]

Class Rating System Station
All All Shinrarta Dezhra Jameson Memorial
All All Brestla i Sola Prospect
All All Barnard's Star Miller Depot
All All Duamta Herrington city
All All Cemiess Meech Dock
All All Nehet Xuesen Orbital