Controls a limpet that scrapes samples and bio-matter from the surface of an alien vessel.

— In-game Description

The Research Limpet Controller is a Limpet Controller used to extract tissue samples from Thargoid Interceptors, Thargoid Scouts, and alien organic entities found at Notable Stellar Phenomena. Using Research Limpets will often provoke a hostile response from Thargoid vessels.


Successfully extracting material from a target with a Research Limpet requires maintaining a constant distance of 2,000 meters or less with the target after the limpet has been deployed until the extraction process completes. Exceeding this distance will cause the limpet to fail, and a new one must be deployed. While this is a fairly simple task with most creatures found in Notable Stellar Phenomena, the agility and hostility of Thargoid Interceptors and Thargoid Scouts can make collecting samples from them extremely difficult.

The following Salvage Commodities can be collected only by using a Research Limpet:


Limpets controlled by this module can latch onto alien vessels and collect samples directly from the hull. This process takes an amount of time, during which both vessels must remain within a set distance of each other, for the process to fully complete. On completion, the limpet will return back to its controlling vessel.

— Additional In-Game Details

Class Rating Mass (T) Integrity Power Draw (MW) Max Active Limpets Target Range (m) Limpet Life Time (s) Value (CR)
1 E 1.30 20 0.40 1 2,000 300 1,749,600

Engineer Modifications

There are currently no Engineer modification options for the Research Limpet Controller.

Purchase Locations

Class Rating System Station Value
1 E Shinrarta Dezhra Jameson Memorial 1,574,640
1 E Brestla i Sola Prospect 2,099,520
1 E HIP 17692 Blackmount Habitation 1,749,600
1 E Pleiades Sector AB-W b2-4 Noctrach-Ihazevich Research Facility 1,749,600
1 E Wadir Harris Installation 1,749,600
1 E CN Hydrus Bailly Hub 1,749,600
1 E Eta Cassiopeiae Kessel Silo 1,749,600
1 E California Sector BA-A e6 Mic Turner Base (Planetary Base) 1,749,600
1 E Areklici Cole Silo 1,749,600
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