Liz Ryder is a demolitions expert who used to work for Devastator and Sons, but left to work for a crime syndicate known as the Blue Mafia. Some claim she had a personal relationship with a member of the syndicate and was forced to leave Devastator and Sons when the connection was discovered, starting Demolition Unlimited. The crime organisation quickly saw the merits of her ability and have helped her developed her team into something much bigger. Developing your relationship with her will lead to an invitation from another engineer.

— In-game description

Liz Ryder is an engineer who specialises in explosive weapons. Her workshop is Demolition Unlimited, located in the Eurybia system.

Access Requirements

Liz Ryder's whereabouts are public knowledge.
Meeting Requirements
Attain a Cordial or higher relationship with the Eurybia Blue Mafia minor faction to receive an invitation mission.
Unlock Requirements
Provide 200 units of Landmines.
Reputation Gain
Craft modules, or sell Commodities at Demolition Unlimited.

Modifications Offered

Liz Ryder offers the following modifications to modules:

Mine Launcher (Grade 3)

Missile Rack (Grade 5)

Seeker Missile Rack (Grade 5)

Torpedo Pylon (Grade 5)

Hull Reinforcement Package (Grade 1)

Armour (Grade 1)


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