A Loan is available to help pay for the insurance costs of repurchasing a destroyed ship and loadout if you lack sufficient funds to cover it. The loan amount increases with your Pilots Federation rank in any category; this maximum includes previously issued, unpaid loans. Loans are repaid automatically by deducting 10% of the player's profits from any money that is earned.

Any unpaid loans count towards the maximum of your next loan. For example, if you qualify for a 1,000,000 credit loan and use 250,000 in addition to existing funds to rebuy your ship, then the next time you take out a loan you will only have 750,000 to draw from unless you have paid back some or all of your existing loan, or your rank has increased in the meantime. If a player cannot afford to rebuy their ship with their on-hand funds and the loan they qualify for, they may select a ship they have in storage, otherwise they are declared bankrupt and forced to accept a loaned Sidewinder MkI.

Loan amounts

Pilots Federation rank Loan maximum (Cr)
Harmless, Penniless, Aimless 100,000
Mostly Harmless, Mostly Penniless, Mostly Aimless 200,000
Novice, Peddler, Scout 500,000
Competent, Dealer, Surveyor 750,000
Expert, Merchant, Trailblazer 1,000,000
Master, Broker, Pathfinder 2,500,000
Dangerous, Entrepreneur, Ranger 5,000,000
Deadly, Tycoon, Pioneer 7,500,000
Elite 10,000,000


  • Prior to Update 1.3, all players had a loan cap of 600,000 credits. Frontier Developments increased the cap and made it scale with Pilots Federation rank after that initial amount was found by players to be inadequate, especially for larger ships that can have rebuy costs in the millions.
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