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The Kumo Crew is an independent pirate syndicate and one of the most influential criminal organisations in the Core Systems. Its headquarters is the starport Gabriel Enterprise in the Harma system, and the majority of its territory spans the Pegasi Sector. It is also represented by the minor faction Kumo Council, based in Pegasi Sector PN-T c3-14.

Since the faction's establishment in 3264, the Kumo Crew has been led by the infamous Pirate King Archon Delaine, the most wanted man in the galaxy. The syndicate exerts its influence in a brutal but simple manner: systems that regularly provide tribute to Kumo Crew receive the pirates' protection, while systems that do not are raided and pillaged.


Rise of the Pirate King

The Kumo Crew began as one of countless rag-tag pirate crews that plagued the Pegasi Sector, a relatively lawless frontier of the Core Systems. Under the reign of Pirate Lord Crabbe, the Kumo pirates were no more organised or effective than any of their rivals. That changed in 3264, when Crabbe was challenged to a duel for his title by Archon Delaine. By tradition, Pirate Lords were obligated to accept all challenges to their authority, but had the right to select the weapon. Unusually, Crabbe opted to fight bare-handed, perhaps so confident that he would prevail over the young Delaine that he wished to teach him a lesson rather than kill him, but Delaine unexpectedly outwitted Crabbe and beat him to death.[1][2]

From 3264 to 3284, Pirate Lord Delaine ruthless worked to consolidate his power and restructure Kumo Crew into the Pegasi Sector's most fearsome and lethal cartel. Members of Kumo Crew who initially broke away out after Delaine's ascension returned to the fold after Delaine demonstrated his competence and effectiveness. Upstarts and Pirate Lords from other crews who challenged Delaine in the hopes of seizing his burgeoning operation were all defeated. After Delaine killed Pirate Lord Horvath with his own razor whip, there were no further challenges to his rule, and he began to call himself the "Pirate King".[2][1]

By 3301, the Kumo Crew had absorbed almost all other pirate crews in the Pegasi Sector, and ruled over the region with virtual impunity while the Federation and Empire turned a blind eye. Pirate King Delaine instituted a system where colonies in Kumo territory were obligated to regularly pay tribute; if they paid, they would be protected, but if they failed to pay, they would be raided.[1][3] The day of July 2 was also chosen as Kumo Tribute Day, and the leaders of systems under Kumo Crew control had to present lavish gifts, ranging from ships to exotic rarities to valuable hostages, to the Pirate King annually on pain of death.[4]

Independent pirate crews who succeeded in taking direct control over systems within the Kumo Crew's domain would be accepted as full members of Kumo Crew, while those who failed were never seen again.[3] To keep his minions in line, Pirate King Delaine also established a set of punishments for disobedience and incompetence called the five strippings. Those Kumo pirates who fell foul of the Pirate King were stripped first of their rank, then their crew, their possessions, their skin, and finally, their life, depending on the severity of their transgression.[2]

Pegasi Pirate War

In 3301, Delaine ordered Kumo Crew to begin expanding beyond the Pegasi Sector, with mixed results. When the Imperial Navy launched "Operation Davy Jones" on July 11, 3301 to liberate Imperial systems under Kumo Crew occupation, the resulting Pegasi Pirate War caused Delaine's forces to lose significant amounts of territory. Delaine himself narrowly avoided capture by an Imperial commando unit that raided a Kumo Crew command outpost in Tjakiri on August 30. The conflict faded from the headlines following the assassination of Emperor Hengist Duval on August 5, however, and by early 3302 the Empire had turned most of focus from pirate subjugation to countering the Federation, leaving Kumo Crew to its own devices.

Out of the spotlight

By June 3302, it appeared possible that Kumo Crew could collapse due to lack of support, but the syndicate managed to hold together under the Pirate King long enough to take advantage of the Federation and the Empire's subsequent preoccupation with the exploitation of the Pleiades Nebula for Meta-Alloys.

During the early months of the Second Thargoid War in 3304, Delaine's cartel experienced a period of resurgence as it took advantage of the distraction posed by the Thargoids to raid numerous systems that were able to present only a token opposition.

The Galactic Summit and bid for legitimacy

On March 4, 3307, Archon Delaine arrived at Patterson Enterprise in Sirius and demanded to be allowed to participate in the Galactic Summit as a delegate. Controversially, Sirius Corporation granted him full diplomatic immunity and access to the conference on the condition that he and his delegation behave themselves. This caused some ambassadors to walk out in protest and accuse Sirius Corp of bowing to Delaine because it could not defend the system from a pirate incursion.[5] Delaine again shocked the Galactic Summit on March 8 in an address wherein he demanded formal recognition of Kumo Crew and the systems it controlled as a sovereign state under his leadership. While many delegates dismissed the demand out of hand, it still provoked an intense debate.[6]

Despite the Galactic Summit ending abruptly on March 11 due to the Nine Martyrs attack without a resolution on the sovereignty of Kumo Crew being reached, Archon Delaine appeared to continue his bid for legitimacy on April 15, when Kumo Crew announced that it had partnered with Kavanagh Spaceframes Ltd to construct five new Orbis starports to stimulate galactic trade. Delaine explained to the Pegasi Sentinel that as the "sovereign ruler of the Kumo nation", he had a responsibility to increase the prosperity of his subjects and expand Kumo Crew's reach. Five systems across the galaxy were targeted for development: Pegasi Sector PN-T c3-14 near Harma, HIP 18390 near the California Nebula, HIP 10792 near Sothis, HIP 62154 near the Coalsack Nebula, and Eol Prou PC-K c9-91 near the Colonia Region.[7] The galactic community responded enthusiastically to the request, ensuring that all five starports would be built and operational by April 29, and the Kumo Council, a new faction created to run the ports, distributed rewards to participants. Archon Delaine offered gratitude on behalf of his people, and also commented that he looked forward to inflicting reprisals against the criminals who tried to disrupt the project.[8] Upon the opening of the starports, authorities in nearby systems expressed concerns that the facilities were under-staffed and likely to promote criminal activity, but Arch-Corsair Kay Volantyne of the Kumo Council insisted that the new stations existed solely to encourage trade. Observers speculated that due to the presence of Sirius Corporation divisions Sirius Atmospherics, Sirius Industrial, and Sirius Mining in some of the newly-colonised systems, it appeared that Archon Delaine had accepted financial support from the megacorp for his project.[9]

On May 13, 3307, countless Thargoid ships swarmed into ten systems: Atlas, Celaeno, Coalsack Sector KN-S b4-9, Coalsack Sector VU-O b6-6, Delphi, HIP 18390, HIP 62154, HR 1183, Musca Dark Region PJ-P b6-1, and Pleiades Sector HR-W d1-74. Local starports were heavily damaged, and Aegis mobilised its available defences and called for volunteers. Professor Alba Tesreau of Aegis Research surmised that the high concentration of Guardian artefacts delivered to Delphi for a recent research appeal may have set off the Thargoids' deeply instilled aversion to Guardian technology. Archon Delaine reacted with fury to news that two of his new starports, California Freeport and Fort Xeno, had been attacked, and swore to take revenge against the Thargoids.[10]

Entering the Onionhead market

Kumo Crew partnered with the Blue Viper Club on July 8 to hold a campaign to gather sufficient materials for the mass-production and distribution of a new recreational drug called "Helix". The campaign was overseen by Arch-Corsair Volantyne at the starport Kumo City. According to rumours reported by Vox Galactica, Helix was possibly another strain of Onionhead, but it was unclear if the Blue Viper Club developed it themselves or obtained it elsewhere.[11] The campaign proved successful on July 15, ensuring enough Helix would be produced to be sold at 10% of all existing Industrial markets controlled by Anarchy minor factions. Pirate raids to disrupt the initiative that were coordinated by Kumo Crew rivals were also defeated. The Interstellar Health Organisation announced that analysis of a sample of Helix confirmed it was a new strain of Onionhead, and mandated that Helix be packaged and sold as "Onionhead Gamma Strain"; however, this regulation was unlikely to spare the drug from being criminalised in most systems. Archon Delaine railed against criticism from the superpowers about the brazen marketing of the drug, pointing out that other system governments profited from the pharmaceutical trade. The Pirate King also insisted that Helix would bring happiness and provide a source of income for the people under his rule.[12] Onionhead Gamma Strain became available in approximately 10% of all industrial systems controlled by anarchy governments on July 23, 3307. It was promptly banned in all systems except anarchies. It was also claimed, though not proven, that Sirius Corporation was directly involved in the deal between Kumo Crew and the Blue Viper Club, and had shipped the drug to distribution points usings its own freight transportation network.[13]

