Lifetime Expansion Pass

The Lifetime Expansion Pass or LEP is a content pass for Elite Dangerous that includes ownership of any and all expansions produced for the game plus a selection of cosmetic Livery items.

The LEP was included as a backer reward for purchasers of the £80 "Digital Download Pack" tier of the Elite Dangerous Kickstarter in 2012. During the pre-launch beta period in 2014, it was also included in the Premium Beta bundle for £100.00 ($150.00 USD). It was made available for a third and final time from August 6, 2015 to September 14, 2015, at a cost of £130.00 ($195.00 USD); existing owners of Elite Dangerous were given a £10.00 ($15.00 USD) loyalty discount.

Included Content Edit

Released Content
  • 2014
    • Free access to all pre-launch betas for Elite Dangerous
    • Permits for Sol and Shinrarta Dezhra unlocked at start
  • 2016
    • Free access to all betas for Horizons updates
  • 2017
    • Free access to all betas for Horizons updates
Planned Content
  • 2020 premium content (TBA)[5][6]


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