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Concept art of different Landing Pad sizes for Outposts

A Landing Pad is a facility or marked area where ships can dock. Upon landing at a Landing Pad, a ship's landing gear is locked in place and the pilot can access the local port's services interface. Accessing the Commodities Market, Mission Board, Passenger Lounge, Universal Cartographics, Contacts, GalNet, Refueling, Restock, and Maintenance is possible immediately after landing, but Livery, Outfitting, and the Shipyard require fully entering the Landing Pad's sealed internal hangar. Landing Pads at Settlements do not possess internal hangars and offer only a limited selection of services compared to larger port facilities.

Landing Pad Sizes and Ships

There are three sizes of Landing Pad which can accommodate the three general ship sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. All Starports, Asteroid Bases, Surface Ports, and Megaships have all Landing Pad sizes available. Outposts have only Small and Medium pads. Settlements have varying Landing Pad layouts depending on their type. Rarely, Small or Medium ships may be permitted to dock at larger pads if no size-appropriate pad is open.

Small Pad Ships Medium Pad Ships Large Pad Ships
Cobra MkIII
Cobra MkIV
Diamondback Explorer
Diamondback Scout
Eagle MkII
Imperial Courier
Imperial Eagle
Sidewinder MkI
Viper MkIII
Viper MkIV
Alliance Challenger
Alliance Chieftain
Alliance Crusader
Asp Explorer
Asp Scout
Federal Assault Ship
Federal Dropship
Federal Gunship
Krait MkII
Krait Phantom
Type-6 Transporter
Beluga Liner
Federal Corvette
Imperial Clipper
Imperial Cutter
Type-7 Transporter
Type-9 Heavy
Type-10 Defender

Landing Pad Allotments

The number of available Landing Pads differs depending on the facility.

Facility Type Small Pads Medium Pads Large Pads
Coriolis 15 18 9
Ocellus 15 18 9
Orbis 15 18 9
Asteroid Base 4 8 6
Fleet Carrier 4 4 8
Megaship 4 2 1
Surface Port 2-4 2-4 2-8
Outpost 2-4 1 0
Settlement 1-2 0-1 0-1