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Planets of Sol bobblehead livery

Livery are cosmetic items for Ships, Ship-Launched Fighters, and SRVs. Livery items can be purchased with ARX from the in-game Elite Dangerous Store. These are added or removed via the Livery menu in the game's main menu or at any Station with Outfitting services. Available Livery items include: decals, paintjobs, dashboard ornaments, ship kits, engine and weapon colours, name plates, and cockpit voice UI. Livery are purely visual: they do not alter a ship performance or specifications in any way.


Not all Livery options are available for every vehicle. The table below identifies vehicles that are incompatible with certain Livery options.

Livery Option Incompatible Vehicles
Cockpit Customisation F63 Condor, Gu-97, Scarab, Taipan, XG7 Trident, XG8 Javelin, XG9 Lance
Decals None
Engine Colours Scarab
Name Plates F63 Condor, Gu-97, Scarab, Taipan, XG7 Trident, XG8 Javelin, XG9 Lance
Paintjobs XG7 Trident, XG8 Javelin, XG9 Lance
Ship Kits F63 Condor, Gu-97, Scarab, Taipan, XG7 Trident, XG8 Javelin, XG9 Lance
Weapon Colours None

Note that Fleet Carriers are not factored into this table because they have their own specific Livery options. Name Plates are the only Livery item that is compatible with both standard ships and Fleet Carriers.


Decals are icons, emblems, and logos that can be placed on up to three predetermined locations on a ship's hull. Each slot can be equipped with a different decal, and decal colours automatically change to suit the ship's paintjob. Decals from the Store cost between 50 and 150 ARX, but a number of decals can be earned or acquired for free during gameplay.

Pilots Federation rank decals[]

The Pilots Federation decals[1] are earned through gameplay. There are three types: Combat, Trade, and Exploration. As a CMDR achieves a higher rank in one of the three fields, they will earn the corresponding decal. There are a total of 8 decals per field (there are no decals for the beginner rank in each).

A Triple Elite decal, unlocked by reaching Elite in all three categories, was added in Chapter Four (3.3) of Elite Dangerous: Beyond.[2]

Community Goal decals[]

Beginning on March 29, 2018, exclusive decals were implemented as a reward for participation in select Community Goals. Acquiring the decal usually entails reaching a certain participation threshold, such as being a top 75% contributor, or supporting the winning faction in a pair of competing CGs. Usually, but not always, multiple colours of the CG are available depending on which participation threshold the player reached, including standard, bronze, silver, gold, and "emissive" variants. Some decals may be offered as a reward in more than one CG.[3][4][5]

Interstellar Initiative decals[]

Interstellar Initiatives can also offer exclusive decals for participation. These decals are only available while an Interstellar Initiative is active, and can be unlocked by docking at specific stations related to them.

Store decals[]

The following decals are available for purchase from the Store for 20 to 150 ARX each.

  • Commercial
    • 12 decals of generic logos suitable for corporations.
  • Creepy Emissive
    • Six luminescent, Halloween-themed decals.
  • Onionhead
    • One "Oh" quasi-periodic table emblem, and two smiley faces.
Powerplay-1920x1080 v1 k-0

Powerplay decals

  • Skulls
    • Six skull-themed decals, suitable for raiders and pirates.
  • Xeno Ally
    • Six decals featuring symbols expressing peace and friendship towards alien species.
  • Xeno Hunter
    • Six decals featuring symbols expressing aggression towards alien species.

Kickstarter backer rewards[]

The following decals were offered as backer rewards during the Kickstarter campaign.[7]

Backer upgrade decals[]


For Kickstarter backers who pledged a tier of at least £30, any of these additional 10 upgrade decals were available for £5 each. They include a skull with mohawk, a bird of prey, a tiger, a scorpion, a fist, a bat, a skull with chemical mask, a moon, a shark, and a snake (cobra).

Promotional event decals[]

These decals were obtained by redemption of special promotional codes distributed during certain major events.