The Kumo Crew found itself facing competition on the Onionhead Gamma Strain market from Neomedical Industries, a pharmaceutical megacorporation serving the Alliance and many independent systems, on September 2, 3307. In response to an affirmative report on Onionhead Gamma Strain's medical benefits from the Interstellar Health Organisation, Neomedical Industries had decided to mass-produce the drug itself to increase its availability and prevent a criminal group from holding a monopoly. The Kumo Council deployed a megaship, The Mictlan, to the Haithis system to counter the megacorporation's campaign, with Archon Delaine threatening to order the massacre of the local population.[14] Upon Neomedical Industries CEO Olwyn Kendrick announcing on September 9 that enough resources had been gathered to move forward with the project and distribute Onionhead Gamma Strain to 15% of all independent and Alliance systems with Industrial economies, the Kumo Council declared war and engaged the forces of Haithis Purple Dynamic Group, which had hosted the campaign. It was feared that should the pirates make a sufficient display of force, key investors would be intimidated into withdrawing, causing Neomedical Industries' project to collapse and Onionhead Gamma Strain to remain under the sole control of the Kumo Crew.[15][16] Unfortunately for the Kumo Crew, the galactic community rallied to assist the Haithis Purple Dynamic Group, and the Kumo Council's assault met with bitter defeat. Neomedical Industries announced on September 16 that not only would their Onionhead project proceed as planned, but it had gained even more investors.[17]


02 JAN 3308

  • Sima Kalhana reviews the most newsworthy events of the past year in this series of articles.
    "July began badly for the Federation, with more factions seceding in response to the Proactive Detection Bureau's establishment. The newly independent nations severed all links with these new surveillance efforts, inspiring many other systems to do likewise. This secession crisis would rumble on for the rest of the year. The Blue Viper Club, one of the rarely seen dredger clans, joined forces with the Kumo Crew to manufacture a medicinal drug that turned out to be a new strain of onionhead. The drug would ultimately end up being legally distributed by Neomedical Industries, causing Archon Delaine to seek revenge against the corporation. Tensions soared in the Marlinist Colonies during an election for the head of their diplomatic consulate. Aaron Whyte's candidate had the support of an Imperial senator, which would have given the Neo-Marlinists a powerful voice within the Empire. When a more moderate candidate was elected, the NMLA reacted by bombing both Marlinist starports, murdering tens of thousands including First Minister Jenna Fairfax. It seemed Theta Seven's extremist views allowed anyone to be targeted as an enemy, even his fellow Marlinists. The civil war concluded in August, with Whyte killed in battle as his supporters were overcome in direct combat. Following accusations of incompetence regarding the vanished Alexandria megaship, Aegis was officially suspended and subjected to a board of inquiry. This would have ramifications for the ongoing conflict with the Thargoids, and encourage Salvation to position himself as an alternative. In the corporate sphere, Zemina Torval created a new subsidiary of Mastopolos Mining that would eventually become an autonomous company. There were rumours that the Torval and Mastopolos families were now at loggerheads after decades of working in unison. In September, the mystery of Hyford's Cache was finally unlocked. The trail led to revelations of dark experiments which are believed to have involved human test subjects and Thargoid technology. When the Thargoids themselves appeared en masse in the Cornsar system, Salvation was ready for them. An anti-xeno superweapon of undisclosed nature was deployed, wiping out some of the aliens and driving away the rest. It seemed that the self-titled 'man of science' had developed something revolutionary, inspiring many to place their faith in him to end the Thargoid menace once and for all."[18]

05 OCT 3307

  • Francesca Wolfe of the Wallglass Investigations Agency provides an inside view of the Jokers' Deck gambling circle. "Gunnarson's intel was correct. The latest host is multi-billionaire investor Lexi October, the lady who rescued Supratech from bankruptcy. We're in one of October Consortium's disused warehouse complexes, which looks derelict on the outside but is a fabulous glittering palace within. I don't actually know what planet I'm on, since all the servants – including me with my fake ID – were transported here in total secrecy. Jokers' Deck is exactly what you'd expect of a luxury casino for the super-rich. Exquisite food, sumptuous clothes, and dozens of games from deadlock poker to Giant Verrix racing. Wagers are made using billion-credit chips, precious gemstones and even land deeds to an entire continent. And that's not counting the VIP rooms that I can't get into. I've served exotic drinks to several famous faces, such as Duchess Rouncival and Scorpio DeVorrow. I've seen Senator Leatrix talking earnestly to Ambassador Rochester about a princess they both know. Arch-Corsairs Trask and Volantyne from the Kumo Council are here, taking on Zachary Rackham at the roue mortelle tables. And there's no mistaking the voice of Alliance megastar Xiona whenever she wins big. Oh, and who should walk in just now but... wait, I can hear an alarm. Looks like a security alert. Damn it, have they detected me? I should – " The message was published by Erik Gunnarson, who added this coda: "I've heard nothing more from Wolfe since receiving this, and she didn't check in at a scheduled rendezvous point. I've decided to share her report as a warning to Jokers' Deck. If anything happens to her, just remember we know who you are."[19]

16 SEP 3307

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    The Haithis Purple Dynamic Group has fought off the Kumo Council assault, securing the completion of Neomedical Industries' onionhead project. The pharmaceutical corporation had received deliveries to Haithis to begin producing onionhead gamma strain for medicinal purposes. In response, the Kumo Crew syndicate attacked Neomedical's corporate partner but failed to achieve its objectives. Neomedical Industries confirmed that investment in its project to mass-produce onionhead gamma strain has increased following the conflict's resolution. The news was eagerly received in many Alliance and independent systems, which have expressed interest in the new healthcare treatment. Olwyn Kendrick, CEO of Neomedical Industries, told the media: "We owe a huge debt to the galactic community for defending our operation. Large-scale manufacture of onionhead gamma strain can now commence. We will soon be able to improve the quality of life for millions of people." The Haithis Purple Dynamic Group is offering rewards to its supporters from Crippen Port in the Haithis system.[17]

09 SEP 3307

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    The Kumo Council has declared war on the Haithis Purple Dynamic Group for the latter's role in supporting Neomedical Industries. The pharmaceutical corporation's recent campaign in the Haithis system enabled the mass production of onionhead gamma strain, scheduled to be available as a medicinal product from Alliance and independent markets. The drug is currently distributed in a handful of anarchy systems by the Kumo Crew syndicate. As hostilities erupted in the Haithis system, Archon Delaine broadcast a message for Neomedical Industries: "Did you truly believe you could steal from us and survive unscathed? Now your allies will pay for your greed with their blood." In response, CEO Olwyn Kendrick broadcast a call for help: "This terrifying attack by the galaxy's most vicious pirates may pressure investors to withdraw, causing the entire project to collapse. If so, the vital materials that pilots delivered will be wasted. To prevent this, we urgently require support for our corporate partners against these criminals." The Haithis Purple Dynamic Group is offering rewards to pilots who help protect its ships against pirate assault. The Kumo Council has also offered to reimburse mercenaries who fight on their behalf.[16]

