Caeruleum Lagrange Cloud

A dense accumulation of gas fixed in place at a Lagrange point, where the combined gravitational forces of multiple bodies create a stable region.

— In-Game Description

A Lagrange Cloud is a form of Notable Stellar Phenomena. There are multiple variants with different colors, and some feature electrical storms. Various astronomical objects and biological entities can also be found among Lagrange Clouds and catalogued using the Short Range Composition Scanner.

Rubicundum Lagrange Storm Cloud

Rubicundum Lagrange Storm Cloud

The Lagrange Clouds show up in the scenario section of the wave form guide, if you tune to that section and wave your circle along the orbital path arrows will appear pointing you in the right direction when you get close enough, they are usually what is called a top level signal, so minimum zoom, follow the orbital line until the arrows appear. They will be on the orbital line because they are in Lagrange Points which have to be on the orbital line of some celestial body, be it planet or moon or even dwarf star in orbit around the primary.[1]

Types Edit

There are 13 types of Lagrange Clouds:

  • Caeruleum Lagrange Cloud
  • Caeruleum Lagrange Storm Cloud
  • Croceum Lagrange Cloud
  • Croceum Lagrange Storm Cloud
  • Luteolum Lagrange Cloud
  • Luteolum Lagrange Storm Cloud
  • Proto-Lagrange Cloud
  • Roseum Lagrange Cloud
  • Roseum Lagrange Storm Cloud
  • Rubicundum Lagrange Cloud
  • Rubicundum Lagrange Storm Cloud
  • Viride Lagrange Cloud
  • Viride Lagrange Storm Cloud

Locations Edit

System Type Reported By
Alaunus Proto
Eodgosly UW-Q c6-7
Prai Hypoo KA-E c2
Eol Prou PX-T d3-1506 CMDR Trash033
Eol Prou PX-T d3-1396 CMDR Panhyper
Corona Austr. Dark Region KS-T b3-3 Caeruleum, Roseum CMDR Daemoniaque
Wredguia SX-L d7-92 CMDR JohnyTheCarrot
Drojeae TQ-X c17-2 CMDR Le Mort
Bleae Thua CA-W b29-6 CMDR Cemery
Droju EN-X b7-0 CMDR Solangel777
Traikaae WO-R d4-1 Proto CMDR Tonxzy
Praea Euq GN-D b53-5 Proto CMDR cgore
Oort Roseum, Croceum CMDR Opal VI
Swoilz IE-0 d7-47 Proto CMDR Rafe Zetter
Sifi PW-D c12-14 CMDR Moritz-AP
Colonia CMDR Karl Pho
Wregoe RL-R b19-0 Proto CMDR Jaide
M17 Sector LY-Q c5-11 Proto CMDR Gothikx
Myriesly DQ-G d10-1240 ? Storm CMDR Bruce Powers
Juenae OX-U e2-8852 Roseum Storm CMDR Kantos Kan
M21 Sector FM-T b42 CMDR Recticle
Bleia Dryiae FH-P b53-13 Rubicundum, Viride CMDR Compander
Byoi Eurk JI-M b7-3 Proto CMDR Compander
Aurora Astrum Viride CMDR Compander

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