Other promotional decals[]

  • Elite Community - Distributed to Elite Meet 2015 attendees
  • Gamescom Bullseye - Distributed to Gamescom 2015 attendees
  • Lavecon Phoenix - Distributed to Lavecon 2015 and 2016 attendees
  • The Art of War - Distributed to participants of "The Art of War", an unofficial in-game event in 2020 overseen by the Anti-Xeno Initiative[12]

Dangerous Games faction decals[]

Decal Wolves of Jonai

Wolves of Jonai

Players who supported a player faction(s) in the Dangerous Games have access to that faction's decal. The player factions are:

  • Adle's Armada
  • Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps (uses the insignia of the Alliance)
  • Blackbird Squadron
  • Border Coalition
  • EG Pilots
  • GalCop
  • Interstellar Communist Union
  • Social Eliu Progressive Party
  • United German Commanders
  • Wolves of Jonai

Other player group decals[]

Decals have been granted by Frontier Developments to other groups of players:


A paintjob can only be applied to the specific ship, SRV, or ship-launched fighter for which it was created and thus cannot be equipped on any other type. If the painted ship is destroyed the player can re-apply it to the replacement ship any time they are docked at a station with an "Outfitting" facility.

Paint degrades by wear over time, which can be seen in the external camera view. If a new paintjob is applied to the ship, the wear remains. Paint wear can only be removed by specifically repairing the paint in the ship maintenance facility at a station (Station Services > Advanced Maintenance > Repair > Paintwork). Note the "repair all" option does not repair paint wear.

Paintjobs for SRVs and Ship-Launched Fighters cost between 460 and 3,280 ARX each. Paintjobs for Ships cost between 620 and 5,520 ARX each.

Standard paintjobs[]

All 65 standard paintjob series, which are permanently available in the Store, are listed below. Most paintjob series are only available to a subset of vehicle models.

  • Acceleration
  • Apollo
  • Aquatic
  • Asemic
  • Camo
  • Chase
  • Chevron
  • Community
  • Corroded
  • Crossfire
  • Crypsis
  • Dazzle
  • Destination
  • Ember
  • Emissary
  • Excursion
  • Flag
  • Fractional
  • Fusion
  • Galvanized
  • Gladiator
  • Hunter
  • Icarus
  • Ignition
  • Lakon
  • Lakon Metallic
  • Mechanist
  • Messenger
  • Military
  • Military Stripe
  • Mojave
  • Momentum
  • Onionhead
  • Operator
  • Osiris
  • Overdrive
  • Pathfinder
  • Pharaoh
  • Pirate Faction
  • Polarity
  • Predator
  • Precision
  • Prestige
  • Pulse
  • Rattler
  • Razor
  • Ridgenose
  • Sabotage
  • Salvage
  • Serpent
  • Shatter
  • Sheer Line
  • Sidestripe
  • Slipstream
  • Snake Wrap
  • Sonoran
  • Speedway
  • Sprint
  • Squadron
  • Synth
  • Tactical
  • Taxi
  • Turbulence
  • Vibrant
  • Wayfarer

Limited edition paintjobs[]

Some paintjobs are made available for purchase only during limited-time offers, such as holiday sales or special events. These paintjobs and the events in which they were made available are listed below.

Acceleration White and Gold[]

Viper MkIII Acceleration White

Acceleration White Viper MkIII

A series of paintjobs with stripes and stars. Two paintjobs, Acceleration White and Acceleration Gold, were produced for certain ships and rewarded to the top 75% and top 25% participant tiers, respectively, of a series of Community Goals related the Galactic Summit that were held between February 25 and March 11, 2021.[13][14][15]

  • Cobra MkIII
  • Viper MkIII


Imperial Cutter Azure

Azure Imperial Cutter

A series of metallic blue paintjobs distributed as a gift to all Elite Dangerous players who purchased Elite Dangerous: Horizons before it was converted into free content included with the base game on October 27, 2020. Eligible players received a full set of Azure paintjobs for all applicable ships and vehicles available at the time, with the exception of the Scarab SRV. This series is exclusive and not available for purchase.[16][17]


A series of metallic silver paintjobs that have been discontinued.

  • 2016 Festive Countdown
    • Adder
    • Asp Scout
    • Cobra MkIV
    • Federal Corvette
    • Federal Gunship
    • Hauler
    • Imperial Cutter
    • Sidewinder MkI
  • Free Reward for "Festive Appeal" CG participation (Dec. 29, 2016 - Jan. 5, 2017)
    • Eagle MkII
  • Other event or individual limited-time sale
    • Anaconda
    • Fer-de-Lance
    • Viper MkIII
    • Vulture


Chromed Cobra MkIII store icon

Chromed Cobra MkIII

A redesign of the Chrome series. Players who owned any Chrome paintjobs were given the respective Chromed variants as a free bonus.