09 SEP 3307

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    The pharmaceutical megacorp has received sufficient materials to produce onionhead gamma strain as a medical treatment. Pilots delivered shipments of H.E. suits, polymers and robotics to Crippen Port in the Haithis system. Payment for these deliveries is now available at the starport from the pharma giant's corporate partner, Haithis Purple Dynamic Group. Bounty vouchers were also offered for all wanted ships, in expectation of pirate attacks coordinated by the Kumo Crew syndicate. Their megaship remains in the Haithis system, which has raised concerns about further retaliation from Archon Delaine. An announcement was made by Olwyn Kendrick, CEO of Neomedical Industries: "Thanks to the sterling contributions, it looks like we are on track to roll out the medically certified strain of onionhead to approximately 15% of all independent systems and Alliance systems for the 17th of September 3307. It will soon be viewed as a vital healthcare product for millions of people rather than a notorious narcotic." There has been some criticism of the Alliance, especially from Federal and Imperial quarters, for allowing the popular psychedelic drug to be sold legally. However, the Assembly reiterated that most Alliance trading laws are enforced on a system by system basis, and that the deal is only there because of the firm assurances and underwriting made by Neomedical Industries.[15]

02 SEP 3307

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    Neomedical Industries has requested deliveries to produce onionhead gamma strain for Alliance and independent systems. The new variant of the popular psychedelic drug is currently sold in a handful of independent systems by the Kumo Crew syndicate. The IHO has confirmed that the product does have many medical applications. Olwyn Kendrick, CEO of Neomedical Industries, outlined the initiative: "Our goal is to gather sufficient resources for the manufacture of onionhead gamma strain as a medicinal treatment. Target markets will include both independent and Alliance systems, should enough commodities be delivered. We request that pilots transport H.E. suits, polymers and robotics to Crippen Port in the Haithis system. Reimbursements will be arranged by our corporate partner, the Haithis Purple Dynamic Group." The Kumo Council has despatched a megaship, the Mictlan, to the Haithis system. A message was broadcast by Archon Delaine, warlord of the Kumo Crew: "I'm prepared to give this greedy corporation time to reconsider stealing our commercial property. I'm also prepared to massacre everyone in the system. Your choice." In response, the Haithis Purple Dynamic Group has agreed to offer bounty vouchers in order to protect ships from pirates and other wanted vessels.[14]

30 AUG 3307

  • The pharmaceutical giant Neomedical Industries aims to mass-produce onionhead gamma strain as a medicine. The announcement follows a report from the Interstellar Health Organisation, which details how the new onionhead variant is an effective treatment for many psychological and musculoskeletal conditions. Olwyn Kendrick, CEO of Neomedical Industries, told the media: "The IHO has confirmed the findings of our research of onionhead gamma strain's use for specific medical purposes. Clinical trials prove that its psychedelic qualities are no more intense than the side effects of conventional neuroleptics. It is inappropriate that a crime syndicate should provide a product that can relieve the suffering of millions. Therefore, we aim to build our own stockpile to expedite its distribution to common markets." This statement was viewed as controversial in some quarters, particularly within the Federation. However, there have been expressions of interest from many independent factions. The Kumo Crew syndicate, which manufactures and distributes onionhead gamma strain, has offered no response as yet. Neomedical Industries is one of the two largest pharmaceutical companies in the galaxy, alongside Vandermeer Corporation. It provides healthcare services and equipment exclusively to Alliance and independent systems.[20]

24 AUG 3307

  • The Interstellar Health Organisation has validated the Kumo Crew's claim that onionhead gamma strain, also known as 'helix', has medicinal properties. Dr Nisha Devi, one of the IHO's senior researchers, told the media: "We have analysed user data in the independent systems where onionhead gamma strain is on sale. Unexpectedly, the initial marketing claims that 'helix' can be used for medicinal purposes have been authenticated. A significant percentage of customers are believed to be using the drug for healthcare reasons rather than recreational use. Reports show that it is a successful treatment for many psychological disorders, bringing faster results than conventional neuroleptics. It may also provide effective symptomatic relief for patients with musculoskeletal conditions. Several research facilities are now running clinical trials on the viability of using onionhead gamma strain in medical practice. The IHO is monitoring these studies and will publish the results." Vandermeer Corporation, the largest pharmaceutical company in the Federation, published a statement from its head of marketing Ronan Roscoe: "These conclusions are biased and informed by inaccurate data. We maintain that all forms of onionhead are dangerous narcotics with long-term detriments to health. Vandermeer's antipsychotic treatments are effective without the side effects of mild psychedelic experiences."[21]

13 AUG 3307

  • The introduction of onionhead gamma strain by the Kumo Crew has reignited long-running arguments around the popular psychedelic drug. An interview with Zander Lachance, spokesperson for the Coalition for Legalisation, was published by Vox Galactica: "I have yet to see evidence that onionhead is more harmful than common recreational substances. Open-minded people in independent systems are now discovering this for themselves." In response, other newsfeeds featured a range of opinions.
    Eye on Achenar: "Foppish rogues of the Federation such as Zachary Rackham and Sir Randolph Plaskett may feel comfortable wooing trade tycoons with the outlawed weed, but legalising low-cost onionhead would risk the whole Empire collapsing into a stupor!"
    The Pegasi Sentinel: "The popularity of 'helix' is steadily growing, and the revenue it generates will undoubtedly benefit those fortunate to live within Archon Delaine's dominion."
    Sol Today: "Imperial hedonists such as Senator Leatrix and Duchess Rouncival may offer such illicit treats at their decadent parties, but bombarding the masses with this cheap narcotic will have the entire Federation chasing unicorns!"
    The Sovereign: "Tourists from many independent worlds are booking holidays to the Alici, Baraswar, Kishpakho, Nastrond and Nocori systems, where the gamma strain of onionhead is legal. There is no shortage of Alliance citizens following suit, which may pressure the Assembly to formally legislate one way or the other."[22]

23 JUL 3307

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    Onionhead gamma strain is now available in selected industrial anarchy systems. Following the Kumo Council's initiative, enough product was manufactured to supply approximately 10% of all industrial-based markets controlled by anarchic factions. Unlike previous versions of onionhead, this variant is not listed as a rare commodity. Adalyn Cross, a journalist for Vox Galactica, reported: "Onionhead gamma strain is being marketed to the public for medicinal use, but most customers are under no illusions regarding its real benefits. The Coalition for Legalisation claims that it is 'no more harmful or addictive than alcohol or coffee, with potential psychological and palliative benefits'. This has not prevented many authorities, especially in the Federation, from demanding that it remain universally outlawed. It is currently illegal in all but anarchy jurisdictions. There are serious concerns that it may act as a gateway drug to more harmful substances. Security services are also unhappy about the extra revenue flowing into Archon Delaine's coffers. Some logistics experts noted that onionhead gamma strain was distributed with surprising speed. It is already being reported as available from the following systems: Alici, Baraswar, Kishpakho, Nastrond and Nocori. It's been suggested that Sirius Corporation is secretly ferrying shipments of the drug via its freight transportation network, and is part of the deal between the Kumo Crew and the Blue Viper Club. Sinclair Faraldo, VP of Corporate Marketing, rejected this claim as 'absurd and libellous'."[13]

20 JUL 3307

  • The Interstellar Health Organisation has published a preliminary analysis of onionhead gamma strain, a recreational drug also known as 'helix'. "As with the alpha, beta and Lucan strains, the active component is derived from seeds produced by the onionhead flower native to the planet Panem. These contain alkaloid compounds that have a temporary psychoactive effect on human perceptions and cognitive functions. In the gamma strain, these compounds have been genetically modified using synthetic molecules of unknown origin. This has diluted the concentration of psychotropics, therefore producing less intense hallucinogenic episodes. The practical advantages of these modifications are twofold. First, they allow onionhead to be economically mass-produced using artificial environments rather than grown as natural crops. Second, the gamma strain is more hardy and able to survive for longer periods in storage or sub-zero temperatures." Dr Himari Grey, an independent healthcare analyst, commented: "The IHO's report suggests we are looking at a type of onionhead designed to be sold in greater volume than previous variants. Its sophisticated composition means it is unlikely to have been developed by the Blue Viper Club. It's possible that the nomads acquired it from an unidentified research facility, and have now cut a deal with the Kumo Crew for distribution."[23]

