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An out-of-production spacecraft produced by Faulcon DeLacy and one of its earliest designs. The Krait once led the field in small scale fighter craft - faster, more agile, and more heavily armed than most of its rivals, the design sold in the millions. Now the Krait is largely obsolete. It remains a heavily armed fighter for its size, but its sluggish speed and sub-standard manoeuvrability make it vulnerable to escort fighters and modern police ships. Kraits are still found in the poorer and more anarchic parts of the galaxy - most are a hodgepodge of old and new technology cobbled together. In combat, the Krait is often paired off against larger ships, such as the Cobra and Asp, who match the tiny ship in manoeuvrability, but who remain vulnerable to the Krait's impressive weaponry.

— Description from Elite Dangerous RPG[1]

The Krait Mk I,[2] also known as the Krait Lightspeeder,[1] is a ship that was manufactured by Faulcon DeLacy. The small and nimble Krait proved popular during its production run in the 3100s, but it was discontinued long before the 34th century and the design is now considered antiquated. The ship's distinctive wing mounts were used to attach weapons or long range aerial pylons for exploration.[3] Two new, re-imagined models of the Krait, the Krait Mk II and Krait Phantom, were released in 3304.[2]


  • Several Kraits were involved in the 3265 Battle for Lave Station, but most were destroyed because of their inferior firepower and speed.[3]
  • Bill Turner kept a Krait among his collection of ships stored at Turner Metallics Inc on Alioth 4 A.[4]


  • The Krait first appeared in Elite.