  • 2017 Festive Countdown
    • Anaconda
    • Ascendant Flight Suit
    • Asp Explorer
    • Cobra MkIII
    • Fer-de-Lance
    • Keelback
    • Python
    • SRV
    • Type-10 Defender
    • Vulture
  • February 2018 Sale
    • Diamondback Explorer
    • Federal Corvette
    • Imperial Cutter
    • Sidewinder MkI
  • 2018 Festive Countdown
    • Beluga Liner
    • Dolphin
    • Federal Assault Ship
    • Keelback
    • Krait MkII
    • Orca
    • Viper MkIII
  • 2019 Festive Countdown
    • All vehicles with paintjob customisation except the Gu-97, Sidewinder MkI, and Taipan
  • 2020 Festive Countdown
    • All vehicles with paintjob customisation except the Gu-97, Sidewinder MkI, and Taipan
  • 2021 Festive Countdown
    • All vehicles with paintjob customisation except the Cobra MkIV


Asp Explorer Festive Red

Festive Red Asp Explorer

Festive paintjobs are made available every December for the Alliance Chieftain, Asp Explorer, Cobra MkIII, Krait MkII, and Sidewinder MkI. There are six colours for each ship: White, Black, Red, Green, Blue, and Purple.


A series of metallic gold paintjobs that have been discontinued.

  • Elite Dangerous Launch Day Sale
    • Cobra MkIII
  • Free to all players who purchased Horizons before February 5, 2016
    • Asp Explorer
  • Other event or individual limited-time sale
    • Anaconda
    • Sidewinder MkI


Golden Type-6 store icon

Golden Type-6 Transporter

A redesign of the Gold series. Players who owned any Gold paintjobs were given the respective Golden variants as a free bonus.

  • August 2017 Eclipse Sale
    • Anaconda
    • Asp Scout
    • Ascendant Flight Suit
    • Cobra MkIII
    • Dolphin
    • Federal Corvette
    • Imperial Courier
    • Imperial Cutter
    • Python
    • SRV
  • 2017 Festive Countdown
    • Diamondback Explorer
    • Fer-de-Lance
    • Type-6 Transporter
    • Viper MkIV
    • Vulture
  • February 2018 Sale
    • Anaconda
    • Asp Explorer
    • Cobra MkIII
    • Python
    • SRV
    • Type-10 Defender
  • 2018 Festive Countdown
    • Alliance Challenger
    • Alliance Chieftain
    • Cobra MkIII
    • Federal Gunship
    • Fer-de-Lance
    • Imperial Courier
    • Krait Phantom
    • Mamba
    • Python
    • Type-6 Transporter
    • Type-9 Heavy
  • 2019 Festive Countdown
    • All vehicles with paintjob customisation except the Gu-97, Sidewinder MkI, and Taipan
  • 2020 Festive Countdown
    • All vehicles with paintjob customisation except the Gu-97, Sidewinder MkI, and Taipan
  • 2021 Festive Countdown
    • All vehicles with paintjob customisation except the Cobra MkIV

Horizons Pack[]

The Horizons Pack for the Cobra MkIII was included for free with all pre-orders of Elite Dangerous: Horizons. It included the exclusive Desert, Lunar, and Polar paintjobs.

A version of this pack also existed for the Cobra MkIV, and was available for purchase from the Frontier Store.


Iridescent Scorch

Iridescent Scorch Krait MkII, Asp Explorer, and Anaconda

Iridescent paintjobs are multicoloured, metallic gradient paintjobs available in seven varieties: Aurora, Scorch, Twilight, Dawn, Dusk, Gleam, and Silver. The first three colours have been offered together in every sale featuring Iridescent paintjobs, while the latter four have appeared less frequently or were offered as exclusive rewards for special events.

Lifetime Expansion Pass owners also received free Iridescent Gleam paintjobs for the Anaconda, Federal Corvette, Imperial Cutter, and SRV on December 11, 2018, shortly before the 2018 Festive Countdown sale made them available for other players to purchase.