15 JUL 3307

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    The Kumo Crew syndicate has procured enough materials to introduce a new product to the market. The drug originated with the Blue Viper Club, a piratical travelling community whose dredger is currently in the vicinity of Kumo City station. It was confirmed that enough shipments of agronomic treatment, liquid oxygen and performance enhancers were received to enable immediate mass production. Pilots also fought to protect haulage vessels from pirate ships, suspected to be Kumo Crew rivals. The Interstellar Health Organisation has obtained a product sample and confirmed that, despite the name 'helix', it is a new variant of the recreational drug onionhead. As such, the product will be legally classified as onionhead gamma strain when it appears on the market. Despite claims of medicinal and psychological benefits, it is likely to be illegal in most systems. President Zachary Hudson, Princess Aisling Duval and several other political heavyweights have expressed outrage at the open manner by which its ingredients were procured. Archon Delaine, warlord of the Kumo Crew, responded: "Every system government generates revenue from the pharmaceutical trade, so the holier-than-thou attitude from these hypocrites turns my stomach. Helix brings happiness, and provides income for my people. I make no apologies!" Rewards for pilots who contributed to this campaign are now available at Kumo City in the Pegasi Sector PN-T C3-14 system.[12]

12 JUL 3307

  • A new product being manufactured by the Kumo Crew could be a version of onionhead, the controversial recreational drug. Dr Himari Grey, an independent healthcare analyst, published this review on Vox Galactica: "Little is yet known about 'helix', but the persistent rumour that it is derived from onionhead has sparked keen interest from physicians, politicians and narcotics users alike. Onionhead's active ingredient is extracted from plant seeds found only on Panem in the Kappa Fornacis system. Its psychotropic and hallucinogenic qualities are well documented, but there is conflicting evidence regarding addictive strength and toxicology. This didn't stop it being banned in the Federation in 3300 by former President Jasmina Halsey, who was concerned about its popularity among youth culture. Political fireworks followed when Fleet Admiral Vincent bombed onionhead crops against her orders, which five years later led to the Scythe of Panem terrorists seeking revenge. Production soon shifted to the Tanmark system, where the Lucan onionhead strain boosted its popularity. Two further variants have appeared since, a result of enterprising genetic engineers modifying the seeds to flourish in different ecospheres. Could helix be another strain? The Interstellar Health Organisation (IHO) is currently acquiring samples for analysis, so we'll soon know if this marks a new chapter in onionhead's notorious story."[24]

08 JUL 3307

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    The Kumo Crew syndicate is requesting deliveries to mass-produce a recreational drug named 'helix'. The drug is believed to originate with the Blue Viper Club, a nomadic clan travelling aboard an ancient dredger that recently appeared near Kumo City station. Arch-Corsair Kay Volantyne, representing the Kumo Council, provided details to local newsfeed The Pegasi Sentinel: "Helix will change lives across the galaxy! Derived from high-quality organic crops, and with many medicinal and psychological benefits, it is guaranteed to bring contentment. All we need to kick-start manufacture are deliveries of agronomic treatment, liquid oxygen and performance enhancers to Kumo City in the Pegasi Sector PN-T C3-14 system. The Kumo Council also offers generous bounties on all wanted ships to protect traders carrying these commodities." Many authorities have registered concern that this will exacerbate drug addiction and misuse, which are common social problems. However, some markets have shown interest in the potential new product. Vox Galactica has reported rumours that helix may be a previously unknown strain of onionhead, a highly popular psychedelic. It remains unknown whether the Blue Viper Club cultivated helix aboard their dredger or acquired it from another source.[11]

02 JUL 3307

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    A Blue Viper Club dredger has entered the Pegasi Sector PN-T C3-14 system, and may have links with the Kumo Crew syndicate. The Dredger-class bulk cruiser has taken position near Kumo City, one of five starports recently constructed by pirate warlord Archon Delaine. Dredger Clans are nomadic communities that travel on the fringes of civilisation, and their ancient vessels are rarely seen. Pilots in Pegasi Sector PN-T C3-14 have been warned to keep a safe distance from the dredger. Francesca Wolfe of the Wallglass Investigations Agency published her observations: "The Blue Viper Club is a fiercely independent tribe with an unsavoury reputation. Dredger Clans typically survive by gathering materials and salvage, but these people indulge in more criminal behaviour including drug running and raiding outposts. The clan occupies more than one dredger, but these have never entered an inhabited system before now. There has been no conflict with local factions or system security. However, unmarked personnel shuttles have been witnessed travelling to and from the dredger. Are we looking at a piratical alliance between the Blue Viper Club and the Kumo Crew? Is Archon Delaine expanding his reach to the Dredger Clans? Or have they brought him something of value that they discovered in deep space?"[25]

15 JUN 3307

  • The galaxy's largest megacorporation is continuing to influence the political arena and affect billions of lives. A review was published by Marlon Royce, business analyst for Vox Galactica: "With its own government, laws and naval fleet, it's not surprising that Sirius Corporation is occasionally referred to as 'the fourth superpower'. That now seems to be its actual goal, as its impact upon interstellar politics increases. When Sirius Corporation resettled the Marlinist refugees in their own colony systems, it averted war between the Empire and the Federation. But this seemingly altruistic move enabled CEO Li Yong-Rui to claim political neutrality, gaining public support to host the Galactic Summit in the Sirius system. That success was undermined by the controversy of granting diplomatic status to pirate warlord Archon Delaine. Rumours of secret business dealings were reinforced when Sirius subsidiaries appeared alongside the Kumo Crew's new starports. High-level agreements were also made with the Alliance, with Sirius Atmospherics aiding colonisation of the Coalsack Nebula. But some believe that its project to terraform ammonia worlds brought retaliatory strikes from the Thargoids and enormous casualties. The latest news is of a collaboration with technology brokers to make a previously limited ship module commercially available. Is this a shrewd business decision, or part of Sirius Corporation's strategy of political dominance?"[26]

13 MAY 3307

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    Thargoid forces have invaded the Delphi system and several systems in the California, Coalsack and Pleiades Nebulas. Huge numbers of Thargoid scouts and interceptors have appeared within multiple systems. Aegis has mobilised available defences, but also requested assistance from anti-xeno squadrons and independent pilots in combating the Thargoids. Shipments of Guardian artefacts were recently delivered to the Delphi system as part of an Aegis research programme. Professor Alba Tesreau has speculated that the Thargoids' well-documented aversion to Guardian technology may be the reason why Delphi was targeted. Two starports recently constructed by the Kumo Crew syndicate – California Freeport in the HIP 18390 system and Fort Xeno in the HIP 62154 system – are among those seriously damaged by the assault. Archon Delaine, the syndicate's warlord, announced: "I'm not going to let these filthy aliens tear down what we've only just built. We need to teach them a lesson that even they will understand!" All attacked stations have called upon the galactic community for help with rescuing their populations.[10]

30 APR 3307

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    Five new starports constructed by Archon Delaine's recent campaign have now become fully operational. The Orbis stations, which are run by the Kumo Council faction, are listed below:
    Kumo City in the Pegasi sector PN-T C3-14 system (Harma region)
    California Freeport in the HIP 18390 system (California Nebula)
    Crimson Exchange in the HIP 10792 system (Sothis region)
    Fort Xeno in the HIP 62154 system (Coalsack Nebula)
    Delaine Terminus in the Eol Prou PC-K c9-91 system (Colonia region)
    The starports will provide a full range of services, although their low populations bring concerns that they may be under-staffed. Additionally, security agencies in nearby systems expressed fears that since they are operated by the Kumo Crew syndicate, they are likely to harbour black markets and promote illegal activity. Arch-Corsair Kay Volantyne, a senior member of the Kumo Council, addressed this when she told The Pegasi Sentinel: "These starports exist solely to encourage trade, which is the lifeblood of our galaxy. Sometimes a little lifeblood can get spilled here and there, so I'm sure our new neighbours will welcome our protection, yes?" Other factions have appeared in the five systems, including subsidiaries of Sirius Corporation. Several newsfeeds have speculated about an ambiguous connection between the syndicate and the megacorp, whose financial support might explain how the Kumo Crew managed to extend so far beyond its territory.[9]

