Lakon Spaceways is a manufacturer of ships and equipment in the galaxy. They specialize in producing large freighter and exploration vessels. A signature design feature is a forward-mounted, glassed-in cockpit that provides a wide range of vision both horizontally and vertically.

Beginning in December 3303, Lakon entered a partnership with the Alliance to develop new military craft to combat the Thargoids, including the Type-10 Defender, Alliance Chieftain, Alliance Challenger, and Alliance Crusader.


On December 17, 3303, Lakon Spaceways announced that it had been commissioned by the Alliance to produce a new ship in response to the ongoing Thargoid attacks in the Pleiades Nebula. The resulting vessel was named the Type-10 Defender, and represented a comprehensive revision to the Type-9 Heavy that Lakon engineers designed to be particularly effective in combat situations. The development was significant in that it represented the first overtly military response from the Alliance to the rising Thargoid threat. Lakon committed to an aggressive production schedule that ensured the Type-10 reached retailers by the following week.[1]

On March 2, 3304, the Alliance announced the debut of the Alliance Chieftain, a combat ship designed specifically to counter the Thargoids. Like the Type-10, the Chieftain was developed by Lakon Spaceways in partnership with the Alliance.[2] Retailers had already begun selling the Chieftain on February 27.

The Alliance Chieftain was followed by the Alliance Challenger on June 28, 3304, a variant of the Chieftain that offered increased firepower in exchange for a slight reduction in manoeuvrability.

On August 24, 3304, Lakon Spaceways announced a third vessel in its line of Alliance combat ships, the Alliance Crusader, would go on sale on August 28. Meera Callanach, head of military projects at Lakon, explained that the Crusader was designed to accommodate a Fighter Hangar, but sacrificed some manoeuvrability.[3]

From October 16, 3305 to October 22, 3305, Lakon Spaceways discounted the Type-6 Transporter, Type-7 Transporter, and Type-9 Heavy by 20% galaxy-wide. The discount was made to support the disposal of Rockforth Fertiliser in an initiative sponsored by the Interstellar Association for Agriculture, which had determined the fertiliser was causing massive crop failures.[4]



Name Type Image
Alliance Challenger Combat Alliance Challenger
Alliance Chieftain Combat Chieftain-Ship-Station
Alliance Crusader Combat Alliance-Crusader-ship-in-ED
Asp Explorer Multipurpose Asp Explorer - Profile
Asp Scout Combat Explorer Asp Scout - Profile
Diamondback Explorer Combat Explorer Diamondback Explorer new default
Diamondback Scout Combat Explorer Diamondback Scout - Profile
Keelback Combat Freighter Keelback Hangar
Type-6 Transporter Freighter Type-6-Transporter-Docked
Type-7 Transporter Freighter Type7 1
Type-9 Heavy Freighter Blaze-02
Type-10 Defender Combat Freighter Type-10 Defender with T9 and T7


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