  • August 31, 2018 - September 7, 2018 Sale (Iridescent Aurora, Scorch, Twilight, and Dawn)
    • Alliance Challenger
    • Alliance Chieftain
    • Alliance Crusader
    • Anaconda
    • Asp Explorer
    • Fer-de-Lance
    • Imperial Clipper
    • Imperial Courier
    • Imperial Cutter
    • Imperial Eagle
    • Krait MkII
    • Python
    • Vulture
  • 2018 Festive Countdown (Iridescent Gleam)
    • Anaconda
    • Asp Explorer
    • Diamondback Explorer
    • Federal Corvette
    • Imperial Clipper
    • Imperial Cutter
    • SRV
    • Vulture
  • March 8, 2019 - March 15, 2019 Sale (Iridescent Aurora, Scorch, Twilight, and Dusk)
    • Beluga Liner
    • Cobra MkIII
    • Dolphin
    • Federal Assault Ship
    • Federal Corvette
    • Krait Phantom
    • Mamba
    • Orca
    • SRV
    • Type-10 Defender
Cobra MkIII Iridescent Gleam

Iridescent Gleam Cobra MkIII

  • 2019 Festive Countdown (Iridescent Aurora, Scorch, Twilight, and Dawn)
    • All vehicles with paintjob customisation except the Viper MkIII and Viper MkIV
  • 2020 Summer Special (Iridescent Aurora, Scorch, Twilight, Dawn, Dusk, and Gleam)
    • All vehicles with paintjob customisation
  • 2020 Festive Countdown (Iridescent Gleam)
    • All vehicles with paintjob customisation

Mercenary Edition Pack[]

The Mercenary Edition Pack was a paintjob pack given only to purchasers of the Elite Dangerous Premium Beta. It included exclusive paintjobs for the Cobra MkIII, Sidewinder MkI, and Viper MkIII.

Midnight Black[]

Midnight Black

Midnight Black Federal Corvette, Asp Explorer, Diamondback Explorer, and Scarab SRV

Midnight Black paintjobs (also called "Black Friday") were originally given as a free bonus to all users who pre-ordered the Horizons season pass, had Horizons beta access, or owned the Lifetime Expansion Pass before December 1, 2015. This amounted to 29 total paintjobs, one for each ship available at the time.[18]

Midnight Black paintjobs have since been made available for individual purchase annually on Black Friday.[19] As of the release of Elite Dangerous: Beyond Chapter Four (3.3), Black Friday paintjobs have been made available for 38 of 38 existing ships, 3 of 6 existing Ship-Launched Fighters, and 2 of 2 existing SRVs. The only vehicles that do not currently have a Black Friday paintjob are the XG7 Trident, XG8 Javelin, and XG9 Lance, which do not support Livery customisation.

Snake Wrap Iridescent[]

Snake Wrap Iridescent Anaconda

Snake Wrap Iridescent Anaconda

Snake Wrap Iridescent paintjobs are a variant of the Snake Wrap series. The base colour is a dark matte purple, and the snake design features iridescent paint similar to that used in the Iridescent series. These paintjobs were offered for the Anaconda, Krait Phantom, Cobra MkIII, and Viper MkIII during the Summer Special sale from August 28, 2020 to September 1, 2020.[20]


Stygian Red Krait Phantom

Stygian Red Krait Phantom

Stygian paintjobs are metallic paintjobs available in six colours: Blue, Brass, Green, Purple, Red, and Tungsten. The Stygian series was first offered for all extant vehicles except the XG7 Trident, XG8 Javelin, and XG9 Lance during the Black Friday 2019 sale from November 29, 2019 to December 6, 2019. It was subsequently made available during the Leap Year Sale from February 28, 2020 to March 9, 2020, the Black Friday 2020 sale, and the Cyber Monday 2021 sale.


  • Elite 35th Anniversary Sale
    • Cobra MkIII
  • 2016 Festive Countdown
    • Anaconda
    • Asp Explorer
    • Fer-de-Lance
    • Python
    • Viper MkIII

Wireframe Gold[]

Wireframe Gold Python store icon

Wireframe Gold Python

  • 2017 Festive Countdown
    • Anaconda
    • Asp Explorer
    • Cobra MkIII
    • Asp Explorer
    • Sidewinder MkI
  • 2018 Festive Countdown
    • Sidewinder MkI

Special giveaway paintjobs[]

A number of unique paintjobs can only be obtained from prize packs or single-use codes offered at exclusive giveaways. An official list of prize packs can be found here.

