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Lave Radio is a regular collaborative podcast about Elite Dangerous featuring Allen Stroud, Chris "Fozza" Forrester, Chris Jarvis and John Stabler. It is currently on a weekly release schedule and also includes regular interviews with licensed fiction writers as separate downloads.[1]

Typically airs live outside of Lave Station every Tuesday at 8:30pm GBT. Information on how to listen to the live broadcast is available on their website.

Regular features include:

  • Latest news about the game
  • News and information on licensed creative projects and community projects
  • Information on Dev/Fiction diary videos, newsletters and from the Design Decision Forum
  • Community corner - a collection of listener memories and happenings in the forums
  • Listener feedback and questions
  • Music
  • Bumpers voiced by celebrities such as Tom Baker and Brian Blessed

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Lave Radio ship

Lave Radio is also an in-game Sidewinder located near the planet Lave in the Lave system. Players approaching the Sidewinder will hear a Lave Radio broadcast. "An orange sidewinder, hosted by a vending machine technician"

If you shoot the ship it'll say "All you'll hear is Radio Boom Boom! Radio Pew Pew! Radio it's true. Lave Radio just shot you." Then you'll get a bounty on your head and Allied Police Forces attack on sight.[2]

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