22 APR 3307

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    An initiative by the Kumo Crew syndicate to construct new starports for increasing trade has ended successfully. Pilots delivered large quantities of ceramic composites, semiconductors, polymers and water purifiers to Gabriel Enterprise in the Harma system. Bounty vouchers were also offered to protect the shipments during transit. The Kumo Council has announced that rewards for both traders and bounty hunters are now available from Gabriel Enterprise via its loyal intermediaries, The Razor Whips. Kavanagh Spaceframes Ltd will now fulfil its contract and construct new Orbis starports. These will be in place on the 29th of April 3307 at the following locations:
    Pegasi sector PN-T C3-14, near the Harma system
    HIP 18390, near the California Nebula
    HIP 10792, near the Sothis system
    HIP 62154, in the Coalsack Nebula
    Eol Prou PC-K c9-91, in the Colonia region
    A statement from Archon Delaine was published by The Pegasi Sentinel: "I am pleased to see that our trade routes can now extend into fresh territories. My people will be very grateful, I'm sure. What pleases me less is the huge number of criminal scum that tried to disrupt the project. This has forced me to invent some very creative reprisals, which I look forward to inflicting shortly."[8]

15 APR 3307

  • *Pilots Federation ALERT*
    The Kumo Crew syndicate has launched an initiative to construct up to five starports to stimulate galactic trade. Kavanagh Spaceframes Ltd, an independent construction company, has been privately contracted by the Kumo Council to build fully operational Orbis stations. These will be located in uninhabited systems close to key trading regions and areas of commercial interest. The Pegasi Sentinel newsfeed featured this statement from Archon Delaine: "As sovereign ruler of the Kumo nation, it's my responsibility to increase prosperity for the systems under my protection. My new starports will extend our reach and boost trading of all kinds... legitimate and otherwise. I have also placed bounties on the heads of anyone who dares to interfere with my plans. The one thing we never trade in is mercy." The Razor Whips, one of Delaine's loyal factions, is organising the campaign. It will reimburse pilots who deliver ceramic composites, semiconductors, polymers and water purifiers to Gabriel Enterprise in the Harma system. The number of new starports will depend on the quantity of deliveries. The targeted locations are:
    Pegasi Sector PN-T c3-14, near the Harma system
    HIP 18390, near the California Nebula
    HIP 10792, near the Sothis system
    HIP 62154, in the Coalsack Nebula
    Eol Prou PC-K c9-91, in the Colonia region[7]

08 MAR 3307

  • At the Galactic Summit, the infamous pirate leader Archon Delaine has demanded to be accepted as the legitimate leader of a political power. A gap in the schedule allowed him to make an address in the main conference chamber: "Most of you see me as a common criminal, rather than the rightful ruler of multiple systems. That must end now! My efforts to build a Kumo nation deserve respect. I am here to declare my sovereignty and take my rightful place on the political stage." This was immediately dismissed by many delegations. Princess Aisling Duval said this was a barbaric mockery of nobility, while Shadow President Winters asked how much bloodshed the pirates had caused to obtain their power. Archon Delaine replied: "Are you all so innocent, then? Every civilisation begins with barbarism, and maintains authority with the threat of violence. None of you can say otherwise. We all wear a crown of bones." There followed intense debate as to whether the Kumo Crew's territory could be recognised as a new nation-state or was simply a rebranded crime syndicate. There is suspicion that some of the many criminal vessels detected in the Sirius system are from Delaine's pirate fleet. The Federal and Imperial delegations have offered to remove Archon Delaine's retinue, only to be reminded that Sirius Corporation has granted them full diplomatic immunity.[6]

04 MAR 3307

  • Pirate warlord Archon Delaine has unexpectedly appeared at the diplomatic conference and demanded to participate as a political delegate. Delaine is the leader of the Kumo Crew, a notorious crime syndicate that controls dozens of systems. Their arrival at Patterson Enterprise station initially caused many delegations' security teams to begin evacuations. However, representatives of the Sirius Corporation called for calm and delivered this message: "We have vouchsafed Archon Delaine's presence and extended full diplomatic immunity to his retinue. As with all attendees, they are expected to abide by our rules and etiquettes." This reassurance did not prevent several ambassadors from walking out in protest. Some accused Sirius Corporation of striking a deal with Delaine to prevent even more pirate vessels from swarming through the Sirius system. Mainstream newsfeeds also covered the impact of Delaine's arrival.
    The Imperial Herald: "Senator Patreus officially complained about 'the repulsive sight of pirate scum strolling alongside respectable politicians'. However, Chancellor Blaine agreed that Delaine could address the conference, albeit under close scrutiny."
    The Federal Times: "Neither Hudson nor Winters have commented on Delaine's appearance, but the security chief for the Federal delegation remarked: 'One wrong step and we'll put some big holes right through their immunity.'"
    The Alliance Tribune: "This is an unwelcome distraction from Prime Minister Mahon's proposal for Aegis's remit to be enormously expanded. The Sirius Treaty will fully unite superpowers, corporations and independent systems against the Thargoids – assuming that Mahon can convince his fellow leaders to agree."[5]

14 APR 3304

  • A new independent report suggests that piracy has declined across occupied space since the return of the Thargoids. Dr Jin Rameer, who runs a socio-political think tank, made the following observations in her report: "Statistics show a significant reduction in piracy and criminal behaviour since the Thargoid presence was confirmed. But the reason has not come under scrutiny until now. Has the presence of an alien threat dampened felons' appetite for preying on fellow humans? It's widely understood that communities become stronger when faced with a common enemy, so perhaps one positive consequence of the Thargoids' return is the dissolution of barriers between social groups. Alternatively, those attracted to piracy may find a greater – and less morally troubling – thrill in turning their weapons on non-human targets. Whether or not their motives are altruistic, criminal elements may be transforming into defenders of the very societies they have previously terrorised." But a spokesperson for security forces in the Pegasi Sector responded: "Dr Rameer needs to get out of her comfortable office and into the black. The Kumo Crew have raided dozens of systems in recent months, taking advantage of the fact that our forces are tied up with the Thargoids. Believe me, Archon Delaine sees the Thargoids as an opportunity, not a common enemy. The pirates don't care if the galaxy burns, as long as their pockets are full."[27]

02 JUL 3302

  • Today marked Kumo Tribute Day, which sees representatives from systems under the control of Archon Delaine curry favour with the Pirate Lord by presenting him with lavish gifts. Highlights included the presentation of several Imperial aristocrats, an assortment of rare narcotics and even a live barnacle. One system gifted a gold-plated Federal Corvette equipped with experimental weapons, much to the Pirate Lord's approval. But several systems were unable to present anything of value, having fallen on difficult times. One unlucky official named Ferdinand Haim, representing the Lusonda system, arrived empty handed, pledging his system's undying loyalty as tribute. As silence descended, the Pirate Lord thanked Haim for his gift before ordering him to prove his loyalty by taking his own life. As Haim's dead body was removed, one pirate joked: "There's always one who plays the loyalty card. Who do they think we are – the Empire?"
    Commander Gan
    The Privateer | Interstellar Press[4]