  • EGX 2015
    • Cobra MkIII
  • Gamescom 2015
    • Asp Explorer
    • Asp Scout
    • Cobra MkIII
    • Vulture
  • Lavecon 2015
    • Asp Explorer
    • Asp Scout
    • Cobra MkIII
    • Vulture
  • PAX 2015
    • Vulture
  • PAX South 2016
    • Eagle MkII
  • PC Gamer February 2016 Issue
    • Cobra MkIII
  • Frontier Expo 2017
    • Asp Explorer
    • Anaconda
    • Flight Suit

Cockpit Customisation[]

Dashboard Ornaments[]

Dashboard Ornaments are small, decorative objects such as bobbleheads, holograms, and potted plants that can be placed on a ship's cockpit dashboard. The dashboard has a total of ten ornament slots, and any ornament can be placed in multiple slots at the same time. Ornaments cost between 2,450 and 6,450 ARX each. Some ornaments are only offered on the Store on a seasonal basis.

Holographic trophies can also be unlocked for members of Squadrons that earn a top-three position on the seven seasonal Squadron Leaderboards. Each Leaderboard can reward a bronze (3rd place), silver (2nd place), or gold trophy (1st place) with an icon unique to that Leaderboard.[22]

The Interstellar Initiative The Enclave introduced a third method of acquiring bobbleheads: Technology Broker recipes. A recipe for a bobblehead of a Thargoid Interceptor was permanently added to Human Technology Broker inventories as a reward for the event.[23]

String Lights[]

String Lights are a string of decorative lights in various colour combinations that are used to adorn a ship's cockpit canopy. Some sets feature ornaments. A slot for String Lights was first added to the Livery menu in August 2017, but it was not until December 2017 that the first set was sold on the Frontier Store. String Light sets are listed below, in chronological order of release:

  • Festive (Seasonal item - Christmas)
  • Warm White
  • Pumpkin (Seasonal item - Halloween)
  • Ancient Orb
  • Thargoid Sensor
  • New Year Lanterns (Seasonal item - Lunar New Year)
  • Neon Skulls (Seasonal item - Halloween)
  • Sugar Skulls (Seasonal item - Day of the Dead)


Engine Colours[]

Introduced the same week as the v2.3.10 update,[24] colours can be purchased for Thrusters and their exhaust contrails. Each colour can be used on any ship the player owns (including ship-launched fighters, but not the SRV). Engine Colours cost 2,240 ARX each.

Weapon Colours[]

Weapon colour sets change a ship's weapons fire from the default colours. Each set is a single colour and changes all weapons on the ship to that colour. Combining multiple colours on a ship is not possible. Weapon Colours cost 2,240 ARX each.

Custom weapon colour sets will partially override custom effects applied by Engineering (such as the colour change applied by Scramble Spectrum) and alter any passive lighting effects (such as the glow from Guardian Gauss Cannons).


Ship Kits[]

Orca Ship Kit

Orca with standard Ship Kit parts attached

Ship Kits are cosmetic modifications that alter the exterior appearance of a ship, such as fins, winglets, fenders, etc. Each kit has multiple pieces (currently 12 to 16) that can be added in multiple combinations to create a variety of individual looks, though only one piece can be selected per "slot".

There are three types of ship kits:

  • Standard, consisting of various conventional addon components such as spoilers and winglets.
  • "Raider", with rusty, ramshackle scrap-metal components. Raider kits also include six 'Corroded' Paint Jobs. Raider kits are used by reinforcement dropoff ships in some On Foot activities.
  • "Hazard", with rugged, industrial parts such as roll cages. Hazard kits include six 'Hazard' Paint Jobs and fully functional floodlights that are toggled along with the ship's main lights, but have only one part for each slot.[25]

Ship Kits cost 11,750 ARX for a 12-piece kit, and 13,520 ARX for a 16-piece kit.

