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Lava Spouts

Lava spouts are weakened areas of planet's surface where molten material percolates, generating heat and emitting vapour gases. The nature of the material varies according to the planet's composition and circumstances.

— In-Game Description

A Lava Spout is a small geological feature present on volcanically-active planets and moons that emits smoke, flames, and sometimes lava. Depending on the ferocity of their eruption, they can emit tremendous heat and cause damage to a nearby ship or SRV. Needle Crystals may be found in the vicinity.


There are two known types of Lava Spout:

  • Iron Magma Lava Spout
  • Silicate Magma Lava Spout


System Planet Coordinates Type Reported By
Upsilon Phoenicis 1 30.1830, 41.9859 Source[1]
11 Cephei A 1 A 72.0, 42.5