23 JUN 3302

  • The Daramo system is currently under Federal control, but recent reports indicate that both Imperial and independent forces – the latter under the rule of Pirate King Archon Delaine – are attempting to wrest power from the Federation. The Federation is evidently not about to capitulate. In a statement, Admiral Yorke of the Federal Navy said: "The Daramo system is of considerable strategic value to the Federation, and we will not surrender it without a fight. We have issued an emergency call to all Federation-aligned pilots – you are needed in Daramo!" The Empire, predictably, has responded in kind. Captain Danvers of the Imperial Navy said: "In the interest of the wellbeing of the citizens of Daramo, it is imperative that Imperial law be instated as soon as possible. If the Federation is allowed to retain control of the system, the people of Daramo will be sure to suffer." The Independents of Daramo have stepped in to coordinate operations on behalf of the Federation, while the Vaka Citizens of Tradition have been authorised to oversee the Imperial campaign. Both factions have set out week-long operations to take control of the system, which will begin on the 23rd of June 3302.[28]

02 JUN 3302

  • The galaxy is home to countless factions, some boasting thousands of members and others comprising only a handful of individuals. Some exist to serve the galactic community, while others follow more antagonistic dogmas. For almost every creed in human space, there is a corresponding faction. Recent reports indicate that the largest of these factions have gained such significant levels of power and influence that they are on the cusp of being recognized as powers in their own right. This development coincides with mounting speculation that the empire of Pirate Lord Archon Delaine, once the most formidable power in the Pegasi Sector, is on the brink of collapse. With a paradigm shift looming, the largest of the galaxy's factions have taken the unprecedented step of organising a semi-official competition for the right to be recognised as an official power. The name of this competition? The Dangerous Games. Trinity Avon, a reporter for The Sovereign, elaborated on the nature of the event: "There are five factions competing in the Dangerous Games: the Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps, the Border Coalition, GalCop, the Interstellar Communist Union and the Social Eleu Progressive Party. Between June and July 3302, these groups will participate in a series of community campaigns, giving the galaxy's independent pilots a chance to support their chosen faction." But these will not be the only factions taking part. With the start of the event still some weeks away, a number of smaller factions have begun competing for their chance to participate in the Dangerous Games. In the coming weeks, these factions will attempt to rally Commanders to their respective causes through a series of community-oriented events. Whichever faction successfully dominates its rivals in these 'Wildcard' events will enter the Dangerous Games, competing for the right to join the ranks of the galaxy's most powerful. The first Wildcard event requires pilots to fire up their mining lasers and gather gold for their chosen faction. The faction with the most gold at the end of the week-long campaign will be declared the victor of the first Wildcard heat. Naturally, pilots are also free to disrupt their rivals' efforts. The event begins on the 2nd of June 3302 and will run for one week.[29]

04 NOV 3301

  • Imperial investigators have confirmed ties between Archon Delaine's Kumo Crew and the mercenary group known as the Cayutorme Syndicate. This partnership brings disturbing context to the civil unrest currently affecting Cayutorme, as well as the syndicate's rapid rise to power. The leader of the Cayutorme Syndicate, Kyle Kurowski, is now trying to encourage mercenaries to join his already-imposing armada: "It is no great surprise that the Empire would attempt to strong-arm an independent system within its territory. Our navy is capable of handling an Imperial task force, but we nevertheless would like to increase our numbers. Any independent pilots willing to help us repel the impending invasion will be compensated richly, and granted access to high-class outfitting."
    Commander Corrigendum[30]

30 AUG 3301

  • Early this morning, an Imperial Navy commando unit uncovered a hidden forward command post for the Kumo Crew invasion force in the Tjakiri system. There was evidence that the site had been occupied as recently as half an hour prior to the raid, as ice was found in a glass in the abandoned command centre. DNA from stray hair follicles was analyzed by a forensics team – the results were a match for Archon Delaine. "It's frustrating to think that we missed apprehending the most wanted man in the galaxy by mere minutes", commented one of the commandoes, "but every day we come a little closer to getting our man."
    Commander Corrigendum[31]

25 AUG 3301

  • The Stratis Information Group, an independent think-tank of political, defence, and economics analysts, has published an in-depth study of Operation Davy Jones, the ongoing conflict between the Imperial Navy and the forces of Archon Delaine. Aside from providing statistics regarding the current Imperial deployment, the report raises concerns about the overall purpose of the operation, stating that: "The current premise of ridding the Pegasi sector of the Kumo Crew is merely a cover for aggressive Imperial expansion into Federation-aligned systems." Stratis analyst Marcus Orrin elaborated on the concerns: “The Imperial Navy has invested a tremendous amount of effort and resources in securing the Pegasi sector. To believe they will simply withdraw from the region once hostilities come to an end is to ignore historical precedents. The Empire will likely maintain an occupation force in the Pegasi sector for some time after."
    Commander Driggers
    Times of Mars | Interstellar Press[32]

24 AUG 3301

  • Historically, areas of mutual interest have resulted in cooperation between the Empire and the Federation. Now it seems that the humanitarian crisis in the Pegasi Sector represents one such mutual interest. In a meeting between Federation and Imperial commanders, Commander Nyluss of the Merchant Marines offered these words: "We must re-establish liberty in those zones that have become lawless. The Kumo Crew and its vagabond leader will no longer be tolerated in our space. I call upon all Federation pilots. How can you tolerate this encroachment upon our worlds?" Commander Corrigendum of Lavigny's Legion added: "We welcome all those who want to oppose the tyranny of Archon Delaine, and ask that Federation and Imperial commanders operating in the Pegasi sector give one another a wide berth as they work toward the common goal of bringing Delaine to justice."
    Commander Corrigendum, Lavigny's Legion[33]

22 AUG 3301

  • This week, Archon Delaine hit back at the renewed Imperial offensive. Using a multi-pronged attack, the Kumo Crew struck hard at systems under the influence of Senator Patreus. Dubbed 'Operation Uranus', the campaign successfully pushed the system of Contiku into turmoil. The number of Kumo Crew raids within Imperial space increased during the week, with multiple Imperial commanders reporting run-ins with the cartel. Although a combined task force of Imperial powers laid siege to the Pegasi sector, pilots loyal to Senator Patreus failed to prevent the pirate counter-attack. This may jeopardize the fragile alliance between the powers, and strengthen internal opposition to the Pegasi Pirate War. Time will tell if the operation has shifted the balance of the power, but Archon Delaine certainly refuses to go gently into the night.
    Commander Mikalus
    Liaedin Chronicle | Interstellar Press[34]

19 AUG 3301

  • Dissent is growing within Federation congress over the situation in the Pegasi sector. Though many view the Pegasi Pirate War as a chance to let the Empire waste their resources, a growing contingent is becoming frustrated with the Federation's lack of response. "Tolerating such rampant lawlessness in our sphere of influence makes us look increasingly feckless. If we don't react with a show of force, it's an open invitation for every would-be warlord to subjugate Federation space", Congressman McRand argued in congress today. "Involving ourselves in the same war as the Empire is just asking for a security and diplomatic nightmare. Frankly, I trust these Empire pilots little more than I so Archon Delaine", responded Congresswoman Faye. Debate continues in congress over taking a more active stance in the war. At last count, over 140 Federation systems and 89 billion citizens were under the control of the Kumo Crew.
    Commander Zonr
    Times of Mars | Interstellar Press[35]

14 AUG 3301

  • Mavia Kain, the High Inquisitor and leader of the Imperial Inquisition, is scheduled to pay a visit to Admiral Varrwen Mako Brennus, leader of Emperor's Grace. The meeting will be held in the Emperor's Grace stronghold of Rishair at Lindblad Port. Both leaders will discuss a number of Imperial issues, including the assassination of Emperor Duval and the present military operations in the Pegasi sector. Rumours about the groups' cooperation have been circulating since the start of the united Imperial offensive in the Pegasi sector. Both factions are presently engaged in a peacekeeping operation against the Kumo Crew, which began when Archon Delaine illegally invaded Imperial space and took Imperial citizens into slavery. Emperor's Grace and Imperial Inquisition pilots are fighting together against this notorious crime lord, as both groups see him as a threat to galactic peace. Sources close to Admiral Brennus revealed that the factions share the same traditional Imperial values. A senior official noted that: "We both care about the Empire, the Imperial way of life, and Imperial citizens. We are natural allies. The Empire is going through tough times - we need to support each other."
    Commander Raf von Thorn[36]