Ship Kits are available for the following ships:

Ship Standard? Raider? Hazard?
Adder ✔️
Alliance Challenger ✔️
Alliance Chieftain ✔️
Alliance Crusader
Anaconda ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Asp Explorer ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Asp Scout
Beluga Liner ✔️
Cobra MkIII ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Cobra MkIV
Diamondback Explorer ✔️
Diamondback Scout
Dolphin ✔️
Eagle ✔️
Federal Assault Ship
Federal Corvette ✔️ ✔️
Federal Dropship
Federal Gunship ✔️
Fer-de-Lance ✔️
Imperial Clipper ✔️
Imperial Courier ✔️
Imperial Cutter ✔️ ✔️
Imperial Eagle
Keelback ✔️
Krait MkII ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Krait Phantom ✔️
Mamba ✔️ ✔️
Orca ✔️
Python ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Sidewinder ✔️
Type-6 Transporter ✔️ ✔️
Type-9 Heavy ✔️ ✔️
Type-10 Defender ✔️
Viper MkIII ✔️ ✔️
Viper MkIV
Vulture ✔️ ✔️

Name Plates[]

Introduced in the The Commanders v2.3 update, users can specify names and ID numbers for their ships.[26] To make these appear on the ship's hull, stylised plates must be purchased from the Store. Name Plate packs include 9 plates (3 designs each in white, grey, and black) and cost 2,250 ARX each. Name Plates can be used on any ship the player owns; notably, Name Plates are the only Livery item that are compatible with both standard ships and Fleet Carriers.

The exact position of Name Plates varies from ship to ship, but each ship has one pair of plates that can only be used for the ID, and a second pair of plates that can be used for either the ID or the full name. In most cases, the former pair will be near the rear part of the hull and the latter pair near the front, though exceptions (such as the Krait MkII, where the ID-only plates are near the front and the full-name plates are further back) do exist. Ships typically come equipped with small floodlights positioned to keep the name and ID areas lit.

On Fleet Carriers, the owner can only use Name Plates to show the vessel's name on its hull, not its ID. There are two areas, one on either side of the vessel's Landing Pads, where Name Plates are displayed. The exact positions of these areas changes depending on which Fleet Carrier Layout is currently equipped.


Introduced in Beyond Chapter One (3.0), users can now choose between multiple COVAS ship/SRV voice options. Two English COVAS voices (Verity and Victor) and five localised COVAS voices (Amélie, Gerhard, Luciana, Maksim, and Vitória) are included as default/free options as of Beyond Chapter 4 (3.3). Additional COVAS options can be purchased for 8,850 ARX each.

Fleet Carrier Livery[]

Drake-Class Carriers, introduced in the Fleet Carriers Update, have their own unique Livery options. Although certain Fleet Carrier Livery types overlap with standard Livery types that were not specific to ship models, such as Paintjobs and Detailing, Fleet Carrier Livery cannot be used on standard ships, and standard Livery cannot be used on Fleet Carriers.


Layouts are cosmetic modifications that can be applied to change the exterior appearance of a Fleet Carrier. Unlike Ship Kits, which consist of a collection of interchangeable parts, Layouts are a single-piece cosmetic. Layouts cost 12,450 ARX each.

  • Fortune-Class Carrier - "Fortune favors the bold, and the bold favor the Fortune Class Carrier!"
  • Nautilus-Class Carrier - "Become a dreadnought in space with the Nautilus Class Carrier! For those who always want to be the bigger fish."
  • Victory-Class Carrier - "For the Commanders that charge headfirst into the fray. The Victory Class Carrier ensures you're always one step ahead."


All 11 Fleet Carrier Paintjob series are listed below. Fleet Carrier Paintjobs cost 2,750 ARX each.

  • Colours
  • Constitution
  • Corroded
  • Imperator
  • Pirate
  • Privateer
  • Salvage
  • Squadron
  • Tactical
  • Union
  • Vibrant


Fleet Carriers have two Detailing types: Holo-Marker, and Carrier-Drive Colour. Holo-Markers change the colours of the holographic numbers displayed above a Fleet Carrier's Landing Pads, and cost 3,650 ARX each. Carrier-Drive Colours change the colours of a Fleet Carrier's thruster flames, and cost 4,180 ARX each.


Fleet Carrier ATC (Air Traffic Controller) options are the Fleet Carrier equivalent of COVAS options for standard ships. ATCs are the "voices" of Fleet Carriers, and are heard by all players when they enter or exit a Fleet Carrier's no-fire zone, request docking permission, dock or launch on a Landing Pad, and experience Fleet Carrier jump countdowns. All Fleet Carriers include the Kelvin ATC as a free, default option, and all other Fleet Carrier ATCs cost 4,870 ARX each.