12 AUG 3301

  • Last month, Archon Delaine's aggressive advance toward Imperial territory was halted. Defensive lines along the Imperial border held strong as the expeditionary forces of Operation Davy Jones were joined by detachments of the Imperial Fleet. Many in the Empire are now referring to the escalating conflict as the 'Pegasi Pirate War'. Tens of thousands of ships throughout the Pegasi Sector have been impounded or destroyed in an attempt to weed the pirates out of hundreds of systems. Vastly outnumbered, Archon's forces have employed asymmetric tactics, effectively denying the possibility of decisive battles. Sieges of certain systems, such as Ngam, have been repeatedly broken by the Empire and re-laid by the Kumo Crew. Tacticians on either side have yet to produce an advantage in this war of attrition. One thing remains clear through the fog of war: the struggle to liberate or dominate the Pegasi Sector is far from over.
    Commander Corrigendum[37]

03 AUG 3301

  • Rumour has it that several Imperial Commanders are closing in on a well-known smuggling route between the Torval and Delaine owned systems. Imperial slaves are illegal in Delaine space but sell for a small fortune on the black market. The Empire hates this because it takes what they consider indentured servants and citizens from a life of Imperial service to a life of forced labour. Commanders who use the secretive route have plenty to say about the prospect of impending Imperial intervention, with Commander Infinity+1 saying: "Ain't it funny how we're s'posed to be the bad guys, but the Empire has so many slaves they're practically giving them away!" When pressed to reveal the systems he runs between, Infinity stated, "I'm not telling you about my favorite route, but let me just say thank you to the honorable Zemina Torval." Profits allegedly run towards 4,000 credits per slave. Only time will tell if the Imperials can break the back of this illegal trade route and round up the smuggling ring, but one thing is certain – until the Empire fixes the problem of Archon Delaine, there will be other runs to take its place.[38]

31 JUL 3301

  • "Let's just say I'm not flying a small ship anymore!" laughed one Commander, pledged to the Kumo Crew, when asked about the ongoing conflict in the Pegasi sector. "We all know that these Imperial types have been flying around and ransacking ships in our space, but what have they actually achieved? Archon Delaine has consistently shown us that, under his leadership, we can repel any fleet and make an absurd number of credits in the process. Who is really losing this fight?" It is certainly hard to argue with the Commander's logic. The combined Imperial fleets have continually undermined Kumo Crew territory, but they are yet to make any significant headway into smuggler-controlled space. Reports indicate that illegal contraband has risen at alarming rates since the conflict began, and an unusually large quantity of credits has made its way into Kumo Crew space from their aggressors' territory. When asked where these seemingly never-ending credits were flowing from, the Commander had this to say: "I'm a supplier of goods, some legal and some...not-so legal. People don't care about a line in the sand – they want their trinkets and toys. War is good for business, and business is good." With no end in sight, it certainly seems one group will be making the most of the situation while it lasts.
    Commander Shadewarlock[39]

30 JUL 3301

  • Unaffiliated supporters of Arissa Lavigny-Duval have today voiced concerns at rumours of an escalating intervention in the Pegasi Sector on the part of Lavigny's Legion. Discussion of the the highly publicised plight of Imperial citizens living in volumes of space controlled by Archon Delaine's Kumo Crew dominated newsfeeds and social media throughout Kamadhenu over the weekend. Opinion is split on the humanitarian value of an intervention in a region perceived by some as extremely remote. Speaking anonymously one commander said: "I don't understand why the Legion is wasting time with a foreign backwater like the Pegasi Sector. I'd never even heard of it before. We've got our own problems with corrupt Dictatorships and greedy Corporations right here at home. We need to clean up the Empire before we try cleaning up the whole Galaxy!". Anger erupted when it was revealed that diplomatic overtures had been made towards the Federation in regards to confronting the Kumo Crew. It was later made clear that Lavigny's Legion itself took no part in any talks with envoys of Shadow President Felicia Winters or President Zachary Hudson. A diplomat for Aisling Duval's Aisling's Angels confirmed their own attendance at talks. The suggestion that Arissa Lavigny-Duval's supporters might be pulled into joint operations with either Hudson or Winters has resurfaced deeply held anti-Federation sentiment, with reports of at least one commander plotting a course to Sol in a well armed vessel in response to the rumours.
    Commander Edgar Starwalker[40]

29 JUL 3301

  • The efforts of the Imperial forces engaged in "Operation Davy Jones" have continued this week, with the attackers keeping up the pressure on Archon Delaine's stretched and battered forces. However, while the pilots engaged in the operation remain optimistic after a series of local successes, the campaign has attracted its share of detractors. "When I talk with my peers about the issues of the day, it isn't far away systems in the back of beyond that we concern ourselves with", Commander Edgar Starwalker, aligned with Arissa Lavigny-Duval, said in a brief interview. “Many of us know there is corruption right on our doorsteps, with dictators and credit-beholden corporations in charge of so many Imperial worlds. I think something should be done to bring about change at home!" While the operation is being carried out by combined Imperial forces of varying allegiance, the core of the fleet is provided by Arissa Lavigny-Duval. As such, concerns about turmoil in the princess' territory have led some to question the decision to commit large forces to an offensive against the Kumo Crew. More recently, outrage has been sparked by the attempts, initiated by supporters of Aisling Duval, to solicit the help of Federal Commanders in "Operation Davy Jones". When asked for comment, Commander Great Gig of Lavigny Legion's Velite Squadron had this to say: "When news travelled that Imperial Commanders were contacting the Federation for cooperation and help, I was saddened. Aren't we the mighty Empire of Achenar? Doesn't our history oppose their political and institutional corruption, their mind control through relentless propaganda and consumerism?" For the past month, the eyes of the galaxy have been on the Pegasi Sector and "Operation Davy Jones". Whether the Imperial forces manage to maintain their resolve in the face of stalwart defence and dissent at home remains to be seen.
    Commander Cadoc[41]

24 JUL 3301

  • It has been over two weeks since the Kumo Crew's attempted expansion into the Imperial system of Cuchua was answered with 'Operation Davy Jones'. With Imperial Commanders combining their efforts to contain and eventually wipe out the pirate organisation, the Pegasi Sector has been under siege. With an end to the conflict nowhere in sight, we asked Commanders on both sides for their views on the offensive and their forces' efforts. Commander Stateira "Starcloak" Eleshenar, aligned with Senator Patreus, said: "It has been a slow start in the Pegasi Sector, but the offensive is just gearing up. Our ultimate aim is not only to free Imperial citizens from unlawful bondage, but to liberate all persons held in branded slavery by the Kumo Crew." Her sentiment was echoed by Commander Corrigendum of Lavigny's Legion: "Since the first wave of Operation Davy Jones, Archon's forces have been routed from Imperial space. Some milestones were not met as anticipated, but we anticipate greater results as the full might of the Imperial fleet is brought to bear." In keeping with those statements, the Imperial offensive shows no signs of relenting, with heavy clashes in the systems of Anedjete, Sopontet and Huichi, amongst others. While the Kumo Crew continues to rule some 5.6 billion Imperial citizens, attempts to conquer more Imperial systems have been countered. However, the pirates' stern resistance to Imperial undermining of their territory has given many of their pilots a boost of confidence. In a brief interview, Commander GluttonyFang, one of the pirates coordinating the Kumo Crew's efforts against the Empire, said: "What we lack in number we make up with our indomitable spirit to fight against imperial oppression. The Kumo Crew will not relinquish its grip on the galaxy. Even if our mortal vessels fail us, we'll haunt our enemies with the wrath of our spirit." Commanders on both sides appear to agree on one thing: that the fate of the Pegasi Sector will be decided in battle. In response to a question about the possibility of a diplomatic settlement, Commander Corrigendum said: "The Empire refuses to negotiate with any who hold its people captive. Our people will be set at liberty or their captors will face annihilation." With Archon Delaine continuing to defy Imperial demands, it would seem peace is a distant prospect for the once-quiet Pegasi Sector.
    Commander Cadoc[42]

11 JUL 3301

  • Speaking at the graduation ceremony of the prestigious Naval Academy of Achenar, Senator Arissa Lavigny-Duval announced her campaign to liberate the 5.6 billion Imperial citizens scattered throughout the Pegasi sector. "I wish to extend my personal congratulations for your commitment to personal excellence and to the Empire. As you begin your career in the Imperial Navy, I would draw your attention to a cause that has been neglected far too long. Nearly 6 billion Imperial Citizens are currently subject to the lawless Kumo Crew. An elite Imperial vanguard has engaged the forces of Archon Delaine in what we call "Operation Davy Jones." I invite all graduates who would uphold Imperial order to join the fleet and liberate the Pegasi sector. We will not abandon our people! We will bring these pirates to justice!" Cheers echoed through the auditorium as the Senator concluded her remarks. An astounding 73% of the 10,000 graduates joined the Imperial armada bound for the Pegasi sector.[43]

24 JUN 3301

  • Archon Delaine and his Kumo Crew have continued their seemingly unstoppable rampage across the Pegasi sector this week, with the Crew managing to establish new strongholds in Arawere, Huaich, LTT 16548 and San Muss. Reports coming in from the sector indicate that the Kumo Crew are now operating in over 160 different systems, with millions of people being forced to pay the pirates for protection, or else risk death or dismemberment for failing to do so. Many smaller interstellar corporations have announced that the Pegasi sector is now off limits, a fact which will doubtless lead to more suffering for residents of the region as their economies become affected by the lack of workable trade routes. Almost 20 billion members of the Federation live within territory that has now been claimed by the Kumo Crew. Despite this, the Federation has yet to take an official stance on the Pirate King's activities. GalNet reached out to the Federal Navy for comment and was informed that: "The Navy is aware of the situation in the Pegasi sector. The issue will be resolved in due course, but we are unable to divulge any operational details at this time."[44]

23 JUN 3301

  • Thousands of Pegasi sector civilians were forced to evacuate their homes last week, following a series of brutal raids carried out in the name of Archon Delaine. Some resilient residents have attempted to reach out to the Federation and Empire homeworlds for assistance, but so far, their pleas for help have gone unanswered. This leaves the question on everyone's lips: who will stop the Kumo Crew? Local business magnate, Pranav Antal, believes that his Utopians may well be able to provide an answer. "Their greed, their jealousy… these are the things that drive the Kumo to try to own, control and destroy everything they see. This desire for base things has led the crew down a dark path, one which has caused much pain for the people of Pegasi. We at Utopia understand their sorrow, their troubles, and we want to help. Agents of Utopia are seeking to open a new commune in HIP 116213. Once approved, our engineers will begin the dangerous process of establishing an enlightened defence against the uncivilised horde."[45]

18 JUN 3301

  • Leading a piratical group is tough. The Kumo Crew is growing, but not without a struggle. Archon Delaine has always been a strong leader, and keeps the worst excesses of his lieutenants in check. In truth he leads a disparate group of criminal organisations, and recently infighting and infiltration has been rife within the Kumo Crew since Delaine began accepting new members, causing the Kumo to falter in their bid to take over the Pegasi system. Rumours coming from Harma suggest that the Pirate King is furious at the chaotic, incompetent and downright treacherous actions being carried out in his name. So much so that Delaine has dispatched the Kumo Crew enforcers to deal with the matter personally. Those who find themselves blocking the Kumo Crew's spread throughout the Pegasi sector will pay the price for their defiance.[46]

12 JUN 3301

  • A week ago the Hand Gang of Gandii and the Camorra of Krisha issued a call asking for allies of the Kumo Crew to aid them in overthrowing the authorities in their homelands. The results were... disappointing for the two criminal families. Recruitment was slow, with both crews failing to attract more than a few hundred freebooters to their cause. Their failure to recruit new blood proved to be particularly problematic for the Camorra of Krisha, who soon found themselves severely outgunned by the far more influential Krisha Systems Corporation. By the end of the week, both crews found themselves fighting for their very survival. Finally, after a fierce battle for control of Babbage Station, the Hand Gang managed to establish themselves as a credible threat to the people of Gandii, a fact which inevitably led the New Gandii Democrats to revaluate the wisdom of holding out on Archon Delaine. As for the Camorra of Krisha, their assault against Fincke Depot ended in total failure. Krisha Systems were able to force the Camorra into a full scale retreat late Thursday evening, so much so that by Friday morning very few members of the Camorra were left to be found in Krisha. Those that remain are being hunted by their former allies, while those that are smart have already slinked off to join more capable crews.[47]

05 JUN 3301

  • The presence of Archon Delaine and the Kumo Crew has long plagued the people of the Pegasi sector, and now things have started to take a very serious turn for the worse. Having free reign for so long has emboldened Archon, who has set himself up as a self-styled Pirate King, demanding tribute and enforcing his will on the various other militant organisations operating throughout the Pegasi sector. Those who defy him find themselves shredded apart by a swarm of raging Kumo fighters. Many of the Pegasi pirate lords have begun taking orders from Archon. In doing so, they have likewise set themselves up as local warlords who enforce Archon's will and taxes on those systems too weak to oppose them, while raiding, pillaging and pecking away at those that are not. Two crews in particular, the Hand Gang of Gandii and the Camorra of Krisha, are currently engaged in attempts to take direct control over systems within Archon's domain. If they succeed, they will be accepted as members of the Kumo Crew. If they fail, it is likely none of them will ever be seen again. Members of the Kumo Crew, potential allies and killers for credits alike are all invited to aid the Hand Gang of Gandii and the Camorra of Krisha in their attempts to take over Gandii and Krisha. Pirates wishing to share in the plunder can contact representatives of the crews aboard Lu Hub and Fincke Depot respectively.[3]

03 JUN 3301

  • Villain, murderer, madman. Titles with which Archon Delaine, the self-styled Pirate King, are all too familiar. 37 years ago, Archon Delaine rose to prominence after brutally beating the Kumo Crew's previous leader to death with his bare hands. Thus, at the tender age of 15, Archon assumed the role of Pirate Lord and began to cut a bloody swathe across the Pegasi sector. During the first 20 years of his rule, Archon Delaine faced a constant stream of challenges from upstarts and other crews alike. Each and every challenger was struck down, and as each one fell, the legend of Archon grew ever greater. Growing weary of the constant infighting, Archon oversaw a massive restructuring of his 'family'. He turned them from a loosely affiliated rag-tag assortment of pirate crews into a single-minded killing machine whose only desire is to obey Archon's every order. Under his leadership, the Kumo Crew has gone from being a feared local drug cartel to one of the most influential criminal syndicates in the galaxy. The systems he runs still function – in some cases better than before they were taken. The Kumo Crew rule by fear and are utterly intolerant of those who work against them, but in equal measure have been known to protect and reward those in the systems they have subjugated who have shown loyalty, brutally enforcing their own ruthlessly simple ethos. So far, Archon Delaine has only been active in the Pegasi sector, but some reports have begun to surface of Kumo Crew members beginning to move out of the sector.[1]

14 MAY 3301

  • New reports from the frontier suggest that a horde of militant nomads is currently sweeping their way through the Pegasi Sector. The group, who call themselves the Kumo Crew, are led by the vicious Warlord Archon Delaine. A talented tactician, and a brutal fighter, Archon famously assumed leadership of the Kumo Crew at the tender age of 15 after violently beating the previous leader to death during a clan moot. So far, the Kumo Crew have shown no interest in taking direct control over any of the regions they've plundered. Instead, they've taken to sending regular raiding parties to collect tithes on behalf of the Crew. Systems who agree to their demands are spared, while those who refuse are burnt to the ground. All attempts to stop the spread of the crew throughout the Pegasi Sector have so far met with failure. The Kumo Crew are described as being well armed, psychotic and thus extremely dangerous.[48]


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