ATC Name Voice Type Availability Release Date
Blaine Male, British accent Premium June 9, 2020
Donovan Male, American accent Premium June 9, 2020
Hannah Female, synthetic accent Premium June 9, 2020
Kelvin Male, synthetic accent Default June 9, 2020
Madeline Female, French accent Premium June 9, 2020
Yumi Female, Japanese accent Premium June 9, 2020

Concourse Theme[]

Concourse Theme options change the colouration of a Fleet Carrier's Concourse.

  • Default
  • Extraction
  • Research

Commander Customisation[]

Commanders can be customised with acquired cosmetics through the Holo-Me interface.

Flight Suits[]

Flight Suit cosmetics change the colours and patterns of the Flight Suit. Each Flight Suit pack contains six variants, and costs 5,200 ARX.

  • Ascendant (the only design with its six variants sold separately instead of as a set)
  • Camo
  • Challenger
  • Classic
  • Conciliator
  • Contender
  • Explorer
  • Legacy
  • Luminary
  • Military
  • Operative
  • Systematic
  • Tactical


Outfits sets of clothing which are worn over a Flight Suit. Each Outfit pack contains six variants, and each variant consists of three parts: Sleeves, Torso Wear, and Legwear. Parts from one variant or pack can be mixed and matched with those from other variants or packs. Outfit packs cost 6,550 ARX each.

  • Desperado
  • Outlander
  • Renegade
  • Rogue
  • Scoundrel
  • Turncoat
  • Wanderer


Accessories include Patches, which are decals worn on the shoulders of a Flight Suit or Outfit, and Eyewear. All Patches are available for free, with some unlocked by rising to related ranks in Combat, Trade, and Exploration. Eyewear packs include two variants, transparent lenses and dark lenses, and cost 20 ARX each.

  • Patch sets
    • Alliance
    • Combat (unlockable)
    • Explorer (unlockable)
    • Federal
    • Imperial
    • Pirate
    • Trade (unlockable)
  • Eyewear
    • Avatar Metal Framed Glasses
    • Avatar Plastic Framed Glasses


Tattoos are patterns that can be applied to the player's head and neck. Each design pack includes six parts: Forehead, Eyes, Cheek, Lips, Chin, and Neck. The player can choose the colour of individual Tattoo parts in the Holo-Me interface. Tattoo packs cost 200 ARX each.

  • Ancestral
  • Cyber
  • Exotic
  • Grime
  • Totemic
  • Tribal
  • Trilateral

Suit Customisations[]

Pioneer Suit Skin

Pioneer Suit Skin

Suits Customisations change the colour or appearance of the Artemis Suit, Dominator Suit, or Maverick Suit. Each Suit Customisation Pack includes three different options. Colour change packs cost 6,200 ARX each, and appearance change packs cost 16,520 ARX each. Limited edition Suit Customisation sets have their options available for individual purchase for between 2,420 and 6,400 ARX each.

  • Colour
    • Artemis Circinus
    • Artemis Orion
    • Dominator Enforcer
    • Dominator Operator
    • Maverick Mechanic
    • Maverick Saboteur
    • Pioneer (exclusive to pre-orders of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey)
  • Appearance
    • Motherlode Backblast
    • Motherlode Fissure
    • Motherlode Prospector
    • Motherlode Undercast
    • Plainsman Diplomat
    • Plainsman Drifter
    • Plainsman Equaliser
    • Plainsman Peacekeeper
    • Plainsman Peacemaker
    • Raider Berserker
    • Raider Deadfall
    • Raider Marauder
    • Raider Pitfall
    • Raider Reaver
    • Raider Vandal
  • Limited edition
    • Ectoplasm
    • Elf Jumper
    • Festive Jumper
    • Lunar Tiger
    • Santa Jumper
    • Snowman Jumper
    • Trickster
    • X-Ray

Weapon Customisations[]

Weapon Customisations change the colour of Handheld Weapons. Each theme includes six different colour schemes. Weapon Customisations cost between 3,120 and 6,220 ARX.

  • Baroque
  • Battalion
  • Chevron
  • Drakon
  • Huntsman
  • Hydrolysis
  • Inquisitor
  • Ion
  • Liberator
  • Splatter




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